*F* Bombs

Somehow intent has developed into a season of F’s winding up 2014 and full steam ahead into 2015.

Began with finances, food, and fitness.  My 3-*F*s.  I might have said, money, nutrition, and exercise, but that’s not how the impulse arrived.  My F’s form a suite.  Can you feel the subtle difference?

Then I noticed that my focus on rebuilding my foundation actually came first.

But wait…where was fun in this equation?  Hello.  Yes, please!

Along came a reminder of feelings – feelings as a tool of resonance and discernment; and, feelings as a compass.

So, in a rebuilding phase, it goes something like this:

foundation – a solid foundation on my organic timeline; from the ground up; earthing, connected with Mother

feeling — first continuing to fine tune, to hone, my feelings skillfully as antennae in employing discernment; then, identifying how I want/desire to feel, and what actions do I take to align with them. Feeling infuses my foundation with resonance of my core.

food – fresh, living, nourishing body, satisfying palate, honoring my companion vessel even as my inner being says, thank you, thank you, thank you!

fitness – moving is kindness. If it isn’t kind, if it doesn’t replenish, it isn’t organic.

finances – facing my fears, whoa…more *F*s…this is a hereditary pattern, embedded in genetics, too, for a good ole fashioned double whammy dose of control…one that is my privilege to break.  Freedom from the tyranny.  Whaddya think?  Buck stops here! (hehe)

fun – activities are great, and I’ll be taking a closer look at what actually constitutes fun for me…in the meantime, what I’d like even more is to inject a sense of playfulness into my suite of *F*s

Will be adding links to each *F* to share the resources I’m utilizing, so check back soon.

Oh, and should you hear a stream of fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!!!’s fall on your inner ear…that would be me…hitting a snag, another layer of imposition, or tripping over a bag of bleatin’ tupperware I can’t seem to delete!

What are your current and desired *F* bombs?





photo credit: “Day 1 0f 365” by Nicole Abalde  via Creative Commons by 2.0,  cropped

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Such a good foundation to build onto 2015. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. Fun is important, because sometimes I can take this whole personal development and growth a bit too seriously. In one of Montalk’s books Trascending the Matrix Control System, he writes about “Fun struggle” being where it’s at. Life shouldn’t be hard, but it shouldn’t be complete detachment and inactivity. But struggle with a sense of excitement and levity. I have been thinking about that when I notice myself getting too worried about stuff.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeff! Happy to see you here! Montalk is absolutely brilliant…”fun struggle”…what a concept. Thanks for sharing that. Will definitely be adding it to my frame of reference. I sometimes catch myself being too earnest in problem solving and shift to thinking of life as if it were a cruise ship and I’m just having x, y, or z entertainment; and, then I laugh :)

  2. so very nicely expressed , thank you !!!
    mine would be …..
    freedom = of the / my individual expressions and acceptance thereof
    friendship = in its truest form

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