Who Does This Serve?

As often as you can, ask this question.

Who does this, whatever is in front of you…every choice you have, every morsel you lay fingers on before popping in your mouth, every judgement, excuse, even every loving thought (did you just smile involuntarily, there, when the answer came?), once again, who does it serve?  Who benefits here?

If you’re really not sure, check in with how your choices make you feel.   Energy is points in the game.  And we know they think we’re here to serve them…we also know that’s their opinion.

On deck for me is five years of journals to review and cull the nuggets from the ashes.  This is one that arose in a heated moment of feeling played.  In an instant, energy rushed my senses, flushing me into a light sweat and a sly knowingness that I’d won that hand.  And my frown turned upside down.

It’s been my guiding light in developing discernment as I navigate the matrix, and sometimes just pulling myself up by the bootstraps.

It cuts straight to the chase, doesn’t it?



© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.

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