Channel Who?

Because it came up today, I’m just going to say it.

Stop it.

Why, when we already know all there is to know, why invite, or allow, another to speak through us?  Why listen to them and not to ourselves?  Or, at least to others who have made the effort to regain connection to the inner source of all wisdom?

Tripped over this quote, as it would happen, in reading today:

Whatever liberates our spirit without giving us self-control is disastrous.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Channeling isn’t necessary.  And how can it be sovereign?  It’s a distraction keeping us separate from our own wisdom.  While developing your own, invest in listening to and gaining from another who has reconnected.  Drop the disconnected.  Energy is currency.  Where are you sending yours?  And who does it serve? (hint: organic or synthetic)

No judgement, just discernment.  Just sayin’.


p.s. for Bob Newhart fans, I remembered this skit:



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  1. Wow! Multiple arrows – every one a bulls-eye – its about us and each other – its about standing up in our wholeness and power. – not bleeding away or handing over our power to anyone… I see this deeper now – thanks!

    Goethe quote – dang! laser center bulls-eye. I’ll be borrowing that one!.

    Newhart clip – lays it all out so simply – thanks for this – laughed out loud (wanted to spell that out) – the crazy simplicity of this!!! “Stop it!” – “No thank you”, “No, you may not” and even the very best of “Yes Please” – Nice transition! Nice fold over!

    Keep them coming – pure gold!!!

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