Integrity…Meaning What, Exactly?

A number of years ago I began intently looking at the quality of integrity.  Was I walking my talk?

As a Perceiver on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator scale (, the flip side of Judger, I always see more than one side to just about anything.  How, then, to stem the wobble?

The usual right or wrong didn’t work…not a judger, I just saw degrees of grey.  Not an entirely enlivening picture.  And then it dawned on me…ask my body: What is the healthy choice?  And bam!  I knew.  Well, my body knew.  No judgment.  No drama.  Simple.  Breathe-able.

As I grew more aligned, the word unfolded itself to me, revealing this:

Integrity is the quality of expressing wholeness.

Integral is a key component of the whole.

Integer is any counting number, negative and positive, conceivably representing infinite past, present, and future on the linear; latin: untouched, entire.

One, representing wholeness, entirety-ness, is a prime number, meaning it can only be divided by itself.

And a house divided, falls…left open to pillage.

Imposition, anyone?

So, then, integrity becomes a verb, an action word, does it not?

Am I stepping/doing/breathing/being within my integrity?  No?  Circle back to what is the healthy choice?  Et, voilà.

Now it’s down to conscious choice, not habit, remembering that wholeness is untouchable.

Reins are in your hands, now, you superb sovereign being, you.




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  1. 226 words on integrity and you nailed it! Integrity and integration into wholeness. It starts with the acceptance and knowing that with the wholeness thing there is the oneness thing :). Thanks so much for this Elz! Perfect time for me to see this! Really!

    “Now it’s down to conscious choice, not habit, remembering that wholeness is untouchable” … That is a book in one sentence! …I’ll be mining these for a while – just from this post…

    And all I can do is repeat – THANKS!

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