Wow…What a Week!

Immense gratitude to all who stopped by and had a read or two or three!  I know it’s easy to say, and yet, I wish you to feel the e-motion behind the words…I do really very truly mean them.  Thank you :)!!

Tuesday, attended a talk on Sacred Geometry, along with my son (love that!).  More of a deep student and artist than a scientist, the speaker, Mr. Jonathan Quintin (who has spoken alongside quantum physicist, Nassim Haramein), gave us a glimpse into the shapes and templates of our physical existence.  As I understand it, the binary 0’s and 1’s compose our hologram.  Sacred geometry gives form inside it  Please, if you don’t read any further, check out these two gorgeous short videos: the first on one of the 3 magic numbers where he illustrates how multi-directional, and multi-dimensional even the simplest geometrics are; and, the second on The Golden Ratio (something 3rd grade Waldorf school students learn!).  These, and more, are highlighted on Mr. Quintin’s video page.

My ah-ha’s in brief:

  • the regular geometry we know, and many of us shudder at the thought of, is used simply to measure quantitatively; what makes geometry sacred is this plus the elements of quality, essence, consciousness, order, intelligence
    • sacred was removed from geometry around the same time alchemy was removed from chemistry, somewhere along the 11th Century (what was going down then, I wonder?)
  • the four archetypal shapes are the circle, square, triangle, and pentagon…all others flow from these
    • the circle is the infinite, the womb, and all potential
    • the square is the finite and comprehensible

Look at this immensely well know image of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man:

Da Vinci Vitruvian Man

Notice the feet flat on the bottom of the square, while the fingertips stretch straight out, touching the sides?  That is human incarnate.  And, now, you’ll see the the feet of the wider stance resting on the circle with upstretched fingertips touching the intersection of the circle and square…the infinite within the finite.  This is spirit walking between worlds.  Cool, huh?  I never before really knew what I was looking at!

  • geometry is precise until applied in nature where variations abound and all is unique (like snowflakes!)

And I realized…nature is sacred geometry individuated!

  • sacred geometry engages both hemispheres of the brain (makes sense, doesn’t it?)
  • spirals are popular in nature because they contain expansion (along the outer curve), and contraction (along the inner)
  • pentagrams are the most expansive, diverse, and flexible of the four archetypal shapes (interesting, then, how they’ve been employed by maleovent forces, co-opting their beauty)

So, now, tell me, what do you see when you look again at the flower above?  I snapped this pic while on an afternoon walk in the neighborhood, untouched, natural mid-day light.  I don’t know what it is, except a wonder of beauty!

Thursday was a soul retrieval session with the most wonderful Kelly La Sha.  She holds space with such gentle kindness, encouragement, and profound insight.  Highly charged emotions signify stuck, even trapped, parts of ourselves that are waiting to be reunited, trauma released, energies returned to their appropriate places…and the warmth in the peace that follows is deeply nurturing.

What I didn’t realize is that it’s possible issues previously worked on with other modalities aren’t entirely cleared.  A fleeting thought to check in with Kelly on such an issue led to the deep release of a series of blockages I am overjoyed to be freed from,

I can still feel a deep aspect of me continuing to work with her shamanic process.  Such a liberating feeling!

And, I can’t not mention my deep inhalation…though I knew it was coming…at seeing my bio pic on the Rise Multiversity event annoucement.  I”m out…!  That’s it…no going back!  It felt like being in the front car at the crest of a gigantic rollercoaster (and I hate rollercoasters!)…until I got a grip and reframed the visual to a beautiful river cruise through lush landscapes.

My breath returned, and I’m absolutely certain 2015 is a breakout year for us all.  Popcorn’s popping.  Folks are waking up left, right, and center.  They’ll need brothers and sisters to tell them they aren’t crazy, hold the space while they cry for their lost beliefs, rage at the injustices, and discover the answers to what next? what do I do now? and how can I contribute to the solution?

And we’ll be here saying, It’s going to be okay.

Big love from me to you.



© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. oh …. it’s a passionflower ;)
    the house next to mine out in the boonies in peru had a vine and the many varieties of the fruit were in the markets …. miss them for sure ;) ;)

  2. Thanks for this Elz! This post so rich! Love the scared geometry exploration – the infinite expressed through math and shapes and in life itself. Virtruvian man – Da Vinci was right there – with this beautiful illustration of walking between the worlds – laid down so long ago – ready for us to pick up in 2015 and I agree – I can feel the inevitability of this turn we are making now in a frenzy of popping kernels. Thanks for sharing about the Soul Retrieval – reconnecting with our step one methinks. That fist and most important connection we need to make. And in that space of trust in wholeness, there is nothing to resist only the discovery of what is next – what contribution can we make – beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you, too, Gerry! Love your rich comments and insight!…yes, you’ve captured the sense – “the inevitability” – it’s palpable, isn’t it!

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