“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

…Does anybody really care….(about time)?
If so, I can’t imagine why….
~ Chicago

I want to shift the way we talk and relate to time, allowing us to slip away from synthetic and into organic.

Inasmuch as language itself is a construct of symbols representing a common agreement on meanings to facilitate communication, it’s prime for subtle and sly subversion, yes?  Fundamentally, we’re just molding energy, and it’s always the story about who gets it, who it serves.

As yesterday was a national holiday, I had the day off.  And I was so stressed because I had way more ‘to do’s than I had time for.  Time.

What time is it?
Do you have the time?
Time for breakfast/lunch/dinner/bed!
What time is the alarm set for?
How much more time do I have to (do/complete x, y, or z)?
I don’t have enough time!


Under the premise of averting potential liability, the head office of my employer has implemented time clocks.  We’re all feeling the effects of time tyranny like never before.

And perhaps it’s not entirely a bad thing because the increased imposition is jolting us out of complacency, begging (taunting?) for a change…to wake up.  Something a bit ironic in that, isn’t there? ;).

I’ve been working with what I call languaging…reframing common usages from those that bind us to those that loosen, and even liberate.  Likely I’m not the only one, so if you come across another, let me know!

And what I’ve arrived at is this…I’ve begun replacing thoughts, and to the extent reasonable, expressions of ‘time’ with ‘windows of opportunity’.

Not all windows of opportunity are open, such as those we reserve for sleep, and other set commitments, such as defined work/job hours, but for the rest, try it on…a friend or colleague asks you for coffee or to help with a project/event…do you say, Yes, I have a window of opportunity for that or No, I haven’t a window of opportunity for that.  How does it feel compared to Yes, I have time or No, I haven’t time…?

My experience of it is one of expansion vs contraction.  It feels fun-er, even playful.

I invite you join in the experiment.  Gauge how it feels, how it resonates.  If we can shift the vibrations of even everyday things up a notch, we gain just that much more breathing space.

I wish for you an amazing day, with a dash more liberty than when you began it :)

And, if you’re inclined, let me know your experience!




photo thanks to Don Urban, Steampunk Pocket Piece via Creative Commons by 2.0 cropped


© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Love this Elz! I feel the slight shift, like a pivot that opens everything from the constrictive to the expansive. It is as simple as looking at “windows of opportunity” versus available time. I also love the re-framing of words in language – re-meaning of them to words that resonate with that expansive vibration and frequency – energy – more powerful leverage and so easy to do really. So I’m feeling in this message the EASE of the shift – yes – more like a pivot.

    And I too feel this tugging and taunting of the synthetic matrix so desperately trying to hang on to its influence as it slips away – as we shift to our remembering of who we are. – as we stand up together, pivot and move forward in our organic creative expansive connection…

    I am so grateful that you discovered the window of opportunity to create this blog and share this post, and that I discovered my opportunity window to read it and comment here now. These little shifts are not isolated me-feels – more like ripples on the cosmic ocean and how wonderful is the interference pattern that they create. :)

    1. Wow, what a comment, Gerry…”ripples in the cosmic ocean” & “interference patterns,” yes! Love that even more, now! “Pivot” is also has a great feel about it. Thanks so much for enriching the conversation!

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