“There is no duality….

Light and its shadows are all that exist.”

This unattributed quote was shared with me today.

At first, I thought it a lovely, and possible but not probable, thought.

And then it slowly crept in that perhaps it is deeply accurate.

There is no duality.  Light and its shadows are all that exist.

Duality equates to opposites.  Light and shadow are plays of contrast, and that strikes me as belonging to the organic.

If that is so, then might it be the synthetic — the false light and false dark — that, in their extremes, compose duality?

Imagine that for a moment.

What that might mean.

How it might change how we view ourselves and our experience.  The sense of unity within shades of contrast compared to the sense of separation within paired stark opposites.

Can you feel it, feel the difference?

Tell me.  What do you sense?




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  1. Right Liz!


    Such clarity! I see it now, 3D is the world of light & (time and space). With light we have shadows – we have contrasting experience of dark in the shadows. Organic light is ONE, organic Source – unity, oneness, and we experience the speckling of light through the shadows and mistake it for Darkness, as if there is something of substance there other than a shadow in the organic light. Wow! Perfect! We can make lemonade with these beautiful lemons – nothing between us and delicious lemonade!… Yes! There is no duality like there is no hierarchy

    1. What a wonderfully expansive sense of it, Gerry, thanks! Suddenly the lemons are sweet & tart, not sour & face pulling-ly puckery! :)

      1. Hey Elz,

        I’m still processing this “duality” question. And this idea of shadows appearing like real things. A new definition of “the shadowlands” …

        I’m sure you are familiar with Plato’s – the allegory of the cave… It comes to mind – as I watch this clip again – I saw again this idea of standing up and turning 180 degrees… a pivot that changes everything and sets me off, moving forward from there, in a totally new direction. That action is revolutionary but all enabled by simply standing up and turning – a simple choice. I think you are on to something really big here! Need to do more noodling on this – thanks!!!
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&v=UQfRdl3GTw4&x-yt-ts=1421914688#t=22 and this analysis clip – https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&v=axARKd24eHo&x-yt-ts=1421914688

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