It Takes A Village…Idiot

Quoth Shakespeare from As You Like It:
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts….

At one particular family gathering some years ago, I rang a friend for help and comfort.  Long forgotten is the injury I incurred…what remains is her counsel.  Generously listening to me ache my frustrations and pain, she asked, If this were a play, and everyone was playing a part, who would be the Village Idiot?  And, if you were watching this play from the audience, wouldn’t you applaud that actor for a job well done?

Already on the carpted bedroom floor, I literally rolled…my sides and cheeks aching, and tears welling in my ears as the tremendous release of clarifying laughter burst through me, picturing my offending relative in jester’s garb.  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.

Funny thing is how often I’ll forget about using this wee and potent strategy to see through life’s events, to see through the construct.  Yet, when I do remember, ever more, it breaks the spell!

Within our personal holograms, and then within the collective, we’ve organically contracted with some, and are being imposed upon by others.  What roles are they all playing for us?  How often do we applaud them for their efforts, for a role well played?  Can we look at someone who is vexing us, see through to the role of anger, or cantankerousness, or provocateur, and say, “Well done, you!”  Enter, appreciation (how easy was that?!).

As an audience member, we engage in the stories being told.  Our emotions are triggered and we like and don’t like certain characters, yes?  But how often does the dislike of the character carry over to dislike of the actor?

How often do we admire actors who are able to play a variety of roles convincingly?  Ohmygoodness…is this one of the reasons actors have become so highly valued? (past the obvious synthetic outsized unhealthy beast of a machine its become).  As this is a construct, a stage, and in it we are all players, wouldn’t we value those who play their roles best?  What a thought!

And then comes the question —

What roles am I playing for others?

Whose village idiot am I?

And, how much longer am I satisfied with playing each role?

As You Like It ~ did you catch that earlier?  It’s our choice, you see.

Act II, anyone?




© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


    1. Hahaha…love it, Liz! Play time! (ooops…was that a pun?!) Happy to have you in my life in the role of new-old friend…brava!

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