It’s GO Until It’s NO

Its pretty simple, really.  Dastardly nefarious.  Possibly brilliant in a mega-twisted way.

We are too powerful.  The forgetting program that we agree to when we come into this construct isn’t enough.  It wasn’t meant to contain us…it was simply a way to play the duality game…kind of like the blind-fold spinning game.  We happily don the blindfold, allow ourselves to be spun into disorientation, then set loose, wobbly footed as our inner gyroscope takes a moment to reset, while we reach out for friends, family, loves just out of reach.  Lots of laughter.  Great fun.

And then the thugs arrived.  The false light and dark.  And changed the game.  Their rules now, once they controlled the playing field.

By way of analogy, think of it as a neighborhood turf war over a playground.  We were having fun until trouble arrived.  Trouble then multiplied, with other gangs joining in to duke it out.  Meanwhile the neighborhood kids weren’t about to give up and walk away, so they called in their friends to help.  Thing is, to join the fray, these heroes had to engage on the thugs’ terms.  At the boundary’s edge, raring to jump in and win this thing, the neighborhood kids and friends, in addition to the intent they set by way of soul contracts for their experience within the game, waived their right to read the equivalent of an interminable fine print boiler plate document…how many of us, now, stop and read the contracts/terms of service when downloading an app?  Nope.  We click right on through.

Gottcha!  They cannot win without using our own will against us.

They cannot win without using our own will against us.

We.are.too.powerful.  They do not have the manpower or the personal power to contain us.  We are the elephants trained to be tied to a stake by the flimsiest of chains.  Had this on my fridge for years as a reminder:

It’s hard to free fools from the chains they revere.
~ Voltaire

What chains do I revere?

And the interminable contract?  Sleight of hand.  It comes down to this:

It’s GO until it’s NO

Put another way, just so we get the flip side in this duality:

Until it’s NO, it’s a GO

Green light / Red light

Until we say STOP NOW…NO, YOU MAY NOT…NO, THANK YOU…we are implicitly saying YES…yes, you may impose upon me in any way you choose.

This has nothing to do with belief, or faith, or hope that it will stop, or it may stop.  This is as simple as hanging up the phone.

It is a muscle that needs flexing.  We grow in strength with each use.  And, they’ll poke at us — do you mean it?  nah…you’re just joshing, you’ll forget…it’ll pass and game on again.  They may ask more buddies to help, in which case, I’ve set an intent that any energy form coming within a certain distance of me with ill intent is automatically removed from my field and returned to its place of origin or cosmic recycling whichever is in that being’s best interest serving its sovereign journey.  They don’t have to engage with me.  It’s their choice.  My rules.  hehe

Daily imposition is different than soul contracts, and much easier to deal with in the moment, and at the start and end of each day.

It’s all about setting our intent…put another way, our boundaries.  It’s each one of us saying, Here is what I agree to and here is what I don’t.  Yes, please…(I’d like more of that…).  No, thank you…(no more of that…).  No, you may not (do x.y, or z…Stop, now!).  We can be civil about it.

Consider this part of personal hygiene, like brushing your teeth. As long as we have teeth, they’ll need brushed for health.  As long as we’re in the matrix construct, our boundaries will be poked at, looking for weaknesses.

Each morning, make your statement, your declaration: As a Sovereign Being, I…[fill in the blank].  And at the end of each day, as you’re about to enter sleep, make your declarations again: As I Sovereign Being, I…[fill in the blank].  Have fun with it!

I don’t have a set script other than stating the obvious (I am a Sovereign Being), I just let it come.  Sometimes it’s more elegant and brief, sometimes I get on a roll and go on for a bit.  Overall, my basic statement/declaration goes like this for the morning: As a Sovereign Being I declare myself impermeable to any and all impositions not fully agreed to in all awareness.  I am Swiss cheese, I am Teflon, Nothing sticks.  No thing sticks to me this day.  So be it.  It is so.  It is done.  Now, now, and now.  Concluding with an audible sound to anchor it in the physical, 3x.  At bedtime, I declare any and all implied contracts null and void, and go on to my declaration for sleep.

Something I’ve recently added, that’s helped immensely in coalescing my scattered self, is this: I retain and emody all learning, as I reclaim all energy that is mine, and return all that is not.

Caveat (there’s always one of those, isn’t there?), just in case you were wondering:  Do not take my word for it.  Test drive the notion for yourself.  Find your resonance.  Use my declarations like recipes if you’re one who likes to have a bit of structure to follow, at least at first.  If it feels awkward starting out, don’t immediately take that to mean it’s not for you.  It happens we’re not always masters, comfortable just out the gate.  What does it feel like when you think, when you say, I am a Sovereign Being?  That.  That feeling of ownership, of power, is where your declarations originate.  Not feeling it yet?  It’ll come.  Because it’s the truth.

They’ve had a ride.  Now, it’s our turn.

Today belongs to you, to me, to us.  We make a great team!






free photo thanks to Florian Klauer

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi Elz, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences! It is always lovely to read them, as I also learn and relate very much to.

    Love and Happiness from my heart to yours :-)


    1. Hi Kerry! So happy to see you here and even happier to hear you’re resonating :-)! This particular message is so key to unlocking our shackles and liberating our sovereign power, I’m delighted you arrived to be part of the tide turning!

      So beautifully said…your wishes heartfeltly received and returning mine to you, from my heart to yours, happy happy :-)

  2. Brilliant observations of the matrix. Now what to do about it?
    For me and others it is as simple as cutting all direct ties to the legal “holly see” matrix.
    This is accomplished by not using any legally created (Vatican owned) thing (vestment) including:
    a legal berth certificate
    a legal name
    a legal DOB
    a legal address
    a legal actor (cops, temple bar priests aka attorneys)
    Google “legal name fraud” for further info.

    1. Thanks so much for reading & commenting! It really is vital to become aware of how simple & slyly we are being yoked. The name game is a big one. Even just waking up to it puts a wedge in the stranglehold. From there we can take steps appropriate to each our individual journey. :-)

  3. I love this post so much! I was just conversing with someone about consent in today’s physical reality. Lots of oppression going on. And in typical Jeff style, I decided to get cosmic about it and talk about the big picture. I referenced this post because it’s one that I don’t want to forget. I bet it’s hard for someone to accept that they are not a victim, that they chose to engage in this limitation game on some level of their being. It’s hard to believe that “we chose” to be oppressed. But I think we didn’t really “choose” we were sort of persuaded heavily to give up our consent, but we’re seeing a desire instill in humanity to want it back. In order for us to grow and expand, it must be fueled by desire. And what is a quick way to spark a desire? To experience what is undesirable. Then it occurs to us what we DO want. Well, we might not know exactly, but we know that we DON’T want oppression anymore. So we say no! And thus starts the trend toward change.

    1. Hey Jeff – sorry to be away…I love your comment…thank you, thank you, thank you, yes! That’s how I arrived at it…pushed to the point of “Hey! Knock it off!” and what do you know…enough breathing space to start seeing through the cracks.

  4. I’ve been distracted a bit and have lost the handle on your posts – knowing that there is density here and forgetting that it also flows so easily…

    This post is a recipe for standing up in our Sovereignty! Its a “one fell swoop” kind of shift manifestor! At the center of all we need do and it is done. We have been conditioned to believe that we do not have any real power – not to mention infinite creative power, but we do! We are conditioned the believe that we are victims, but we are not!, You Elz, have nailed the center of it again.. For me, down in the depth of my subconscious lies still some pesky parasitic pokers and it remains my practice to move forward on two flanks – 1 being my self-mastery of my energy vibration frequency – owning my choices and what I create in my experience; and 2 being the Treasure Hunt of my fear which is also my integration to wholeness process that you so eloquently have ignited on this blog. Its like an Aikido upper-cut followed by a hard left cross :). I methodically “weed” out the fear by the roots (thanks Liz!), while I hone my focus and frequency generation. – opens it all up in a good way… Thank you Elz!!!

    Gotta catch up on your other posts now – wont make that mistake again :) – this is just too juicy !!! :)

  5. Great post! Interesting, for the last 4 weeks I’ve been reclaiming my energy and sending back energy to it’s source that is not mine. I’ve also been detaching anything that doesn’t belong to me. I remove it carefully and can see it coming out by the roots, a sort of weeding my garden sort of thing. If you don’t get the roots of the unwanted plants they well just keep coming back. So no chemicals here, just a good old fashion weeding! :D

    1. Thank you, Liz! That’s fantastic you’ve been claiming back & returning energies. Does it have a sensation or do you have a sense of feeling different after? A great big yawn is often my experience. Love the garden tending take on it!

      1. When my energy comes back to me I get a big shiver (every time). The first time I released unwanted attachments there seemed to be quite a few. I did have a sense of feeling lighter or maybe unencumbered is a better word. Now there seems so little to do I don’t feel much. Cool!

        1. When my energy comes back, a wave of gratitude comes over me.and in that moment I feel safe and free – just being in my breath…. It is definitely a “feeling lighter” experience – pun intended :).. And yes “unencumbered”….. And for me a feeling of a flooding flow of ease (a good flood) and I sit with an infinite array of things that can be done…. not the should-shit-energy of fear, but inspired creative energy…. Thanks for your stimulating share Liz!

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