Heinous Acts & Dropping Offline

This is the most difficult post I’ve composed.  News of the children, Alisa and Gabriel, who blew the whistle on their entrapment in a Satanic sex cult in Hampstead, England, seemed, for me, to drop from the sky almost two weeks ago.  I hadn’t any context for what was happening, only finding myself responding immediately to Kelly La Sha’s invitation to join her Vigil held Saturday, February 21st.

I dropped the flow of what I was doing, sat with a lit candle, and declared as a reminder, the Sovereignty of all beings/participants in the drama.  I called upon dimensional beings of organic light to come and join me in pouring love and golden sunlight into the dark, breaking it up and dispersing it back to its origins, revoking all implied consent, and re-asserting Do No Harm.  (I figured multi-dimensionals are involved in the dastardly doings, so why not invite the multi-dimensionals of organic light to join…I have read we must extend an invitation; they cannot join on their own and interfere.  Is that true?  True enough for me.)

I held a thread of that love and intent throughout the day, attempting to carry out some of the tasks I had, while feeling very torn for somehow not giving more, doing more.  What, I asked myself, is it about this that I’ve apparently invited into my hologram?  What is my part in it?

That Sunday arrived with a heavy feeling, like a terrible crisis that I had no real grasp on.  I, and others, heard more on how to help from Kelly and Perry Mills.  He cautioned engaging with any intent short of love.  And, still, I asked myself what more I could do.  Do.  Do.

Going online to find out more, I lost myself in stories that made little-to-no-sense, as standard media often doesn’t.  I desired to effectively aim my intent at the core.  Frustrated, I came to realize, it really didn’t matter.  It all comes down to love.  Love the shit out of it.  Literally.

Once I’d said, So be it, it is so, it is done… how could I then continue to think of it in broken terms?  Does that not counter my declaration?

Where does our own individual hologram intersect with the collective dream time, and can something be healed in our hologram but not in the collective?

In other words, is it possible to hold it healed in my hologram even while witnessing that it isn’t in the collective?

It has to, doesn’t it?  My heart resonance says yes.  It’s not just do-ing, but also be-ing.  Who/what am I being in relation to this?

If we heal something, one by one, until the tipping point of the 100th monkey, we are experiencing a different ‘reality’ than others.

I feel at peace with the healing, and at odds, even oppressed, with my continual focus on the need for healing.  It felt inappropriate to be light hearted in view of the seriousness of this matter.  And yet, isn’t there something diabolical about bringing down our vibe to address serious matters?  Am not liking this feeling.

Who does that serve?  Where is the energy, the currency, flowing?

I’d had 3 posts in process for that weekend, and stalled when this arrived.  My content suddenly felt too lightweight and almost silly in comparison to the horrors of these, and countless, children.
There must be a way to honor and support Kelly, the children, and contribute to the healing, without being taken offline.

It comes to me that there is a need for ones to hold to the timeline where all is well, the children are safe, the stranglehold is broken, and the process of outing and dissolving the darkness is irrevocable, for all our sakes.  I’m reminded of certain lyrics from a recently shared Ani Difranco song, Still My Heart:

And we all live in the house
Of what we pay attention to

It has to be the 100th monkey scenario with this, as with all other broken aspects of the matrix control grid, doesn’t it?

Or, am I missing something?  Certainly each of us will respond in distinctly individual ways, and that is our contribution, our own piece of the puzzle, our hammer and chisel blow to the artificial construct.

Discerning my way through this event and my part in it took me offline for nearly two weeks.  It’s important work, to be sure.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And, I’ll be happy to move forward with continuing to share what I’ve learned, discerning my way on the road to Sovereignty.

I’m so happy you’re here!




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  1. I’ve been typing and erasing for a while now, trying to express myself in words. Obviously not working! Maybe because I’ve been dropping offline so much lately. The sheer magnitude of what is happening personally and in the world is overwhelming. I’ll just add a thank you to you and Gerry for putting word down that express so much of what I’m feeling. So appreciative that you are both in my life. Holding space for that beautiful sunny day that we’ll ALL share one day!

    1. Do I ever hear you on that, Liz! All of it! Beautifully summed. Your contributions are always such a gift. :-)))

      1. And, I gained permission to share this thought from a friend’s email (Thank you!): “… this darkness that has been hidden so well for so long is now coming to light. I am thinking that the awareness of this situation globally will help to awaken people. The dark is finding it harder and harder to hide.”

        That makes me happy, actually!

  2. Wow Elz!!!

    Where do I begin ?

    I feel you have, in your internal seeking and walking between the worlds in this is just so deep and I feel a deep, heart-centered truth in it.

    It is all about energy, frequency vibration and I think it is subtle and slippery (thanks Leona!), the edge between focus of positive intentional (healing) energy and a lingering (that’s what it felt like for me when I watched the video where Alisa and Gabriel where interviewed).. a lingering – a harsh repetition as the video seemed to go on and on – me cringing as I watched., The same questions over and over again – and the same answers – horrible answers repeated over and over again.- I have never had such an experience before – left me stunned. It just felt just strange – something awry…- definitely maximum disturbing – more than anything I have experienced yet, and I have looked at much in my 55 years.

    But still, for me, quite stimulating in my awareness – opened me to a whole new spectrum of questions that I have followed into and discovered so much since that Sunday!

    It brought me to last night when I discovered “The Hymn of The Pearl”, and ancient Gnostic text, a poem and what I am experiencing as a, perhaps the, CENTRAL Gnostic Myth that so fully describes my situation in this incarnation – I think our situation, collectively. I am experiencing what feels like a crystal clear clarity in this and I feel somehow this whole thing with its energy that Kelly brought to our EU Container was stimulative for me somehow, and so it is… at least for me..

    Thank you so much for your authentic and transparent sharing Elz! …Sharing so completely your heart journey! I am fueled by your trust, and I am inspired by your courage and served in the sharing of your wisdom and yes – your sharp sword of discernment.


    1. Thank you so so very much for your always valuable thoughts in your comment, Gerry. Am so very grateful walking this challenging path in stellar company. We’re each doing such contributive work on our pieces of the puzzle. Looking forward to hearing more on the Hymn of the Pearl! Will check it out & be back with a fuller comment :-)

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