In the day’s space of living and breathing since posting Heinous Acts…, and communications both public and private, I’m so heartened to learn I was not alone in my feelings, nor even my interpretations.

Further, began reading last night, a book recommended from another avenue, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (Sacred Activism) by Charles Eisenstein, North Atlantic Books, Nov 2013.  Just the title alone seems to speak directly to this conversation we found ourselves having.

I haven’t yet read enough to recommend the book, myself…I don’t know where he actually arrives at with his journey (I will let you know), but I do resonate strongly with what he’s saying at the outset, and this particularly struck me to share as it relates to our recent experience:

We are not quite ready for [the new] story yet, because the old one, though in tatters, still has large swaths of its fabric intact.  And even when these unravel, we still must traverse, naked, the space between stories.

The breakdown of the old story is kind of a healing process that uncovers the old wounds hidden under its fabric and exposes them to the healing light of awareness. (p.12)

And this:

Now the calamities and contradictions are coming so fast that the [old] story has not enough time to recover. Such is the birth process into a new story. (p.13 )

It’s not really discernment I’m sharing here, but a resonance with our collective experience within a new framework. This speaks so much to the powerful, painful, and even conflicting feels we felt and shared.  I am happy to have come, or it come to me, this description, beautifully making sense out of the seething dark.

The author uses the word ‘weavers’ and I love that…we are weaving, together, our new story.  One Voice Poll’s word cloud, as Gerry & Bo show, is where we say we want to go, to be.  It’s Liz’s “Sunny Day” and ohhh, how we welcome it, bid it, come shine soon!

Deep inhale, I Honour You.  I Love You.

Cleansing exhale, I Release You.

Thank you, thank you, Margery, for sharing your beautiful, timely, intuitive, and heartfelt updated breathing exercise (and allowing me to share it here)!  What a magnificent void is created to fill with our vision, our new story!!

Breathing in: a crystalization of pure light

Breathing out: organic creation from one’s essence.

Thank you so much, Gerry, for sharing this creating exercise that captures and sends back out a part of our own essence, through creation, into the world!

Am feeling better, heart buoyed, and so very grateful to be riding this wave with you all :-)!

Big, big loves <3


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  1. Sounds like a great book, I will add it to my list. The thought occurred to me while reading, that we will heal humanity the same way we heal ourselves. We are triggered, we become aware and observe instead of react, we do not get angry at ourselves but instead we give ourselves love and encouragement, and patience too, we say no thanks to any old contracts and harmful energy that it may have caused us. But even then the healing isn’t over, more pain might bubble up, and we shine our light of awareness on it and heal that small aspect through acceptance and loving care. We know that fighting against our dark sides never makes us feel better, the dark side resists and always comes back. The pain gets suppressed only to come back harder until we finally accept it and work with it.

    I’m sensing that the way to heal the dark OUTSIDE ourselves in the world, is kinda similar. Wake up and take notice it, don’t fight against it, but do the practice of acceptance and self-care on the other. And then say no, and break the contract. Since we are all cells in this massive body, wouldn’t it make sense it would work this way?

    Rambling a bit, but trying to write out some fragments of thoughts that your post inspired. Maybe you can make sense of it.

    1. Hey, Jeff! Smooth reading, right on through to a resounding Yes! It *does* make sense…beautiful sense! I know that feeling of being lost in translating thoughts into words, not quite sure to what degree I’ve succeeded…and you nailed it here! It has to be this way. If this is you rambling, thank you! And, please, ramble often :-)!

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