Birth & Death or Death & Birth?

Had really quite something else in mind to post Sunday…it’s been in the works since January, yet the timing hasn’t been there, which I always find interesting.

Instead timing points me in this direction.  I attended a memorial service Sunday, on my birthday.  It’s not the first, but the second, time that’s happened.  My great grandfather’s services fell on my 15th.  This time, I wasn’t as willing to let grief drown out celebration.  Tempered, but not muted.  And with each warm birthday wish received, I noticed even more how loved I felt, blessed to know all who’ve touched my life.  It was as though the loss illuminated the gain in a softer glow.

Along the line somewhere in my voracious reading and listening and learning, I came upon some of the Toltec teachings.  In their view, and perhaps others’, we die to enter this dreamtime life, and the perceived death here is actually our re-birth back to origin.  It’s a notion I’ve thought a great deal about at various times, and through that lens, I can more easily make sense of nonsense.  How many of our nighttime dreams are nonsensical, afterall, and we don’t panic over them, instead easily dismissing each as being just a dream?

Having had a brush with death/rebirth at 33, stumbling into a pane glass door, taking a large shard that nicked an artery, there came a timeless moment of exquisite sweetness, and to lie down and just relax into it would have been the easiest thing in the world to do.  Knowing that awaits has made every passing since then much easier to bear.

And then two years ago, I read from Cameron Day’s post, Tell the Lords of Karma You Are Sovereign, that the light we see (including the sweetness I felt), isn’t heaven or even a place that we’re entering…it is a return to our own full beingness!  The “liararchy,” as he calls it, is right there to distract us, manipulating the scene, greeting us into the light, as if we’re arriving, thereby hijacking us and our experience back into the matrix!  Dastards.

To know then, that what I felt was me, my essence, was a glimpse not just through the veil, but under the rug.  Blinders off.  This is huge, huge, huge.  Please, I encourage you to read about The False Life Review, and all the other revealing realizations he shares in that particular post.

So, it isn’t toward the light we want to encourage departed ones to go, but to awaken to their beingness within their light bodies.

Intent is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  We can, for a number of days following a passing, send encouragement to our loved ones to awaken, and see the manipulation.  And, who knows, even for those who’ve long passed, why wouldn’t it be possible to send them wishes for their awakening, too?  Time isn’t linear.  Think pebbles in a pond.  There is always a ripple effect dimensionally.

As we wind down the winter days in the northern hemisphere, the days of sleep are beginning to stir into spring’s new awakening.  What shall we release, like doves into the sky, and what shall we call to us to create?

Heart love to you, xo



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  1. I love this Cameron Day article. He is so right on… Resonance. I am trying to find a way to constantly remind myself and even teach my little boy what to do when we pass…so he knows. Reconnection to spirit. I wonder if there is some way to make a declaration now, or for a young child, that would help bypass the BS for Spirit. So much entanglement. So grateful to have found your blog for honest discussion about this….!

    1. Happy to hear this resonated with you, Marilyn :-). If your little boy is still with baby teeth, he’s much closer to spirit than any older. It’s easy to happily affirm what he already knows, at any age. Stories best carry the message we’d like to impart. You can make up any you’d like. Use the word ‘imagine’ to trigger the shift from 3D to elsewhere. And remember, you’re only helping him remember what he already knows. Skills for living here in 3D are what we teach (too often overlooked these days of high tech), all else is remembering who we already are and what that encompasses. All children love to learn skills that give them a sense of mastering their environment and fostering their independence. As to your wondering about a declaration now, absolutely. Here’s where discernment comes to play: soul contracts vs synthetic assumed contracts. As guardians of children, we can help them find their way with soul contracts by affirming their ability to respond with integrity to difficulties. For synthetic contracts that breach the ‘do no harm’ agreement (covered in Contracts & It’s Go til it’s No), I make my declaration as a Sovereign being…adding, and for those I love and those they love and those they love…on and on until it feels complete. It is a lie that we are trespassing on another’s sovereignty. We cannot breach their organic soul contracts. We can assist each other with acknowledging synthetic contracts are not contracts and therefore null and void. It’s like a machete clearing the brambles, not just the thorn that has your sleeve. Our children fall under our energetic umbrella for a number of years. The work we do on ourselves includes them. I didn’t feel my son leave that connection until he was 18, and at 20 he still chooses to remain energetically close. He has given me explicit permission to continue energy clearing/balancing with him. We are together at this time, to make the shift. Perhaps you and your son are, also :-). I’m so happy you’re here!

  2. I’m deep in contemplation over this post and your last. My mind seems to be like a playground at recess. My thoughts like little kids going every which way. Some so excited to be set free yet others afraid to emerge into the sunlight because someone (or something) might see us. With all the new info (and ancient info coming back to us), our own equally important insights coming in and just living day to day I almost feel at a stand still. I definitely don’t want to go back into the classroom so I think for now I’ll just play on the monkey bars and laugh as my skirt flies over my head as I hang from knees (always the thinking child I had shorts on to cover my a$$ :D). Thanks Elz for another great post!

    1. Monkey bars were my *favorite*, Liz! And I loved the view from upside-down…so entertained by how it looked. I loved the swinging part, too, the shifting of weight to reach the next rung. I think you’ve hit on something here! Recess is as much about processing the info we’d been taught (stuffed with?), letting it sink in, as it is about play and exercise. Have been feeling similary as you. Sounds like play is the remedy, thank you :D! And the benefit…is embodiment, wahoo! See you on the monkey bars!

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