Surrender Or Allowing

I’m giving up surrendering. [intentional pause….] Did you get that?

Giving up.  Surrendering.

Oh, yeah.

In it’s place, I am allowing.

Which feels better to you?  What is your body saying?

Forever and a day, it seems, surrender has been the buzzword in religion and the new age…the key to the happy, contented place.  Yet, is it easy to surrender?  Yes?  No?  Is there fault &/or judgment implied, if ‘no’, (as in, you must have lots of hang ups if you’re having trouble surrendering)?

Interesting to look up the two words in the dictionary.

How many definitions of surrender support a positive, beneficial outcome?

And for allow?  Go ahead…take a quick look.  Are you surprised?

At best, times thus far fleeting, I can place myself in relationship to surrender if I frame it just so, as in releasing, letting go, falling backwards into downy feathers, or into love, yet I am still relinquishing something, good or bad.  Something is leaving me — my will, my freedom, my fear, my pain — bad/good it still originates within me, as I move into another state of being.  Even so, I’m fundamentally playing a word game to make surrender more palatable.

Allowing is a receiving.  It is giving sovereign permission.

I allow my defenses to drop, even a little.  I allow struggles to end.  I allow love to enter.

Rather than surrendering to love, love enters me…it crosses my doorstep, welcomed.  Equals.

Surrender contains a duality — who, or what, am I surrendering to?  Allowing is a parity.

As we find our way from the old paradigm of struggle, suffering, separation, the old story, into the new, languaging and the inherent vibration of the words will play a subtle, yet substantial, bridging role.  Is it possible some words are prisons?  Yes, yes, yes.  We feel it in our bodies, in our breath.  We keep ourselves bound, or find our way through the knots, through our choice of words that resonate.

Tell me, which feels better…surrender or allow?  How long did it take you to feel it?

Shall I guess?  The body knows :-)



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  1. Allowing feels better to me too. In San Francisco in the 80’s I studied with Sue Walden, of the Flash Family improv troupe. She called her method, “Yes, And”. So no matter what improv or life handed you, you started from ‘yes, and’, not from ‘no, but’.
    I have worked a lot on surrender too, calling it surrender to the divine, not an enemy. But the matrix puts a new spin on that whole journey. And there are many situations where no flavor of surrender will work, where allowing will.
    Thanks Elz, for bringing this up for some new consideration.

    1. Hi Denise! Lovely to have you here! Love the powerful shift of “yes, and” from ‘no, but’…can feel that in my body, too. Love how you phrased it in the end…”no flavor”…am even now feeling the contraction, the limitation of surrender compared to the expansiveness of allowing. Deep breathe! :-)

  2. Instantaneous! I’d like to say that I’ve always liked the word allow better than surrender but alas, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve given either word much thought. The saying “give it up to god” has never set well with me. For one thing, in the long run you are still having to make the decision of what ever you are supposedly giving up, (so you’re giving up power and still having to do all the work, what’s up with that! :D). The second is giving it up to what? (My new definition for g. o. d., grand overall distortion.)

    Allowing the answers or whatever to come is so much nicer and seemingly less painful. In my most recent journeying I find I’m sinking into things, allowing Much more comfortable! Thanks Elz for another thought provoking post! :)

    1. “grand overall distortion” – Shazam! g.o.d. program exposed!! Wow oh wow…brilliant, Liz :-))! Thanks for sharing that golden nugget! It’s all about where the energy flows, isn’t it, that gets us questioning, hehe <3

  3. Boom! Another truth bomb from Elz! I never felt good about the “surrender” term. You might as well just say “give your power and free will over to a “higher power” and you will be saved.” Allowing, welcoming, permitting, letting, greeting, receiving, accepting, agreeing, etc. Language is indeed limiting. I have given this consideration lately in my small meditations. Instead of trying to say the right words, I look for the underlying feeling or intention behind it and feel that it’s good enough. I don’t have to “talk” to myself inside my head, I can just intend and feel and know it’s all I need to do.

    1. Feeling the way is so awesome, Jeff! Love noticing the resonances of the words you list…fun, actually! Thanks so much! <3

  4. I have been pondering on these very same concepts. Surrendering to me brings a heaviness in my body. Allow brings forth feelings of opening, giving and receiving. In one word, flow. Surrender feels I am holding onto something and once delinquished it is no longer mine. In one word, separation. Allow places me as the non-judgemental observer. Surrender calls forth for judgement that something needs to given away.

    Yes, my body and my spirit are uplifted by allowing! Thanks for this post as it also helped me to clarify my own thoughts.

    Much love, Sylvia

    1. “Flow..” – wow, yes, Sylvia, thank you for adding that! I feel it :)). So happy to receive you thoughts! Love to you <3

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