What happens when EUers meet-up?

At 7a.m. on a surprisingly cold, heavily overcast Sunday, two weeks ago in Venice Beach, CA, three EUers met for breakfast and seamlessly strengthened the connections begun online.  It was amazing.

Gerry and I met in EU1.  We met Cha Cha in EU2.  There’s something about the EU connection that allows conversations to flow from the heart, and having months of the pairing exercises has built such gracious listening skills, it’s so safe to express!  There was none of the hesitation we all experience in talking with others in our everyday lives…just straightout sharing what we’re witnessing in the world, experiencing in our lives, and building for the new paradigm.  It felt new and ancient at the same time.

EU Live! MedWe all felt the weaving of our lives and connections deepen with each other and with all whom we’ve met through Rise and EU.  This is s.u.c.h. powerful work we’re doing!  So cool.  So awesome.  So so so much love and gratitude to Gerry and Cha Cha for allowing me to share this pic with you all!  So much love and gratitude to you all for being here for this cosmic reunion!

I hear tell of other EUers on the move, traveling to different locales, upcoming, and looking to meet with others in the vicinity.  Maybe they’ll let me post pics of their meet-ups, too?  Meanwhile, with this amazing avenue of cyberspace, we’re finding ways to stay connected.

Share any EU meet-ups you’ve had?

Happy Happy Friday, with big loves!




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    1. Fundamentally, it wouldn’t have happened without you! So amazing how we each have our puzzle piece, and if you hadn’t shown up to do so much to create the platform, and been there like a rock, we would be somewhere else entirely! Cha Cha and I got together last weekend, too. With each meeting, the connections grow stronger still. Thank you, Adrian!!! So much appreciation :-)

  1. Lovely! I feel so lucky that I have a fellow EUer close to me. Although, I still long to meet up with others from our EU family. Glad you all had a wonderful time together! :)

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