What does ‘preparedness’ mean to you?

I live in earthquake country so hear a lot about earthquake preparedness.  It could be hurricane preparedness, or tornado preparedness, or flooding or whatever else might be the disaster most likely in any given locale.  The point is, the emphasis is on disaster.

It’s not unlike insurance…having it in case you need it.  Just in case.

And that implies safety, or rather, a potential threat to it.

I admit that I haven’t lived much of a ‘prepared’ life.  I have clean laundry in drawers and closets, and fuel in the car, but the whole just in case thing never made sense to me.  It felt like a chronic state of living in fear.  I have a friend who never, ever, travels in the carpool lane, just in case she blows a tire and needs the shoulder quickly.  Works for her.  Not for me

Yes, I read the pundits who said, “if you aren’t planning to succeed, then you’re planning to fail.”  Ya-huh…okay…seems to make sense, yet all their flavors of planning were just ways to spend money in hopes of saving it…just in case.  And, yes…there is prudence and pragmatism to that line of thought, still, it never resonated with me.  It wasn’t fun.  It felt musty and old-fogey-ish.  The young live while the old frighteningly hold onto what they’ve collected…or so it felt.

Until recently.

What changed?  My relationship with linear time.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Now, if you’ve always had a good relationship with linear time, this may not make as much sense to you as those of us who have always been stressed by the clock.

Organic time is rhythmic.  Think bio-rhythms.  Or, ayurveda.  Both have the easiest to reference grasp on organic time.  Our bodies, composed of our host, Mother Earth, naturally vibe to her…until feeding schedules are imposed as wee ones, to train us to match up with the clock.  The clock says it’s time to rise, to eat, to work, to sleep.  I’ve always been a natural night owl, and I adamantly defended the reality of it — along with the morning lark.  I watched it at work in my family…those who woke early, easily, and chipper vs. those who woke later (if allowed), always groggy, and often grumpy.  At bedtime, the morning larks conked out around 9, while the night owls were just picking up steam.

Might it be, however, that the night owls are just more sensitive to artificial light?  That somehow it gives us a buzz?

What changed my perception was a research article that had taken volunteers out camping for three weeks.  No artificial light.  What they found was that quite soon, everyone was sleep with the natural light.  Dark = sleep time.  Light = awake time.  No night owls.  No morning larks.  No duality.

In organic time, the circularity of days flows…we aren’t separate from it.  In synthetic, linear time, there is us and the clock.  And the clock is always right.

What I’m coming to learn through a new relationship with linear time, is that the more prepared I am for just in case, the more I can say yes to opportunities as they arise.  I was once at a lecture where the speaker used a well-known tactic to prove a point of human conditioning to distrust — he offered a $10 bill to anyone who had a $1.  The audience mostly sat stunned, taking moment to compute the offer.  The quickest had the $1 in hand and made an instant $9 in the trade.  I sat, knowing I had no cash on hand.  Not even a $1.  I was not prepared.

Funny things is, I’m liking this feeling of being prepared.  It comes very close to the feeling I have when ready for a trip…it’s exciting.  There’s a subtle current of anticipation, even eagerness, for what comes next.  I never would have guessed.  Before, being prepared felt burdensome…like worrying all the time about being covered.  That’s the disaster planning mentality.

As an example, my car has been completely serviced, brakes, tires, etc., ready to roll when I want, not just done before a trip.

So, in discerning, it’s more like readiness…am I ready to meet opportunities?  Am I ready to receive what I’ve intended to manifest…like a houseguest arriving?  Am I ready to travel on the next adventure?

So much time and effort has been spent in figuring out what the heck the rules of the game are, and equipping ourselves with tools, and building skills to manage, that the whole preparedness thing just felt like more to-do poo-doo…oppressive rather than liberating.

How is it I never saw this before?  It took the odd step of making friends with linear time.  Imagine that.

As those who have spent more time in the upper realms descend and earth (I love this Aussie-ism, a synonym for grounding), I suspect more and more of us will discover this new relationship.

Have you?



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