I love this pic on so many levels.  It cracked me up the moment I saw it, and I just knew one day I’d be using it.  Past having a bad hair day, it’s how my head so often feels…forced into blowing one direction, no matter how determined I am to go in another.  So many thoughts!

Monkey mind can be there chattering in the background, the list of things undone.  Rabbit mind darts from this topic to that in a random connect-the-dots mess that sometimes catches me up short: wait…, I started out thinking this, so how’d I get thereIf I have a moment, and enough curiosity, I’ll back track, just to see.  What’s gained is awareness.  What’s lost is time.

Time.  Hang with me before getting to more on that.

Of course there’s the Ego aspect, and the mind, itself, calling out judgements all day long, like internal nav (turn right in 500 feet; danger ahead! take alternate route) that we attempt to shut off with meditation…or, at least observe as a train going by without reacting.  Add to the party, voices from parents, teachers, mates, loved ones & infuriating ones, chirping away some criticism, pecking at us with negativity, some of which the subconscious has absorbed and replays in our own destructive self-talk.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the collective consciousness, and that’s even been programmed into hive mind…the collective unconsciousness.

Often, a No, Thank You, does the trick and the unwanted thoughts stop.  But, they come back…prompting me to ask repeatedly:


Well…for one….(cuz I just have to share this!)

(blatantly accurate and disturbing and hilariously all at the same time)

This is actually an easy answer, with a doable solution.  We turn off the boob-tube when we aren’t being intentional with our choice of subject matter.  And, knowing there are lots of embedded subliminal messages within images and sound, we declare (because as sovereign beings we can, hehe) that we’re teflon or swiss cheese…nothing sticks; we are impermeable.  When we look it straight on and say, No, thank you and No, you may not (bombard me with tricks) we call them out on their game.

I’d learned from meditation training, that when random thoughts arose, we could acknowledge them but remain unattached.  Okay…and what what about the rest of the time?  Meditation was just a respite from the daily onslaught.

Once, a handful and some years ago, I experienced a spontaneous 3-week vacation from thoughts.  It was incredible.  My days were so peaceful.  I felt ongoing contentment.  My heart was open and unimpeded.  It was spring sunshine, in glorious vibrancy, without taking me out of the context of my daily life.  I did what was needed without thought.  I heard what was said without reaction or a blitz of information coming from the mind vault analyzing it, categorizing it, strategizing possible solutions for it.  Nothing.  Just quiet.  Calm.  Peace.  Happy.

If ever I find the key that opened that door, will definitely share with everyone!

Of all the training and schooling we’ve been through, isn’t it interesting that we haven’t properly figured out how to train our minds?  Who does that serve, eh?

The Toltec tradition recognizes the traps we fall into, and have exercises for pulling ourselves out.  Just ran across a book on the subject am purchasing for the title alone: How To Potty Train Your Brain, by Diana Adkins – (awesome, isn’t it? mind you, she does use brain and mind interchangably while acknowledging there is a distinction, she finds it easier to be general).  Will report back on my take and I invite anyone else who might read it to chime in, too!

Very recently I again reached a point of

Seriously…enough already!!!

And what arrived was paradigm shifting.

Part 2, along with the point on Time, tomorrow :-)

Tell me, what are you thinking?


photo credit: Ryan McGuire/gratisography.com Thank you!

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  1. I recently read “How to Potty Train Your Brain” a few months ago, it was great! And that hulu commercial, boy, a great example of how the industry believes they can mock you and you’ll still buy. They are so clever aren’t they!

    This reminded me of a quote by Robert Monroe in his book Ultimate Journey. I will paraphrase. That a fundamental purpose here on Earth is the development of the left brain. (or the analytical, logical, mind). To take our experience and “understand it” to “convert beliefs to ‘knowns.'” And I’d say it’s been developed and developed some more, to the point where it’s become the leader. As a result science has become our prevailing worldview – logical, orderly. Math and language. Rational decision making to optimize our survival became the way to make choices. But we see that it brought all sorts of suffering – and as Charles Eisenstein writes in his book Ascent of Humanity – this “mind” development has brought us further away from nature. So far that we are completely disconnected to our natural self, which results in our perpetual existential crisis.

    When we are having our aha moments, it’s because the logical mind “gets it” – it somehow forms our experience into a known and it kind of locks it in. So I think that’s one great thing about the mind. The mind is the tool for reflection and analysis and order, but it’s position as the leader in how we live our lives is coming to an end.

    The heart and our intuition is emerging as the leader. The mind will soon bow to our hearts and say “take it from here, I’m beat!” I think this is the feeling of despair and depression where we just have no answer anymore. The heart will say, “You did great, I’ll gladly take it from here. Let’s go!”

    1. I love this, Jeff…so much great stuff here, thank you! I read yesterday and couldn’t respond straight away…lots to really consider. I admit to a popcorning of my thoughts and needed time for them to settle without writing a book!

      How interesting you recently read “How to Potty Train…”! – love the same wavelength connection…it’s as though you shared the vibe of the book that rippled out and I got it! Similarly with 3 of us reading different Eisenstein books. So cool.

      Interesting notion of Monroe’s. Seems he’s launching off from where religion and science split back in the 19th C. Going back a wee bit further, in the 18th C, Swiss philosopher Jean Jacque Rousseau asserted two notions that we are burdened with still: (1) that children are born “blank slates” (Tabula Rosa) and the purpose of education is to fill their heads properly; and, (2) that true freedom lies in the governed submitting to the greater will of the state (Social Contract). Both these developed the left brain and increased the separation from nature. Eisenstein picks up the thread. Will definitely check out this book, thanks!

      Seriously love your last paragraph…totally makes me smile :DDD!

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