Knock Knock?

I love vintage shops.  Used to be a favorite thing to do with my paternal grandmother when I’d visit.  We’d point at things she’d had, amazed every day items were now collectibles.  She had the most wonderful giggle and the stories she’d tell of her youth…fun even amidst the struggle of the depression.

What does that have to do with anything?

Last Monday, I asked, Who Is THINKING Me?!?

Having the draft written for posting on Tuesday, what happened next was one of those endless hairpin turns.  Not quite satisfied with my draft, I mulled upon it, completed reading How To Potty Train Your Brain (esp loved the retold Legend of the Two Wolves, a quick & powerful read), went to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out (more trailers) coming away with an interesting take on my question…and finally curving back around to….

What originally arrived by way of answer….  Literally.

A paradigm shift in the form of a new book, recommended by a source that rarely recommends, The Untrue Story of You: How to Let Go of the Past that Creates You, and Become Fully Alive in the Present, by Brian Hubbard.

I admit I wasn’t bowled over by the title, but the synchronicity of the timing had me, so I followed.  Employing discernment, I cautiously read the preview, noting signs of still being in the old paradigm, yet open to possibility simply by virtue of the recommendation.

Giving nothing away that isn’t available on preview, will say this is what got my attention: his terminology of Time Heavy and Time Light.

What does he mean by that?  Asserting that our bodies are time machines, simply how much of the past are we carrying?  (This has everything to do with ageing, too, don’tcha think?)  Time heaviness slows us down, constricts movement and thought.  You feel it, just now, don’t you?  Time lightness, then, is integration.

The outcome of this premise is a fresh perspective, simple and brilliant, on the century old ingrained psychological notion of the Ego, Subconscious, and Unconscious aspects of being.  (Actually, it’s Freud’s Id, Ego, and SuperEgo, with development of the Subconscious notion fairly recent, yet pervasive.)  Before then, no one had conceived of humans in those terms!  And, who is served, by the way?  Perhaps we were to start, but as with many good things, they get re-directed, don’t they?

Mr. Hubbard’s framework shifts us out of the seemingly bottomless pit of the subconscious (I mean, really…who amongst us feels they’re anywhere close to plumbing those depths? and what’s it going to take to get there?  and what life living is lost in so doing??? … truly, what is lost? ummm… tick tock tick tock…!)

Note: If you haven’t yet, please pause here, click the ‘preview’ link above, and read the brief introduction and Essential Points.  Much better to read them directly…it’s worth it.

The 3-Selves Model, past-self, present-self, and feel into this update —> the future become the potential-self (that really isn’t a ‘self’ but the aspect of us that exists outside of time and is our essential self, so to speak), liberates us from the shadowy, murky model of Freud and the new age.

Might it be that who’s thinking us is the past come a’knockin’ for resolution, for closure, for integration?  Not a new idea…just a fresh context.  Are we open or are we closed?  As for me, I’m quite happy to shed the incessant plumbing and exchange it for integration.  The old concept served it’s time.  Thank you for your service.  Next!

Combine this with the Legend of the Two Wolves gem, mix in the mind-expanding Inside Out (anyone notice who’s in charge in each mind we peek into?) and I have a whole different perspective on just who is thinking me!!!  At last!

With so much raw material to work with, is it any wonder the imposition has such an easy time of knocking us off balance and dominating our time with relentless mind chatter?  So, armed with our sovereign declarations (and really, once it’s said, it’s said…no need to repeat unless desired), and fresh tools for working with our past-self, our two wolves, and our team of emotions…we got this!

And, we become captains of our time.  Yes, yes, oh.frickety.fruckin’.yes!

Thoughts, anyone? (hehe :D)




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  1. You really breezed through your potty training book – hehe, I just had to phrase it that way. Lol! But good stuff Elz, What you said here got me, “As for me, I’m quite happy to shed the incessant plumbing and exchange it for integration. The old concept served it’s time. Thank you for your service. Next!” Love your enthusiasm. I think I’m coming to agree that the incessant plumbing into the subconscious or the shadow as “work” is growing tiresome for me.

    Like the “Busting Loose” author put it, we just live our lives, and stuff will come up without us having to go looking for it. And then integration (acceptance?) feels better, instead of trying to fix, change, or improve. How does this work practically? Is all it takes just a simple acknowledgement that something is triggering us, and a desire to integrate whatever it is? What if you don’t “know” why or what it is?

    1. And, I keenly like the “Busting Loose” author’s premise of paying attention for the keystone to topple a whole bunch of stumbling blocks at once. Makes so much more sense than the one-at-a-time approach that is truly endless. There is also benefit from very focused work with a practitioner of a particular discipline. For example, both Soul Retrieval sessions I had with Kelly La Sha were invaluable for clearing and integrating so much so quickly.

      It feels to me that acceptance is a step on the path to integration. Once accepted, we embrace wholeheartedly, to integrate.

      Triggering is a “hello, look at me”…something amiss. Acknowledgement is the first step, even if we don’t have a clue what it’s about…it’s just a return, “hello, I see you….” It really is our choice thereafter. Desire may be a component of intention, I certainly have used that emotion on occasion, but I can’t say it’s essential.

      The answer to your ultimate question is significant…I think we’re all somehow asking that question, with the impulse behind it being how can I get out/over/through this as quickly as possible? I’m want to do this question justice, without being lengthy, so will continue on in a second reply.

      Superb questions, Jeff! Thank you so much for bringing them to light!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the cost of Time Heavy.
    “The past comes for closure, for resolution”:
    I once wanted to live a different life than 2 significant relatives wanted me to. Later I wanted to apologize and acknowledge that though I still would have made the same choice, that I recognized their wishes were meaningful. Still later, I heard they both had died. I can’t tell you the relief I felt, not at their deaths (that was sad), but that I didn’t have to keep trying to find the words to say, the way to connect across the gap, and I could stop using daily energy on it.

    I did a ceremony where I talked to them on the other side, and we all said everything we had to say. I had no idea how much energy this had been claiming in me, until I was able to resolve it.

    That ceremony I did after they died? I can do that any day. If there is no way to resolve a situation or speak the words to someone in person, I can do it in ceremony. It always moves something, at least in me, and sometimes for the other person too. I am thinking of another situation that is stuck, right now, and your essay is reminding me, I have the tools, I can do something about this today. Thank you.

    1. How incredibly lovely, Denise…thank you so much for sharing your signficant experience. It’s a marvelous example. :-) I, too, find resolution in something similar to your ceremony. Happy this ‘lightened’ your day! <3

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