And then there’s ~ ‘All is One’

This one took my breath away…

Another misdirection into the collective hive mind: All is One.  It isn’t.

Follow me through….

All = 0

Zero is the void.  It is the circle elongated (to accommodate language’s need for different, but like, symbols)…the feminine aspect in sacred geometry, the womb…the realm of all possibility.

One = 1

One is the material.  It is the masculine aspect…the realm of the manifest.

Is = Exists

So, it isn’t: All is One

It’s: All One (Is) Exisits

0 + 1 = Existence/Manifestation

This, the 0’s and 1’s, is our binary code.  The building block of our hologram and all our manifestations (thus far).

Our formula has been usurped into a slogan.

But, we can claim it back, can’t we…and won’t it be fun?

Now that we know :-)

And, isn’t fun the best thing to have?!  What will you manifest, next?




Photo credit, with thanks: CyberHades “binary-code.jpg” 4.4.15 Creative Commons 2.0

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Super simple but what a nice breakdown of the “slogan”. What other phrases are spoken of so often that they become spiritual slogans? You are so observant of this stuff it’s great!

    1. Thank you, Jeff, I appreciate that :-)!! Things really *are* much more simple than we’ve been taught to make them. It’s in the convolution, the stirring up the storms, that helps the imposition keep us from ourselves. Another great question! Have had on deck for some time, posts on the slogans, ‘Things happen for a Reason’, ‘Everything Turns out for the Best’ and ‘May the Highest Good be Done’. Stay tuned!

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