We Are All Ones

It’s been one of those niggling things…something that fundamentally we all (mostly) seem to resonate with…We are all One. At our core something rings true…but not entirely. We’ve come close by acknowledging that not everyone here comes from the same clay, i.e., human. So what’s the hesitation? That wee voice of discernment that pauses just long enough to be noticed…what’s it saying??

It’s: Ones. We are all Ones.

Unique, made of the same stuff, yes, and within our uniqueness lies our genuine authentic self.

Our genuine authentic self.  The one that is meant to live in harmony with all around without disappearing into the collective.  I love the image of the snowflake, but it isn’t an accurate symbol.  When it melts, where does it go?  We don’t melt.  Ever.

Clever how the imposition continues to try herding us into their fold; their uni-mind, collective pen.  But we’re not going, are we…no, thank you. ;-)

Go be authentic today…express your uniqueness to your heart’s content!!

How does that feel?  Resonance anyone?




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  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Elz :-) We hear “we are one” so often, and it’s especially coming up in terms of racial/gender equality these days. I agree there is this “push” to get us to all believe we are one, but in a somewhat twisted way. If you know any more about this, I’d love to hear!

    1. Thank you, Jeff :-)! Of course, woven into We Are One is the heart impulse to connect, to feel we are one big family…and that’s much closer to the kernel. What we most often hear is we are one Consciousness. What is Consciousness? Mind. Simply put. Who’s mind? What we’re fed is that it’s g.o.d.’s mind. We are g.o.d. incarnate, and the ultimate is to merge back with him. ‘Higher states of consciousness’ really just mean expanded awareness…an opening of the mind, yes? The mind, the mind, the mind. What we are, though, is not a bunch of minds (well, some here are, but they’re not human), but a bunch of hearts. We are distinct, and unique, and inextinguishable. We are one…big family!

      1. Oh that was just beautiful. Thank you. Now, I’ve heard about we are one consciousness, like a fractal of the creator of the universe. And there are more creators of more universes beyond this one… And that the creator of this universe is not source itself. Is the idea of “source” a misnomer too? If we are infinite, there is no beginning, no source. What do you think?

        1. I’m not as clear as George Kavassilas is on this, but putting together what I’ve heard him say and what resonates with what I’ve felt my way into, is that we are fractals of ourselves, our Core self. That infinite self contracted with the creator of this particular universe, as well as this planet and the sun, to enter into this holographic experience; this playground/game. So, no, I don’t see us as fractal of any creators but ourselves. I do wonder, sometimes, about us taking on something like a fractal essence of another(s), so that we are experiencing more than just a singluar perspective, but that’s another topic.

          There are, yes, “more creators of more universes beyond this one”…and we each are one of those, George says! Source and infinite seem something like a chicken and egg kinda deal…which is it? I suspect it’s a meta question…one whose answer is multi-dimensional itself, where the question of how did infinite get to be infinte is sublimely simple. Won’t it be fun when we hit that ahhhhhhh-haaaaaa moment?

          You’re on a roll with these awesome questions, Jeff! Thanks for the inquiry & exchange :-)))

          1. Hehe awesome thanks :) You always seem to communicate ideas that are so eye opening and simple. It’s like we are on a really similar wavelength, where you spark new questions in me and new revelations every time we talk!

          2. Love it, Jeff, thanks so much :-)!! Your questions help me pull thoughts and concepts into clarity, too. Great and fun exchange!

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