How does this work practically?

From Knock Knock last week, Jeff asked a terrific question that needed more space to answer.  Even more space than anticipated, as it turned out, as cascades of thoughts continued to pour!  Too much.  Simplicity is key, so waited out the deluge until clarity arrived, paring out the excess for future posts. :-)

Specific to my sharing:

As for me, I’m quite happy to shed the incessant plumbing and exchange it for integration.”

Jeff questioned:  “How does this work practically? Is all it takes just a simple acknowledgement that something is triggering us, and a desire to integrate whatever it is? What if you don’t “know” why or what it is?”

We are, at our core, intentional beings.  It’s how we manifest (i.e., create with the energy stuff of this universe).  So, our desire/our intent to do anything is foundational, yes, absolutely.

I want to say using our intentionality is something like Harry Potter’s wand.  Wands, themselves, are just focusing devices.  When Harry (or any other new student) first got his wand, he was all over the place.  The wand waved him, so to speak, and the early results of his intentions were hit or miss.  Practise focusing intent yields ever improving results, like any other thing we do with consistency (exercise, write, sing, drive a car, etcetera).  The magic is already there.  Some of us may be faster to master, others may take a bit longer to get the hang of it.

So, yes…it can be as quick or as lengthy as we seem to need to make it…that’s part of the game here, isn’t it?

I feel we get hung up on the need to know why, overall.  When things are completely sideways, or even upside-down, questioning is survival.  For the most part, though, it’s usually a mind activity.  Lots of time is spent (even wasted?) on the relentless pursuit of the why.  As we evolve out of head space towards heart centered space, our understanding flows increasingly from heart wisdom.

So, imagine when discomfort arises, saying “oh, hello, energy being from the past…you’re here to resolve and integrate with me?  Anything you’d like to tell me?  Anything you’d like me to know?”  Listen.  Sense the reply.  I have been amazed at the deep compassion that wells.  It melts the separation and the reunion, the integration, becomes a sweet sweet homecoming.

I’ve done this in quiet space.  I’ve done this while driving.  I’ve experienced just the act of recognition and asking is enough to trigger release of the trapped energy.  Other times, it’s a bit longer as I gain understanding from the replies.

I was recently engaged in listening to a discomfort when my mind kept intruding.  I kindly said, No, thank you, I’m doing this now…I’ll attend to you after.  But it was persistently interrupting.  Now, I’ve written more than once on the who is thinking me? topic.  So, directly after becoming frustrated with my mind’s intrusions, I paused, accepted my mind as an energy being (whether or not you choose to, too, is totally up to your inner resonance), called to it, asking what it needed.  Acknowledgement.  Acknowledgement was what it needed.  My heart sank as I recognized how very hard my mind has been working, even admist all the crap it’s fed from programming, to protect me.  I felt a welling of compassion and gratitude, energetically embracing this being, a real component of my human experience, and the separation dissolved.  I can’t tell you the difference, the peace I’ve been feeling as a result.  I am more coalesced and consequently lighter within my being.  So cool.

How’s that sound?  Did I explain it well, or leave something uncovered?

Thoughts?  Experiences of your own?  Anyone?  I’m listening :-)!





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  1. Integration! Focusing! And asking questions! I think I wrote the list backwards. Or did I? :D Seems I’m continually learning how to do the above and each experience seems to happen in a different way.

    Shifting from mind back to heart/emotion has been eventful. I’ve learned how deftly I’ve avoided emotions (and other peoples emotions, being an empath it felt safer) since childhood. Integrating the “gift” back into everyday life involves great focus and question asking. Remembering to do so is crucial. I can feel it happening and where I need to focus so as not to get caught up in other people’s crap. Even crap from the past.

    I just recently experienced this as my husband and I were house hunting. Walking through a turn of the century older home I became anxious and slightly ill. In the past I would have turned on my body and berated it for being weak. Instead I zeroed in on those feeling and asked questions. Answers came swiftly and I felt well again. (Basically, mayor owned home, had servants, bad feelings came at me in kitchen, dining room and upstairs maid’s room. :P)

    Okay, I realized it was time to integrate and use my authority to call in a house/property good for me and my husband. A few days later we went through a home that I wept with joy. Again I focused and asked questions. Guess which house we’re offering on! :D I know this is a long story but had to share this wonderful experience.

    Thank you all for your wise and insightful thoughts!

    1. Liz, this is so so so wonderful, I can barely express!!! Am overwhelmed with what this means for you personally, integrating, coalescing, strengthening :))))) And how timely it is, being yet another who is releasing the past, walking into a more whole next. So many are releasing, even purging, great parts of their pasts, internally and externally! It feels such a time of recalibration…so fantastic! Incredible shift bringing home your intuitive self! What an experience! Thank you so so much for sharing. I’m so happy you did. It’s so much a part of what we’re all seemingly engaged in! Let me see if I can get one more exclamation point in here ;-)!

  2. Your interaction with your mind in that last paragraph was very touching. I actually felt my eyes well up a little bit just reading it. It just wanted to be acknowledged! Don’t we all. :-)

    Thanks for explaining more deeply. From what I gather it’s all about acknowledgment and intimacy. About listening to your discomfort. First noticing it, then choosing not to ignore it or distract yourself, or reaching for the temporary feel-good habits to “get rid of” the discomfort.

    But if you treat it like a being – it really wants to be heard and loved, just like we do. It’s not a problem to fix at all. It’s an opportunity to open to love. To be there for yourself. And like any human relationship, we aren’t there to fix the other person, usually just to listen or be present. To pay genuine attention. A “turning toward.”

    Then after the acknowledgment, ask questions like you said. What are you trying to tell me? What are you hungry for? And then listening for the reply, which I admit, often comes from my mind jumping in telling me the answer in the form of thinking/words. When I get that I have to think those words and notice how my emotions react. Do I get a swell of emotion/compassion and “yes of course!” Or “hmm, I don’t think so.” It’s hard to tell. But I think this just gets better with practice.

    Thank you for writing this post Elz!

    1. :-DDDDD, Jeff!!!!! It is such such such an interval of time we’re in, where a massive shift is taking us from a past that constrains, releasing the heaviness, the density and gravity of our fractured selves, and recalibrating us for the next chapter. We’re shedding, purging, releasing, and integrating into a new chapter. You are so doing it, too. And, we get to do this all in such great company! Thanks so much for your contribution!

  3. Nice capture Elz!

    Yes, yes, yes! The “why” question can be so intellectual/mind f@%!ing. Its about feeling not thinking – perhaps better said feeling into the thinking – or feeling generating thinking…

    I love the analogy of Harry Potter’s wand – “we all live in the house we pay attention too” (Ani Difranco Still My Heart). It is about what we put our attention to and yes – all about “focus”, what we focus on, like Harry’s wand.

    And YES too to the power of the question – the sincere questions we ask of our inner wisdom (Spirit) – there’s a direct relationship between the clarity and sincerity of the question and the receiving of the answer in the form of ideas and manifested experience.

    Thanks for sharing these gems on your path as you embrace your “observer” – I’m loving what you are seeing!

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