Slogans ~ of the Spiritual Sort

What are slogans?  Rallying cries.  Pick-me-ups.  Encouragers.  Thought trainers.  Brain washers.

I created my own (or so I thought at the time) during rough high school years.  Not into victimhood, I decided that:

Everything happens for a reason.

I may not know the reason, but g.o.d. does, and perhaps one day I would know, too.  It took the sting of victimhood away.

And, that:

Everything turns out for the best.

All I had to do was find my mistake, learn from it so I never had to repeat it, and violá —> silver lining.

Later, from new age-y sources, I learned to offer up:

May the Highest good be done for all.

And, simply trust it would.  My prayer was my intent, after all, and surely g.o.d. would know, so it was surrendering to his will…a good thing…right?

So…where’s the problem?

Ummm…just how passive can we possibly be???  Each and every one sounds nice, even lovely…but each is powerless.  There is no sovereignty present.  We have just actively given it away.

Grabbing a dash of discernment, let’s begin with the first slogan.

Everything happens for a reason.  Yes.  It does.  It’s called physics.  Cause and effect.  Action and reaction.

A scientific principle has been co-opted into spiritual use and twisted.

Bottom line:  Everything happens.  Period.  Change is the only constant.  And it’s neutral.  Neutral until we interpret it within our own construct.

The ‘reason’, then, becomes how we apply our interpretation of what happened from our perspective. and, let’s be honest…one that’s susceptible to change from moment to moment as new information about the event arrives.

Next is close cousin, Everything turns out for the best.

We want that level of comfort, don’t we…to have that assurance in our hip pocket as we live this crazy life?  But what a flippin’ obnoxious thing to say to someone in deep anguish.  And when applied to atrocities, it lacks any depth of compassion, separating the believers from the questioners and the doubters.

Question is:  Who decides?  Who decides what the best actually is?

Oh oh oh, teacher, I know I know…it’s g.o.d.!  It’s our Higher Self!  It’s our angels, our disincarnate spiritual advisors, our newspaper delivery guy, right???  No???  Our fortune cookie?  Our horoscope?  Our … who, then?

How about we turn this pup around from passive to active.  Again, Things Happen.  Period.  What happens next is w h a t . w e . m a k e . i t !   If we make lemonade out of lemons, then does it not become we, ourselves, who determine the best?  I’m not talking base ego here…I’m talking our fundamental core selves.  We are a resilient lot.  Take credit where it’s due for choosing actions that lead to best outcomes!

Here again, it is up to us to interpret.  Out of difficulties, or even tragedy, many individuals commit to alleviating the suffering of others.  They aren’t waiting for some other being to decide for them.  They are active in expressing their sovereignty.  Won’t it be nice to soon hear people saying, “I turned this thing around, and made the best of it!” ? 

Finally, we have, May the Highest good be done for all.

Very similiar to the previous.  Who, exactly, are we relinquishing our sovereignty to?  Who gets to decide?  Plus, we assume the Highest good means all things are 100% good for 100% all.  But that isn’t what it means.

The Highest good may entail  bad along the way…possibly including large doses of pain and suffering.  Taking an easy example, let’s say the highest good for a deeply unhealthy person is to be healthy.  Wishing their highest good says nothing about how that is to come about.  We assume it is an encouraging and uplifting and relatively smooth route.  But, that’s an assumption.  We leave that decision to…who actually knows?  Just as easily, and sometimes more expediently, something sudden transpires flipping this person’s life upside down, triggering a health crisis that wakes them up.  Same end result.  But which would you rather have another choose for you?

I cannot begin to sufficiently express how done I am with ‘highest good’.  I exchanged it for kindest good several years ago.  As a sovereign being, I require kindness and it’s all I’ll wish for any other, too.

Let’s retire these outworn new age-y slogans, shall we?  What others can you think of where passivity is the active ingredient?

And, what new slogans shall we make from actively exercising our sovereignty?  Got any to share?

Go…take back your sovereign power today and regain even just this much more freedom :-)




photo credit, with thanks to Jes, “slogans for nothing,” 11.26.20, Creative Commons 2.0

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. I agree that we can use this as a place to become sovereign. Also very much appreciated that you made clear that many of these phrases and actions Lack Compassion. Thank you for rooting that out.

    Funny, I just made a new slogan yesterday, please excuse CAPs and rough edges (pics are just word pics for now).
    Pic of a baby bird just emerged from the shell:
    Pic of a scrambled egg in a frying pan:
    [meaning, so don’t rush me.]

    There are so many places where we are calloused (insensitive from the repetition), to the use of some old unexamined saying/slogan/punchline. Thanks Elz for reminding us we can take another look. There is a TEDx talk called What People Say When They Don’t Know What to Say: . Thanks for posting this, really got me looking at it.

    1. Thank you so much, Denise…I’m happy you noticed the lack of compassion aspect :-). Am guessing few would actually intend it that way. I found it helpful.

      Wow…your word pics…worth a thousand words (so to speak)!! Yes, yes…in my own time, I am whole and healthy…in another’s time (sythetic timelines?), I am scrambled. Wow.

      What a great video. Compassion explained, heart-felt, from a place of real knowing. So happy you shared! :)))

      1. It’s true that many times these sayings are used as an Expression of Compassion. What a twisted turn-around. Living Discernment is to recognize that their common use is not their actual effect. Excellent discussion.

  2. OK Elz, you win :)

    Sure these “slogans” can be expressed in the voice of the victim and powerlessness.., I’ll give you that – but they can also reflect a trust about a universal unfolding that we are full participants in and with. It is cause and effect – but we are one of the variables in the dynamic. I like this one – “there are no accidents or coincidences.”. This is proving to be truer and truer in my experience as I age.

    I also tap into this idea that as much as my monkey brain can anticipate or try to make sense out of everything, it remains largely (and by a very long stretch) a mystery. And at l;east sometimes when folks use the slogans you list, its offered in respect for the mystery and in a humbleness about what we think we might know and what it is “really” all about…

    I’m increasingly excited about the causes and effects (the positive ones that is) that I can generate.

    This experience of serendipity is experiential proof for me, and my increasing confidence in this draws me to the thrill of exploration and discovery in the dance with the great mystery of it all…

    1. Hahahaha…too funny, brother! Nah…we all win when actively deciding where and to whom our energy flows :-)

      I can’t say that I’ve ever heard anyone use any of these from a place of victimhood or powerlessness. Certainly, when I began as a teen, and on forward, I felt they empowered me. It wasn’t til a handful of years ago that I recognized that I’d happily, and innocently, been giving my power away, and to the g.o.d. program, eek!

      I absolutely felt, at that time, what you’re saying about expressing a trust in the universe and unfolding. It’s one thing to use these slogans for oneself, *actively* choosing to see one’s life through these lenses. It’s another thing to be used by these slogans. And, it’s yet another to offer them as true for others, as slogans tend to aim to do…one size fits all, so to speak. It’s more a point of awareness…seeing things for what they are fundamentally, then choosing how we’re going to interact with them.

      “…but we are one of the variables in the dynamic” – Bingo! We are the variable that decides whether something is for the best, or not…the event itself has no volition to decide on it’s own. Hehe. Cool, eh? Is this not an act of creation?

      Discernment is looking at distinctions for greater clarity. Greater clarity leads to wholeness, for me, anyway, and more sovereignty.

      And, it’s not about demystifying with monkey mind (mine wasn’t good for that, either). Life’s mysteries are the providence of the heart, n’est ce pas? It’s just following the energy trail ;-).

      You are doing some fantastic creative work of your own, focusing on various aspects of the puzzle! Thanks for your perspective :-)!

  3. Love your attitude in this post Elz! Slogans… Let me see.

    What we resist persists.
    Like attracts like.
    We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

    Let go and let g.o.d.

    If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

    Everything will be ok.

    If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
    Winners never quit.
    Don’t give up.
    Just surrender.
    It’s in g.o.d.’s hands now

    I dunno if any of these are that interesting but I couldn’t think of much.

    1. Great list, Jeff! Thanks so much! I only thought of one more: Not my will, but Thine be done. Especially interesting to me is how the misleading slogans are mixed in with adages/aphorisms/apothegms/truisms…how easy and sly to slip in a few, largely unnoticed! All the ones related to g.o.d. are clear redirects of energy. ‘Just surrender’ is a pretty clear pitch to the g.o.d. virus, too.

      I tend to think of this popular one — what we resist persists — in terms of physics, too. It’s true. Any pressure in one direction will automatically trigger pressure in the opposite direction. What’d been done with this principle of physics is to turn it into a pitch to surrender. Or, at least that’s been my experience in yoga and new age. Still, there’s wisdom in this principle, if that’s how we choose to employ it. Our recent comments conversations on the resolving and reintegrating the past when it comes a’knockin’ is one example of ceasing the resistance in a way that builds our sovereignty. On the other hand, we know that the imposition is pretty relentless to the extent they can be…yet outright fighting only results in more energy for them. This is where the delightfully gentile, and underestimately powerful, no, thank you, helps. No resistance. We just keep moving on. Learning and living discernment can be kinda fun ;-)!

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