—> ReCalibration —>

Do you feel it?  Are you living it?  Aware.  Any of these apply to you — ?

  • moved/moving/planning a move (even rearranging your furniture)
  • helped another move
  • clearing/cleaning/purging old stuff (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
  • losing/releasing loved ones through death/divorce/them relocating
  • healing crisis/crises through illness and/or injury

D’you remember how it felt waaaaaaay back at the new year?  Feeling as though something undefinable had just clicked into place?  A fresh start.  The rough, tough, bear of 2014 year was finally behind us.  January and February were a breath of fresh air as life felt just a wee bit lighter, less pressure-cooker-ish, all forward movement.

Then the screeching brakes of March, like a sudden retrograde.  In an instant the past showed up, knocking, requesting attention of the c’mon, let’s conclude this, already variety.  Admittedly, this might have been just me.

Commenting on the spell in early-mid June that had so many laid low, George Kavassilas recently said in the recent Rise Multiversity event, Navigating the Matrix III, that a shift occurred, affecting many of us.

Inescapably, I see this as a significant Time of ReCalibration.  We are shaking off the jacket of before; coalescing into our next.  It’s not just a new chapter, it’s a new life.  We have never been here before.  It’s an unprecedented time, George has shared.

Recently gaining the perspective of time light and time heavy has facilitated a whole new ease in relation to the past.  No longer is it pestering memories, harping to do lists, pecking guilt, accosting fear…it’s all about tired companions (bits of our fractured self) looking for rest…knocking on our door, just waiting to be acknowledged and integrated.  It’s quite amazing to easily resolve, release, bring ’em home, and feel it on a physical level!

And as we coalesce, grow time light, we live more congruent with our organic timeline — the life our heart core intended, increasingly free from interference.  I’m not saying it’s all peaches and cream (or butterflies and rainbows), just more cohesive to our sovereign intent.

So, if you’ve been feeling any of these stirrings, stir some more!  Like a centrifuge, impurities will separate while the good stuff comes together.  It’s a good thing.  Tough at times, perhaps.  A tear or two, maybe.  But, a very very very good thing.  :-)

Tell me…how’s it been for you?





photo credit with thanks to Bob Marquart, Brass Sundial Compass 2, 3.2.09, Creative Commons 2.0

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  1. Great post Elz. Recalibration is an accurate way of describing my situation at the moment.

    I am also relocating to the other side of the country in a couple weeks.


    1. Thank you so much, Eric! I suspected this is something of a trend. Appreciate your contribution to the conversation. It’s nice hearing we’re not flying solo, but rather in a greater community. Kindest wishes for your move & beyond :-)!

  2. Oh yeah – definitely feeling change on the horizon – getting closer and closer. I am going to be moving my physical body across country to start a new chapter of this incredible story I am experiencing.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, I can totally resonate!!

    Much Love All Ways :)

    1. Thank you, jolly! With your anticipated move, we’re close to a dozen, if not more, who’ve made or are making major domicile shift! george began planning a year-ish ago & finally made his move recently, I understand. Aside from my 1st move in November, all others are since spring. So looking forward to what arises from this recalibration & refreshed coalescence/coherence! So happy to be journeying together, with love :-)!

  3. I totally resonate with all you spoke! My life seemed to enter a flow that continued, from the beginning of this year and through the March shift! Three days ago a shift occured that has left me wanting for peace. I know my higher Self and I are connected but I am overwhelmed with feelings of non-connectiveness. The source of this is yet to be revealed and I believe tears will come to release all. I believe we recently had another energetic shift on Mother Earth that will be bringing forth any negativity we are still harboring within our energy fields that are ready to be released. I say “happy sailing” to all I release as the time is now! I feel I am rambling but was cimpelled to respond! Incidentally, I am looking for some place to move!

    1. You are definitely in the flowing movement of the time, Sylvia. My disconnect lasted years as I came out of my deconstruction. It is only within the past month that I reconnected…and it feels like a signifcant part of the coalescing. It’s a completely different relationship than before. The draught was painful, and am certain yours will be short lived. As you’re putting out feelers for new digs, notice what draws you, what pulls you. It’s you calling to yourself. And, you already knew that, I’m sure :-).

      So happy to hear you, cousin! Love love

  4. You know I’ve been feeling the compression and recalibration! I move out in a less than a week and it’s tough to say goodbye, but it will be a weight off my shoulders. A month and a half long road trip of quiet time and hopefully some adventure and fun will help me recalibrate.

    One of the biggest things I’ve seen as far as time goes is that I have felt such a strong aversion to “work” because it all feels like a waste of my time. My clients have dried up and I’m finding myself with so much more time on my hands. It’s really helped me gain awareness of the “space” between all the doing. I’m finding it more enjoyable to settle into the emptiness than it is to find more stuff to work on or do.

    Financial security has become a fear for me, but I have the intuitive sense that it’s all going to be ok.

    1. I dare say you will not recognize yourself 2 months out…we are moving just that fast! Wishing you kindness and awareness for your big move, Jeff!! Looking forward to seeing you out & posting another EU meet up pic :-)))

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