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Goodness me, closing in on two weeks since the move, and movement continues!  Much to share :-)!

Like a handful of pine needles, so simple, yet so complex and powerful, please read, consider, sip like tea, burn like incense, infuse in a bath all the wonderful soothing properties of nature and our natural state of being…you just knew I had to say it:  Sovereignty.

A most amazing development — my posts are now being shared on the Rise Mulitversity Community Facebook page!  I am completely thrilled.  Thank you, Sienna Lea!  If you don’t know about it, or haven’t yet checked it out, please stop on by!  Lots of great posts, inspiration, humor, news and updates daily.  Jolly Dee is on board facilitating the private group with her boundlessly encouraging and uplifting energy.  If you missed hearing her interview on Super Woo Radio last autumn, or would like another enjoyable and inspirational listen, I encourage you (episode 36)!

And, now for the wisdom!

Learning more of Jolly’s amazing work, made easier and more accessible by fantastic rhyme, has been a pleasure.  She noticed that two of her most power posts happened to weave nicely with one of mine.  Please go and check out:

Natural Spirit Authority Reclamation What I especially love about this is the acknowledgement that just by knowing we aren’t our slave legal name, we gain just that much space to allow in liberty.  Awesome in particular for most of us still requiring these names to navigate in the matrix via work, etc.  Rhyming makes it all so clear!

We’ve Got The Power Notice Neo’s “No“.  Sweet.  I love examples.  Continue reading for Jolly’s good sense in what to do with it!

These tie in with my post, Yes, Please. No, Thank You…, some of you may remember.  Jolly not only posted, but delightfully read all these out on her Just Us Radio Network program, yesterday, Stories From The Heart!  Have a listen!

And, please go back often to read more.  Each entry is a bundle of delight, depth, and oh so much wisdom!

Tell me, how are you exercising your power?



photo credit with thanks to Jean Lakosnyk via Unsplash

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  1. Wow Elz, thank you so very much for all of your kind words, and for all that you are and all that you do.

    I feel that we have a very similar view and have both had some awesome ah ha moments regarding our true power which we recognize that we must now take back.

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and joining it together with some jolly good sense!! Haha!!

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