Belief & Faith

Two words used so frequently we hardly notice.  What would we be without them?  May I suggest sovereign?

I’ve been going to write this for a long time.  Always interesting how topics skitter off to the side until they come around again.  Something needing to be said always comes ’round again, have you noticed?

A major component of my spiritual deconstruction during 2009-2012 was having every belief painfully stripped away; my faith in all I’d known, shattered.  I’ve referenced, from time to time, how brutally painful that was, even to physical pain when going anywhere near a belief.  But how does one live without belief and faith?  It felt so soulless.  Completely gutted, I ached for solace…but where to find it?  There were no heavenly hosts, no gods or goddesses, no angels or philosophers to whom I could turn.  No loving friend or family member could conceive of what I was going through, because I couldn’t understand it myself, let alone explain it.

Creatures of community, humanity is, and me, no less.  Where, what, who could provide comfort?

I finally finally finally arrived at three things that did not require belief…all entirely self-evident:                 Beauty.  Nature.  The Sun.

All three are so soothing, so healing, so nurturing.  And, I came to recognize that I did not need beliefs nor faith to live as fully as I desired.  Astonishing!

I began to really consider the nature of beliefs and faith — where did they come from and whom do they serve?  Are these intrinsic to our nature or are they taught?

Religion, anyone?  Belief was born of a Middle English mashup with German and Dutch in 1125, between the 1st and 2nd Crusades.  Faith was born of a combo of Middle English with Old French in 1200, during the 10 year break between the 3rd and 4th Crusades.  In terms of history, this isn’t so very long ago, and rather interesting the origins, don’t you think?

I know, know, know how hard this can be to consider.  It really goes to a fundamental core of the structure of our lives.  What do we believe in?  What do we hold faith in?  Notice how strong the connection, the tie, is…even to consider letting go.

An enormous puzzle piece dropped into place on Sunday, listening to Sienna Lea’s recommendation, The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium on YouTube.  Queue up to 2hr44min and listen to Laura Leon, a Holographic Kinetics practitioner and lifelong experiencer say:

…how I discovered sovereignty and my authority and who I am and what I am and my power and its unlimited nature….  I came to recognize I was not the sum total of my experiences; that I am not what I am experiencing and most of what I’m experiencing is a simulation of sorts to cause me

to want to believe it.

Once I believe it, it becomes a fractal reality.  Once it gets lodged in a fractal reality, I create it.  I make it real; so, they can give me whatever impetus they want…but it’s me that lodges it into being.  And then, that becomes a creation and I realized this is how this…game works and how people get trapped into it.”

Still with me?

How’s your heartbeat?

Our beliefs create our prison.  Literally.  Oh, yes.  More than we knew.  Till now.

So what next?  Good news is there’s good news.  When I lost beliefs and faith, I cast about for what feelings were underlying those concepts.  What I discovered was:

Confidence is the truer feeling underlying belief and faith.  Certitude is another.  Both provide a sense of wholeness that belief can’t quite touch.  These represent layers of depth, and we’ve been surfing the surface.

Sensing resonance with my essence, neither belief or faith feel congruent…but confidence and certitude do.

When I say to another, “I believe/have faith in you,” or even to myself, “I believe/have faith in myself” what I’m really saying is I have confidence in them/me, no?  So, let’s say it for what it is, shall we?  These are perfectly good words…we needn’t overlay them with religious terms to entrap ourselves within, aiding the imposition.

Cracking the shell.  Letting in the light.  Casting off the constriction.  No, thank you (firmly, but with a piquant sweetness, feels about right, don’t you think?).

This is a big one.  How are you feeling?



photo credit with thanks: supasmashsketcher

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. I’ve had a problem with the words belief and faith for a very long time, without knowing exactly why. Thank you so much for your insight and clarification. As I read your words the knowing blossomed in my heart and my heartbeat is calm and steady. I’m feeling more certain and confident every day! :)

    1. Yay! Am happy to learn you felt the unease with these words, too, Liz! Happy, too, your heart’s re-aligning…wonderful feeling :-)!

  2. How am I feeling you ask?

    Awesome – I feel confident and full of certitude that I am the creator of my life!

    AND, I am so happy that you reminded me of all of this in such a eloquent way. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.


    1. Love it…the 3-C’s in your “Awesome…” sentence!!! What a buoyant reply, jolly, thank you! And have we ever earned it on top of the fact that it’s ours to begin with :-D! Big <3!

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