Uniqueness & Unity Without Uniformity

What did you feel just now, reading the title?  Any physical sensations of resonance?

Did you sense an attraction, a pull to uniqueness & unity, like, “yeah…that feels good” and the opposite to uniformity, like, ‘uh-uh, no thanks…’?

Have been pondering what it is, exactly, that hooks us into feeling we’re all one…and I suspect we’re confusing unity for oneness, totally forgetting our uniqueness in the process!  I recently posted an entry on my sense about it (We Are All Ones),  When we merge with another/others, we lose our distinctness and we become less, not more.  Uniform.

If it is actual, that we are infinite, then our only possible source would be…us.

Jolly Dee says it beautifully in her pome, UniquenessIt’s a small bite of sunshine sweetness and sums up the bursting fullness of life and living our gifts.  Please take a moment to pop on over and have a day boosting read.

We each are a vital puzzle piece in the grand scheme of things, here, at this time, to do our thing…uniquely.

Doesn’t that make you smile?




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  1. Yes, smiles and attraction! Years ago in the beginning of my spiritual journey, people would say things like, “we are all one” and “we will go back to the whole”. It felt so wrong, like we were little worker bees going back to the……well you know. I wanted to know what would happen to MY uniqueness, all my experiences, ME, if this was the way if was! I didn’t what to disappear into an invisible blob of “oneness”. Yep, “ego stand down”, they would say. I Just couldn’t buy it! I mean really, there is no way we can all be so different and unique here on our magnificent Mother if we are just going back to, same old, same old! Yep, uniformity sounds controllable where uniqueness sounds messy, fun and chaotic! Yay, lets unite in our messiness! Who’s in! :D

    1. “Messy” — I LOVE it!! Just like fingerpaints as a child, totally lost in the creation, completely oblivious the “mess”! Good good good for you holding onto your center in the face of the Ego argument :-)))!

  2. Elz, I totally LOVE this. The simplicity, yet the skillful way you have described your recognition of the (HUGE) difference between unity and oneness is so refreshing. So many take a book to describe something simple.
    Simplicity is the key to our lives becoming organic and natural. Thank you so very much for this, and thanks for sharing the Pome, “Uniqueness. <3

    1. Thank you so much, jolly! I completely agree with you (once again, hehe) on simplicity! I wrote an earlier post, Simplicity is the New Black :-) It really is the key, as you say. <3!

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