I don’t know about you (yet!), but in my growing up experience ‘grounding‘ never meant anything good.  It was a primary form of punishment.  Transgressions, real or imagined, often resulted in a harsh, “You’re grounded!”  The tone, alone, would have been enough, but what it fundamentally meant was no fun for you!

And, consider what happens when bad weather prevents airplanes from flying….  They’re grounded.

Same with birds when injured.  They’re grounded.  And, for them, it’s even more of a safety issue that can threaten their survival.

Is it any wonder, then, that any sane child would conclude:

grounding = NO FUN!

Is it then any wonder that a sane adult would find herself resistant to grounding in her spiritual practise?  Okay, so, I’m talking about me.  You, too, perhaps?

And I have to say it…what a rotten thing it is to be put off such a fundamentally healthy thing to do…the tricks of the imposition are really quite something, aren’t they?

Two things have made a great difference for me ~

First comes thanks to George Kavassilas’s phenomenal book Our Universal Journey, in the chapter, What Are We Doing Here, where he explains our connection with Mother Earth and Father Sun.  My heart core burst with resonance and homecoming when I read that, and I immediately began a morning practise of greeting and connecting that goes like this:

Good morning, Mother Earth

Good morning, Father Sun

Please hold hands with me this day

I love feeling unity.

From my heart core center down through my feet to yours, Mother

From yours back up to mine

From mine up through the top of my head to Father Sun’s

From Father Sun’s back down to mine

We are connected

I love We

I love We

I love We

If you resonate, please receive this and make it your own.

Most often I continue right into a yoga series called Sun Salute.  I do only 3 rounds…really a fantastic way to move the body right out of bed in the morning…beginning stretching arms up, I say

Father, I honor you

and on the counter motion, stretching down to toes, I say

Mother, I honor you

and for the remainder of the series I express my love for we three.  Daily, I experience deep cleansing and connecting yawns and breaths, and the days move with more ease.  The days I miss, I find myself more jangled.

Second arrived a year ago in a private session with George during which he introduced me to the term ‘earthing‘, commonly used Down Under interchangeably with ‘grounding‘ — even for practical things like the black electrical grounding wire, or the car battery terminal.  I instantly loved it!!!  Do you feel it, too?  I love the thought of earthing!

And that’s when I put my connecting practise together as earthing…a subtly wonderful back door entrance to this current hot topic of grounding.  Perspective is so useful, don’t you thing?!

Cameron Day also has an immensely informative blog post and lovely connecting/grounding practise with Mother Earth.  I encourage you to check out: Ungrounded Energy, A Widespread Issue.

I’ve signed up for Carla Fox’s event on grounding this Saturday.  Will be lovely to expand my understanding by learning her practise.

So, take your pick — call it grounding, call it earthing, call it connecting — choose one and dial on in.  It’s nurturing and nourishing multi-directionally and multi-dimensionally.  Use my practise, use Cameron’s, come check out Carla’s, or make up your very own.  It’s a great time to expand deeply in all directions :-)

What’s your practise?  Care to share?





photo credit thank you Dustin Scarpitti / Unsplash

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    1. Hi Jenny — thanks for your comment! Please say more. Am interested in your perspective and what you’ve learned/discerned.

  1. Love this, thank you Elz! Even though I was never “grounded” as a kid, (I had the whole good girl thing going), I did love running around barefoot so I was probably somewhat “grounded”. ;D. Still do, though it is a tad concerning down here in Florida. Lots of creepy crawlies! :)

    1. Hahahahaha…remind me sometime to tell you my middle-school camping story & banana slugs ;-)! Love that you’re a barefooted girl, too! Happy you didn’t lose play time in this way! <3

  2. Great post Elz!

    So much here! …What an important conversation!!!

    I’m down with letting go of grounding.. It has been part of my vocab but you are so correct – the mixed energy in this word… “Earthing” works – I also am feeling into “Aligning”, or maybe “Balancing”., or “Mother/Father/Sister/Brothering :).

    As you know, I share your morning process of Earthing – at a wonderful river, as close to sunrise as I can manage, I greet Mother River/Earth, and Father Sun (who is just making his arrival known in his rising) ,serving me up with the use of my magical gift if sight… After all- without light, there woudl be no sight, right? :) And then to all my brothers and sisters – all the others beings – alive in the place of our birthing – the place of our nourishment – Our Mother – who is a fractal expression of the Cosmic Mother… This morning experience for me is miraculous – wild horses can’t keep me away :). Oh, and yes, the visit often includes a barefoot wading in Mother River too – a proper Earthing.. :)

    And I share your gratitude for George’s discoveries and perspectives – I also found George’s book eye=opening – perspective exploding – was so very helpful to me – to put things into perspective on my own journey…

    The really magical thing for me is the notion that we are here in this adventure of the physical, but we are also connected in the non-physical – if we wake up to this experience… We get to experience both – and that is a very rare thing in the Universe – a wonderful opportunity – right George?

    In deep appreciation!

    1. Gerry, I love, love, love this, thanks for sharing your daily magic! And, it is. I’ve been privileged to witness your transformation in the past 14 months and it’s truly amazing and inspiring the distance you’ve travelled back to yourself, and on into sharing wisdom gained on your own blog! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Big big loves, brother! :-)))

  3. Lovely – grounding, earthing, connecting – all the one for me!
    Fortunately for me, I have been able to be connected with Earth Mother most of my life, although I became aware of the value of walking barefoot only a few years ago. I read the book “Earthing” which explains how we have become detached from our Earth Mother.
    We didn’t get the “grounded” word put upon us – there was probably some other such term to imposed the “no fun” time!! Haha!
    I too am looking forward to the workshop with Carla – what a lot of fun grounding now is!!!


    1. You just triggered a big “ah-ha” for me, jolly, thank you! Though I love great shoes, I can’t wait to get out of them! As I kid, I’d do whatever I could to stay barefoot, even to dashing out in the snow to get mail or the newspaper…and not once, til this moment, did I consider it beneficial for keeping connected to Mother! Thank you, too, for the book recommendation…it feels timely, indeed! Happy to hear you weren’t imposed upon with the use of “grounded” (was is “restricted/on restriction” for you?)! See you tomorrow :-)!

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