Overwhelmed with all the barraging information of changing times?  I am.  Well…yes…and, no.  Seven year cycles, anyone?  And, where is the counter-balance to this deconstruction?  Don’t count on the news to tell you.  They, the malificent they I call ‘the imposition’, don’t want you to hear it.  But I’m going to say it, and I’m going to say it LOUD:


even BLOOSOMING should you choose!!!

We ARE intentional beings.

We ARE co-creators of this so-called ‘reality’.

We ARE participants.

If all you’re surrounding yourself with is deconstruction, then deconstruction it will be in your sphere.  Out there will mirror back in here.

If you are allowing, even inviting in balance, then that, also, will be mirrored back.  We cannot escape this set up.

Let’s take this in steps.

7-year Cycles

2015 is the end of a 7-year cycle from the last economic crash of 2008, which was 7 years from 2001, etc.  Endings.  Nothing new here.  From Rudolph Steiner to Deepak Chopra to Wall Street analysists, we cycle through renewal.  From lifelong development to the cells in our bodies to bear & bull markets, we go ’round and ’round.  Divide your birth year by 7 and that will tell you how many times you’ve been through this already.

Lest you think I’m over simplifying, remember two things:

1) simplicity is within the heart of truth; complicated baffling b.s. is the signature of the imposition; and, 2) if you were attempting a take-over, wouldn’t you try it during an endings cylce?

This is not rocket science, as they want us to believe – be-lie-ve (be the lie you see/ve = vue in French/to see).  They CANNOT do this WITHOUT us!  Our fear, our beliefs that they can and will succeed fuel their rocket power.  We are enslaved by our own will (CONTRACTS & It’s GO Until It’s NO).  Seeing through the fear, through the baffling bullshit, through to recognition of our own energy flow breaks the spell and wakes us up to the power we each intrinsically have to reclaim that spent energy and redirect it intentionally.


This will be as easy or as hard as the contract your Originating Self made with this construct for this lifetime PLUS how mighty your 3D ego resists or releases…meaning you have some control over how you experience this re-alignment of your self.

Here is where the filling meets the sandwich.

Everything that is out of alignment, out of integrity/wholeness, out of sync with your heart core, will be called up for review.  It may be slammed in your face or it may be a new interest in a fresher lifestyle.  Maybe it’s time for the mercury fillings to come out and be replaced.  Perhaps it’s time to switch from doing business with a bank to a credit union who at least is locally based (not all timelines will see a complete banking systems crash…but just consider for a moment the implications of moving your funds from corporate to nonprofit).  It might be owning up to the passive/aggressive approach in avoiding life’s friction.  Whatever it is for you, LOOK AT IT.  Invite it for a conversation.  Feel the discomfort, panic, anxiety, grief…and ask it: What do you want to tell me?  What do you want me to know?  I’m listening.  These are aspects of yourself that have been splintered off and are surfacing for reintegration!  Stop.  Stop.  Stop pushing them away.  You’ll just prolong your agony.  And, you know it.

What this leads to is a gather together of your fractured self…to integration into wholeness…into integrity.  Remember, wholeness is impermeable to the imposition.  Which leads to….


Does everything need to crash and burn before reconstruction can begin?  Do you need to be completely whole before creating?  NO!  Absolutely not.  The pendulum does not stop midway and swing only half measure.  This is all cyclical, so we must be aware of the waves and ride them intentionally.

From your place of recenteredness, even if it’s just your quiet contemplation time of connection with yourself, imagine, pierce through the deconstruction to your wholeness, invite and allow…this is important here…

invite… and… allow

what you do want/desire/require

A quick note on these word choices:

want does reflect and support the state of constant not having, so be sure to shift your feeling state to one of invitation.  Think of it like dinner guests you’d like to have over.  You don’t have them now…right now…but you’d like them to come, so you extend an invitation.  They can’t possibly know you want them to come if you don’t invite them!

desire has gotten a bad rap being assigned to carnal sensations…makes one wonder why?  How convenient for the imposition to disassociate us from a powerful feeling of magnetization!  Just contact with the word now brings up sensations…what happened for you?  A yesssss…?  Or, a no, I can’t go there, that’s wrong…?  Get straight with this feeling.  It is a dowsing rod to your truth.

require is the fundamental basics needed to function.  Good, clean, health-giving food, water, air, shelter, self-care.  What else?  Companionship.  Loving support.  Meaningful development and contribution of your unique creative expression, whether it’s bean counting or jazz piano.

Invite.  It.  All.  In.

This is not visualization.  This is not new (c)age law of attraction.  This is getting real with the feminine aspect of invitation and receiving.  Just as a woman invites her beloved, from her heart core, to join her in lovemaking and receives him into her body, this is the invitation to creation we have available to us now.

Now.  Right now.

Each one of us that accepts the invitation to create the life of wholeness, of integrity, of blazing authenticity, we bring along the planet in doing so, too.

Share your creations…share them here, share them everywhere you feel supported.  And share how you’re feeling as you move into authenticity, won’t you?

I love you sisters and brothers…brave hearts who are riding this fantastic wave together.  Kowabunga!  No fear!  Hang ten…toes over the front edge of the board…here we gooooo!


photo credit thanks! to Michael Hull at Unsplash


© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


    1. That just so made my day, Jeff!! Thanks so much for hearing…and listening…and living it! And look who’s coming alive, eh?! So happy this resonanted with you, too :-)!

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Well spoken and openly received by my heart!! Inly thing I can add is yeeeeeeeeha! From my center inward, onward and outward!!

  2. “believe – be-lie-ve (be the lie you see/ve = vue in French/to see). They CANNOT do this WITHOUT us! ”

    They cannot use the word “know” because that would be the truth. They can only sell a product because they are snake oil, used car salesman.. A product, being a lie that plays on our inadequacies, insecurities and fears. The perfect television commmercial, being a religion or saviour service. Selling us a convieniance.. A convieniances that takes away self responsibility in place of a product. be-lie-ve.

    1. “They cannot use the word “know” because that would be the truth.” Brilliant. So right on, Adrian. Yes yes yes, thank you!! Love your addition to piercing the lies.

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