What Will You Create?

What will you create in these times?  Your heart’s desire?  or ‘Their vision’?

A couple of weeks ago I commented on a Zen Gardner post, in which I said this is a massive time of creation!  He kindly asked me to elaborate, saying “more people need to hear this.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Following is my reply:

Viewpoints & Understandings
To begin, what we have happening in the outer world are so many events, so many speculations, so many predictions of end times, horrors, and devastation, even to the point of annihilation.  All man made.  Well, all man and puppet-string pullers made; meaning not organic to this planet’s natural processes.  False flag after false flag.  And, I know I’m not saying anything you, and many others, don’t know quite well.

The question I’m looking at is:

what’s happening behind our backs whilst our attention is glued to all these events, identifying them for what they are, and before we get the words out, the next event is happening.  It’s not so much what our attention is falsely being drawn to…it’s what is our attention being falsely drawn away from…?  What is it the maleficent they, the imposition, are not wanting us to see? …or do? …or be?

Their only card is fear.  One card.

I am reminded, somewhat, of the French Revolution.  The elites had no connection to the plebes.  Until the plebes said enough and off with their heads.  With the diminishment of, the actual gutting of, the middle classes, what’s being created is that distinct division of us/them.  The few are terrorizing the many, who are cowering in confusion, yet oddly numb in a quizzical way, having been too quickly bombarded with over-the-top false flags, media events, trash talking, back-biting, entertainment, etc., etc.  What this rash of desensitization of the many has done is create an inadvertent double-edged sword.  The imposition requires us to be numb enough to not think, yet not so numb as to not fear.  With each false flag, they continue to have to up the ante to gain our attention, and elicit that fear response.  But what’s happening is that it’s triggering an awakening.  Folks reach a saturation point and WTF?! arrives.  That’s all it takes…that one simple question, and the lid is blown.

This, they don’t want us to see.

What comes next may be experienced as anger, as righteous indignation, as powerlessness, as great…what do I do now?

First tendency is gather as much information as possible…knowledge is power.

Armed with knowledge, we begin to sense into our own power.  It is this soul sovereignty that is breaking through, not ego.

Now we ask, as often as possible, a clarifying question: Who does this serve? Anything from the food that we eat to the entertainment we consume to the emotions we feel…does it serve our own health and wellness?  Or, does it serve an agenda?

Next is to pull ourselves together, quite literally.  I love the word courage…it means going into the heart.  We gain courage to act from being heart-centered, not head.  The heart is the seat of wisdom, the head of knowledge.  Our feeling states are the realm of the heart and the center of our power.  What we feel transmits.  The imposition wants us to emit toxic fear frequencies keeping us within a certain bandwidth, herded sheeple.

Fear is as addictive, as toxic, as corrosive as any other substance that grabs and holds us to death.  Some, facing it squarely walk away, and say enough.  No more.  Others find it easier to reframe their addiction in terms that remove the sting.  I suspect you well know what I mean, so will not elaborate.  What is important is to objectively recognize when we are in a state of fear.

Feelings are like a great instrument we may learn to play with increased facility.  Right now, we’re collectively screeching like the worst beginning violin class ever, or possibly even worse, fingernails on a chalkboard.

Life is moving too fast for most of the old techniques to be of much use.  Forget meditation to quiet the mind…they’re just thinking us, anyway.  Go be in nature.  Put bare feet to the earth and sit or walk for a bit.  Nature is immensely healing.  Flowers.  Beauty.

Now we ask, as often as possible, a 2nd clarifying question: What is the healthy choice?  Our bodies know.  Our bodies are insanely intelligent.  That gut feeling knows where it’s at.  Some say it is the 3rd brain.  As congruent as we become, stringing together healthy choices, now emanating a frequency outside of the imposition’s preferred bandwidth, we have a footing.  The more distance we gain from that bandwidth, the stronger we are.

This, they don’t want us to do.

As we remember who we are; as we regain coherence, we increasingly expand into the fullness of who we are.

This, they don’t want us to be.

Everything’s been, and is being, orchestrated for maximum yield/maximum fear factor, as you well know.  And what is our level of participation?

If we subscribe to the foundational principle of do no harm, then how is the imposition getting away with this all??

I struggled with this question for what felt like a very long time.  What I discovered I wrote about in two blog posts, highly abbreviated here:

They cannot win without using our own will against us.

We.are.too.powerful.  They do not have the manpower or the personal power to contain us.  We are the elephants trained to be tied to a stake by the flimsiest of chains.  Had this on my fridge for years as a reminder:

It’s hard to free fools from the chains they revere.
~ Voltaire

What chains do I revere?

It’s a question we would do well to answer.  Continuing, I reference an old adage my parents instilled in us:  Silence implies consent.  If you don’t agree, say so.  The name of the game we are all mixed up in is called Implied Consent.

Sleight of hand.  It comes down to this:

It’s GO until it’s NO

Put another way, just so we get the flip side in this duality:

Until it’s NO, it’s a GO

Green light / Red light

Until we say STOP NOW…NO, YOU MAY NOT…NO, THANK YOU…we are implicitly saying YES…yes, you may impose upon me in any way you choose.

This has nothing to do with belief, or faith, or hope that it will stop, or it may stop.  This is as simple as hanging up the phone.  No.

As an intrinsically sovereign being, I may say no, I do not agree.  And, then to fill the vacuum, I may also invite more of what I do agree with, what I would like to see in my world, what we might say, Yes, please, to receiving.

And here we finally arrive at the original point I made in my comment.

As we are being fed all this disintegration, dis-information, no one is paying attention to the simply law of physics.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We live in a realm of duality.  I have been through my own personal deconstruction.  A year ago, I concluded tenancy in a home my son and I loved during the 5.5yrs we lived there after the break up of my marriage.  I kept the few things he wanted to inherit and gave away the rest.  I loved everything I had.  It all went to good homes; to folks who needed furnishings, appliances, etc.  I’d returned from Poland with two suitcases and my wolf-dog, too.  Releasing the past.  This is what this time is all about.  Shedding the skin of what’s no longer working is hard.  No question.  And, it opens up immense space for creation.

The greater the intensity of deconstruction, the commensurate intensity for creation.  It is we who are calling us home to ourselves.  It is time for congruence.  It is time for authenticity within ourselves.  Knowing that should the worst transpire and we are left in dystopian rubble, it is the strength of the individual who will be doing the rebuilding.  Why wait for that to be real with oneself?  Why leave the creation to others?

With the two laser clarifying questions, we may cut to the chase as quickly as we desire.  Using our feeling states we counter the fear and step out of the grip.  We are intentional beings.  What do we desire to create?  Impress your intentions with as much love as you can muster, and do it frequently.  Have fun!

Do you know/have you seen the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.?  Children’s closet monsters capture the children’s screams to fuel their world.  Turns out, laughter is 10x (or more!) powerful.  We know it.  But we’ve forgotten, or we get diverted.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to share one more overlooked fact.  Seven years travelling back and forth to, and living in, Poland before and after the wall came down, showed me what it is like living oppressed.  Forgive me if, at this late hour, I’m overlooking a glaring example, but…to the best of my memory, the United States stands as the singular model for being founded on the premise of freedom.  Yes, the land was stolen.  My point, however, is that we have no history of kings or queens.  We have no white man’s history of devastating, ravishing wars on our doorsteps.  We have no overt history of subservience as does Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, or even the Commonwealth countries.  South America is a mixed bag of oppressions.  Point being: citizens of the USA are a relatively comfortable complacent lot.  The nuisances are growing, but still, we are a slumbering giant.  We will not go quietly into the night.

One of the things my brush with death taught me, was that the body and soul each have their own will to live so that when one falters, the other holds on.  Likewise, freedom is our inherent nature.  Americans feel it is their birthright.  Should push come to shove, that heart will awaken.

Meanwhile, young adults are busy building a world we’ve barely glimpsed…because we haven’t been looking.  They are full of amazing compassion and connection.  Micro businesses are exploding.  Creativity abounds.  And, yes, so many kids have been drugged up…and all I can say is I’ve had a boatload thrown at me, and it doesn’t stick for very long.  Our core is that strong.  All of us.  Re-member.  Pulling ourselves together is what the imposition does not want us to do.

There you have it.  Simplicity is the new black.  Coherence and creation are up to bat.

What will you create?


photo credit thanks! to Joshua Earle via Unsplash

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Dearest Elz, you are right on with this my dear sweet and wise sistar. Wow, such deep and soulful sharing. Thank you for this and for you. What times we are experiencing, and what positivity we are able to create when we allow ourselves to.
    So much Love to you. :)

    1. Ohmygoodness, yes…”when we allow ourselves to.” Brilliant, jolly dee! That is a vital component, isn’t it? We’ve all so very much to contribute from the wonderment of our core beings…let the allowing begin! Thank you so much for your lovely encouragements :-))) Heaps of love to you, sistar <3

  2. Hi, Elz. Just love your blog, right on girl. This is a most creative and sovereign energy coming. Hope to skype you soon. Much Love and thanks again for the blog of such wisdom.

    1. Hi Pat! So happy to see you here…thank you so much for your lovely comment and encouragement! Yes, we’ll find a window and skype very soon :-) xo!

  3. HOLD ON!!!

    Elz -If I were not sitting in my chair reading this amazing post, I would have fallen to the ground.!

    Bulls Eye!!!

    Coherence – Congruence – YES!

    Fear has become a habitual unconscious state for most of us – It persists until it becomes our “normal” as we sleep within the grasp of its bondage, – but that is changing, isn’t it?

    And YES! it is time – allowing our creation – co-creation of the world we want to see…

    No & Yes are our infinite powerful choices…. And Yes is way more powerful than no.. But, No has its place for sure Elz – bingo!

    And I feel it too Elz – thanks for your courage in speaking these truths – the heart is awakening in this country – on this planet. It is unstoppable…

    This all rings true Elz – Thank you!!!

    1. Brother! You’ve been doing such amazing work with your V model and 7-stages at contributiveenergy.rocks, am so happy to hear your resonance! What we’re doing all COUNTS! Love love love it, thank you, Gerry :-)!!!

  4. Incredible post Elz. The sheeple are waking up and creating, and it’s time to stop complaining and start creating! So well said. We are doing it, and as we do it, others are inspired and liberated. That’s what we do!

    1. Creation is happening whether we’re awake to it or not; whether we contribute or sit back and let another decide. Love this: “time to stop complaining and start creating!” Awesome. Just awesome. Thanks so much, Jeff, for being a creationary! Love what you’re doing :-)!

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