“Stop Complaining & Start Creating”

~Jeff Finley, Maker/Mistaker

This comment of Jeff’s to my post, What Will You Create?, began a conversation that extended into an invitation to join him on a podcast for his site!  We began at 5am my time, were humming along very nicely for about 90 minutes when came a glitch while talking about “the imposition” and poof, the recording was gone.  Undaunted, we began again the next morning.  The 2nd version is here:

So much has come up to share related to creating now, and how it differs from the old paradigm, I invite you to check back for more on this topic on deck!

Enjoy listening.  Would love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments!

And, please check out Jeff’s site for more great podcasts: makermistaker.com

Go create something today, even a smile from another, toward that beautiful world our hearts desire :-).

Lots of love from me to you xo


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  1. I loved what you shared about acknowleding our magnificient minds! I had not thought of it in that manner and I have already started a dialogue with mine.

    I have been contemplating my relationship to fear and choosing to recognize the many ways it may operate in a day from preventing an action or choice to preventing a positive thought stream. I found your discussion with Jeff affirming and helpful as I have had a conversation with fear beginning with the fear of totally rejecting fear. I have acknowledged the role it has played in my life and I have offered gratitude for keeping me safe. I always want some fear there to stop me from walking in front of a car and related events such as that in my life. I find it us also important to go to the child within and get her onboard by reassuring her it’s okay to let fear go and that she is safe. It’s a work in progress!

    Another thought I have had come in lately is that I believe that we who are operating from our hearts and chosing to be our authentic selves are collectively creating a new timeline that is one with our earth mother.

    1. Wonderful thoughts, all, Sylvia! So happy to hear you benefitted :-)! I’d be interested to hear how you experience your relationship with your mind after this. Mine is sooo much more restful, am still quite delighted. After so many years of shhhh-ing it, it’s so peaceful now. Great thought on checking in with your inner child re: fear. And, I agree very much that there is a choice in timelines and the one from our hearts, in authenticity, is so so much more supportive to our beautiful mother planet, and all onboard! Love it!

      1. I DO feel more peaceful in my mind, heart and life! For the first time I feel I am living my purpose by living through my heart, grounding with our Mother and radiating light to all around me. By making peace with the inner fears my mind and my heart have released the old inner conflict that seemed to always be present. My heart and mind are more together than they have ever been!

        I really felt into what I expressed about all of us creating a new time line and I would like to share a deeper resonance. The clarity that came forth is that we are NOT creating a new timeline, we are becoming more imbedded in our organic time line with Mother Earth and shedding off the layers of the imposition. As we do this we are experiencing less negative experiences. I also feel our organic timeline with the Mother is separating (diverging) from the timeline with the imposition. I am not seeing this as a hierarchy. We are still all connected and each of us is exactly where we need to be. We are just not affected by the negative energy of the imposition’s timeline and there is always a bridge between the timelines for those whose hearts open and are ready to transmute their fears into love. Every Soul will remain or move into the timeline that resonates with their current frequency. I think this is what is being called ascension.

        Now, I am free to choose to allow myself to receive joy, love, abundance, peace and whatever else the Universe offers me in support of my journey.

        Love, joy and blessings,

        1. I am just grinning ear to ear, Sylvia, so very happy you’re experiencing peace and a greater cohesiveness. Thank you so much for returning after shifting your relationship with your mind, and gained additional clarity with fear, and sharing! We all benefit so greatly from each other, don’t we? Resonating so strongly with your sense of diverging timelines along the organic, yes yes yes! Authenticity is the currency as we move into this inner cohesion. Love your sharing and thank you for the work you’ve done along your journey…a wonderful contribution! Lots of love xo

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