Habitual Ways of Beingness

Well, hello Habitual Way of Being.  Fancy meeting you here in this place of transition from reactive to responsive to dynamic Beingness.  Did you crash my party or did I forget to invite you?  In any case, please come on in and let’s have a chat.

This is how I would have liked it to go.

Instead, what happened was I ran smack into my habitual way of being shortly after the experiencing of a massive breakthrough from the old paradigm to the new.

With every shift, we experience a wonderful sense of relief and expansion.  This shift of mine was so huge, I initially felt the expansive feeling would be my new continuous way of being.  But, not.  Yet.  It’s sort of like forgetting to do the laundry before heading out on a big trip.

We are creatures of habit, here in this construct.  Without doubt.  No question.  End o’story.  Habits have their place and are most advantageous when we choose life enhancing ones versus life destroying ones.  Thing is…we’re primarily here to experience the ‘what we are not’ so that would mean dancing with the dark more than the light (which we are in essence).  Until, that is, we weary of the dissonance and find our way back to our essential nature.  We all know how clingy the dark is, and how much it wants to dance with us, so some closure is required.

Steps to take?  Simple, Simon.  Acknowledgement.  Appreciation.  Gratitude.  Love.  And, as soon as you can reach it:  Forgiveness.

I feel it least resistant to go with the feelings you can most easily express first.  It creates a flow that can pull you along on the path of expressing the more challenging feelings.  Acknowledge, at every step of resistance, its presence.  Ask what it wants you to know.  And, listen.  Relax into it as you would a friend who is there to help you clean your house, your garage, attic, yard, whatever.  Because it is.  Your friend.  It is an aspect of you that’s been waiting to come home.  Allow it, even invite it, in for homecoming.

Because we are in a highly creative time, it is easy to focus on filling the *No, Thank you*s with *Yes, Please*s.  We are naturally creative and just because it’s been squashed, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and revivable!  Woven into this time will be a needed full frontal view of our habitual way of being thus far; what needs closure; and, what needs adjusting.

By way of example, I am looking squarely at my need for sleep.  Prior to September, during which I experienced a fruitful session with Carla Fox and her Quantum Sphere Healing, plus a massive breakthrough from old to new paradigms, I required a lot of sleep.  My personal energy was being drained through hereditary contracts plus my own life circumstances and energy work done during sleep.  It’s been quite a rush to feel so much of my own energy within my physical body, cleared and completed in certain contracts!  I do not need nearly the sleep I had before.  Yet…there is a habitual protective thought each evening with an eye on the clock — time for bed! — and, in the morning upon waking. a voice of not wanting to rise and face the day (notice I didn’t say “greet” the day…which I now feel like doing).  Here, I get to thank this aspect of myself that’s been a wonderful caretaker and reframe my actual current need in this regard.  I don’t need to do away with this habit, just update it.

In another arena, I’ve experienced a sharp shift in food tolerance.  A small handful of Halloween candy yesterday almost immediately made me physically ill.  It shocked me, my body’s repulsion.  And, is it any wonder that the frequency vibes of the candy are no longer anywhere near compatible with my newly expanded beingness?  Am finding that I really don’t want much of any of the foods I’ve been accustomed to eating, often feeling nauseated after a meal.  Here is a direct opportunity to (ad)venture into new realms and find the resonance with food that is now compatible.  One thing I know for sure…it’s gotta be fresh, fresh, fresh!

Have enjoyed this objective opportunity to see myself as I’ve been, so that I can shed what no longer serves, update where desired, and step into creating, with increasing clarity and joy, the next version of my expressive beingness.

And you?  What are you shedding, shifting, and creating?  How does it feel?

Can’t wait to hear! :-)


photo credit thanks to BK via Creative Commons 2.0

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Woo hoo, get a puppy! That will change your habits! :D

    But seriously, thank you for your wise words and thoughts. I’m reevaluating my habits along with my reactions and responses. Reaction feels like a habit where response feels like it has thought behind it, or until it becomes habit (then does it become a reaction?). So confusing! Anyway, my point was I’m working towards being more thoughtful in everything I do! :)

    1. Hahahaha…puppy’s are awesome habit breakers! You’re so right…reaction *does* feel related to habit! Response is measured, so yes, a thought behind it. Happy new life to you and pup :-)!

  2. Bingo, Bongo, Bango Elz!!!

    Great uncovering of the enslaving unconscious habits… and the gloriously liberating of the conscious empowering ones. A transformative book for me on this – “Outwitting the Devil”, by Napolian Hill. Written in 1928ish, just too controversial to publish in its time – finally published in 2011.

    I did get around to watching your suggested PIXAR film “Inside Out” – and I hear your summarization of the wisdom to embrace all our feelings and aspects – they are there reason – to guide us on our path – to show us the way…yet we are conditioned to ignore them – deny them – repress them – make them wrong.- as we splinter ourselves into sheeple, lemming, manipulable mush – dang!

    Reminds me of the Rumi poem “Guest House”

    “This being human is a guest house
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes
    as an unexpected visitor.
    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house
    empty of its furniture,
    still treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
    meet them at the door laughing,
    and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whoever comes,
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from beyond”

    What am I shedding and shifting and creating? – great questions!

    Shedding my knee jerk, unconscious reaction to my own inner critic voice resistor generator – awakening to how entrenched and diabolically subtle it is…

    I too am shedding my habitual relationship to food and eating – this habit engine runs deep in me – requires a new vigilance in practice to transform through it. I’m goofy in the habit of numb TV eating … and the shackles of three meals a day – what is that all about? Finding myself rolling into a new meal simply because the hands of the clock tell me too – hungry or not – just goofy!

    Shifting? into a whole new depth of allowing and receiving – there is too much to do and it requires significant assets – it is necessary and, I repeat, REQUIRED DANGIT!

    Creating? Positive change – a contributizing of our crazy, fear-saturated, sleeping, dithering world….

    Amazing and so timely, these questions you pose, ELZ!

    This is the new paradigm conversation!


    Thank you for being a powerful generator!

    1. Wow!!! What an awesome, expanded, comment, Gerry! Thank you!! Fantastic self observations and choices…you’re in full swing! Love the Rumi poem, thank you so much for sharing that. I would only update it to reflect that each guest has been sent by us to us. I love how this points to the advances we’ve made from the mystical “beyond” to the awareness that homecoming is within :-). Love it!!

      And, “This is the new paradigm conversation” — why yes, I hadn’t seen that in those terms, but wow! yes! It *is* that, isn’t it? Cool! :-)

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