Integrating Solar

In quiet contemplation recently, feeling immense gratitude to our Sun for his steadfastness, his warmth and comfort over the course of my deconstruction and rebuilding, a thought dawned.  Surely not original, though I’d never heard it before.  Could actually be more of a re-membering….

The masculine intelligence of our Sun resides in our solar plexus.

Hidden in plain sight.  The name alone….

Did you feel it?  Have your hands, perchance, responded, as several with whom I’ve shared this with, did?  If so, notice where they landed.  We each found our left (feminine) hand on our hearts, while our right (masculine) hands flew to our solar plexus.  And then the warmth…oh, the warmth.

Have heard others speak about the 3rd brain residing in the gut (Cameron Day, most specifically), but not that this is the Sun’s offering of his intelligence within our bodies.  Any wonder men often refer to ‘gut feelings’ where women are more immediately comfortable with referencing the heart’s wisdom?

Other hints that have been staring us in the face:  whether you’re in the chakra camp or no longer (me included), the color associated with the tummy region is lovely sunshine yellow.

Taking it into the physical, we’ve all become familiar through fitness, with the term ‘core’ —  the band around our middle that holds us up.  You see, feminine is the heart balance, and masculine is the support.  The core stability.  Together, working in loving conjunction, the feminine heart and the masculine solar plexus open for us to integrate fully into the strength and expression of our star core.

The sensation felt in the past few weeks, after integrating the Solar, has been a most remarkable deep breath of wholeness.  I am ever more grateful.

Thank you, Father Sun.  Thank you, Sacred Masculine.

What did you feel?  Any difference?  Please tell :-)



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  1. Is it any wonder that traditional peoples practised sun-gazing? It is seen as a way in which to gain wisdom and knowledge from Father Sun and its an amazing thing to do, early sunrise or late sunset.. Can’t recommend it highly enough

    1. Thank you so much for saying! Interestingly, you are now the 3rd source to bring this to my attention…time to take a closer look :-).

  2. This was refreshing to hear. Usually when I’m feeling upset or hurt, it’s a pain in my solar plexus – something has crossed a boundary. I didn’t have strength to say no. Refreshing to hear how the masculine and the sun and the solar plexus are related. Yummy!

    1. Happy you felt the resonance, Jeff, thanks for sharing! It does feel yummy!! Am feeling stronger and more supported knowing and feeling the warmth of the sun and intelligent strength right there in my middle.

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