G + R + A + V + I + T + Y

I had an unexpected conversation with Gravity the other morning.  Whoa…what???


As awareness expands, we become increasingly in tune with aspects of our world, our existence, and beyond, opening doors to connections we hadn’t before sensed.

Musing upon recognition of my habitual way of beingness, and sensing that there exists a gravitational pull between it and my expanding being, creating increasing tension, I decided to have a chat with Gravity and see what understanding might come of it in order to move through this dissonance, stay more smoothly on my board, and ride the fun waves.

I was not in the least prepared for what happened next.

Expressing acknowledgement for a monumental task that appears seamless, I thanked Gravity with love, gratitude, and appreciation for a job well done.  We’re all quite aware of the need for gravity to keep us from flying off the surface into space, but what with Newton and his scientific perspective being all that’s been taught to us, the spiritual aspect of gravity never surfaces…or at least not in my life.  Til now.

What I received was a homecoming of tearful recognition that this incredible being is here for us, at this time, experiencing his evolution, just as we are here experiencing ours.  Every thing, every aspect of our co-created existence has an innate intelligence.  What a mind blowing and heart opening realization this was!

(Note: I perceived a masculine presence, but I’m going to say it’s entirely possible for any other to perceive this energy according to his/her own senses.  Beings appear to us in a form we can recognize for comprehension.  No right or wrong here.)

After the tears settled a bit, the connection between Love & Gravity came to mind — and if you still haven’t seen the movie Interstellar, please, please do — so, as Love has it’s own gravitational pull…then it would make sense that Gravity would have it’s own love-itational pull, no?

Love has a subtle yet powerful magnetism, a certain palpable heft, within its lightness.

Gravity has a it’s so obvious we rarely think about it magnetism, yet a certain lightness within its heft.

We usually miss the gravity component of love…and we certainly miss the love component of gravity.

D’you see?

Clearly we are experiencing density with the aid of gravity.  It’s like Gravity is a parent holding we squirming toddlers, reaching for the adventure.  And here is the conversation.  Please, dear Gravity, adjust your grip, ease your hold, I’ll be okay…you’ll still be with me.

And how this looks and feels in life right now is this:

As we lighten and expand, it can feel like we can’t shake the past, the habits, that something, some thing, is holding us back…and often we can blame ourselves for not being enough to break through.  But, it’s physics.  The lighter we are, the heavier gravity will feel.  Where we didn’t notice it so much before, we do now.  Time to have a chat, and a gravity adjustment with lots of love, appreciation, and gratitude. :-)

Let me know how it goes?

Happy surfing! xo




photo credit thanks to pixaby.com

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Nice! Love this conversation!

    Gravity is all Mother from where I sit these days…

    Yes! Mother Earth is a magnet and we are Iron filings who stand up vertically, perpendicular to Mother. BTW, Think about it, we do have Iron in our blood – blood circulates in our bodies… I think this might be important :)

    Mother’s magnetism is beautiful! It is pure transparency and consistency – it’s reliability is so powerfully empowering!

    It is the base-line (The solid Floor perhaps :) ) for our adventure in exploration, discovery, sharing and receiving…. LIFE Itself!

    And yes!!! This magnetic pull is Mother’s expression of pure love for us, as she invites us into this LOVE Thang… as we rise in service to each other.

    Thanks Elz!

    1. I can feel the strength of your connection with Mother Earth, Gerry, and it’s simply beautiful to behold! While I experienced Gravity as a being distinct from Mother Earth, what’s key is the relationship we have and where we feel the resonance and support. Love the reminder of our physical make up responding to the earth’s magnetic field :-)!

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