Monthly Archives: November 2015

You are Here ~ Purpose, Part II

Don’t know about you (yet…until you share ;-) ), but I grew up knowing *much* more about what I wasn’t good at, than what I was.  Not good in math?  Hard time with grammar?  Okay, then…let’s do some more!  No one ever said, “You’re really good at x,y,z…skip the stuff you aren’t good at, and…

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Purpose ~ Do We Need It?

This is a BIG word.  I never experienced envy, as a child or an adult.  Except for this.  For those who knew their purpose, I wanted to know how.  How did they know?  Where was the key?  Worse was the incessant knocking of that unreachable impulse within my core, wanting expression, trapped, while my head…

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Endings & Beginnings

Halloween morning, in the middle place between sleeping and fully awake, I felt into the ending of the last day of the month, reflecting back on how quickly it passed, and how far we’ve come since the catastrophic endings predicted in early September.  Feeling so much further away from the initial fright then the adamant,…

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