Endings & Beginnings

Halloween morning, in the middle place between sleeping and fully awake, I felt into the ending of the last day of the month, reflecting back on how quickly it passed, and how far we’ve come since the catastrophic endings predicted in early September.  Feeling so much further away from the initial fright then the adamant, near instant decision to say “no” I do not agree, do not consent, and then turning to invite in what it is I *do* want to see, my thoughts drifted until an odd one arose.

I wonder what this month is? (numerologically speaking).  Quick tally of 1+0+2+0+1+5 = 9 (and if you’re one who doesn’t break down numbers before adding, 18/9).  Nine.  Completion.  Huh.  Whaddya know.  That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling!

In the past week, there’s been an impulse to get things done by Saturday.  I plowed through odds and ends that hadn’t been important enough to see all the way through…but suddenly needed to be complete.  I loved the energy.  And now I understood why.

So…if October 2015 is a 9, then November is a…1+1+2+0+1+5 = 10/1…!

Are you as happy as I am?  Even just writing this makes me smile in sheer wonder at how supportive this feels.  New Beginnings!  Yes!!!

Circle back around to the question I posed in September, What Will You Create?  If you’ve been having some trouble with that question, pulled still more strongly by the influences of fear and perhaps even engrossed in varying degrees of deconstruction in your own life, know now that you have the New Beginnings energy of November to bolster you in your creative process.

Deep breath and sigh of relief, anyone?  I sure did.

Even the air is different this morning.  In just one day, it has a thinner crispness to the early chill…and it feels so good!  It feel right…like things are lining up for the good.

Too, the combo October 31st/November 1st packs a punch.  Here is an amazingly clear and comprehensive article on the festival origins of these dates.  Please take a moment to read.  You’ll be happily enlightened and thus enabled to incorporate these powerful energies into your creative efforts.  To take one simple point and make it here: originally October 31st was summer’s end.  An ending.

And, notice that these dates fall half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.  Our days are distinctly shorter for those in the northern hemisphere.  Where this leads is into the darkness of gestation until December 21-24 when the Sun emerges from his 3-day sleep and begins his ascent on the climb to June’s peak, once more.  For those in the southern hemisphere, we are midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice…a time when intentions planted root strongly and begin to blossom into view.

Six-ish weeks.  Think back just six weeks ago.  Easy or hard to remember?  How far have you traversed in that time?  Think ahead six weeks.  Can you even imagine?

As nature provides us this cozy autumnal time (or expansive spring time) to consider what it is we want to create, please allow yourself to relax into the question.  This isn’t a test.  There is only one right answer, anyway.  Authenticity.  Time intrepid, beautiful hearts, to coalesce around your authenticity.  Create from your core.  The seeds are there.  And, if you feel anguish at not knowing, though you truly want to, I know that feeling.  I will be writing more on tapping into that and busting through the impasse that prevents us from connecting with our soul’s purpose for this journey.

For now, please consider that everything that crosses your path that you no longer wish to see in your life, has arrived for either integration or release (linked posts explains what and how to).  Everything.  And every release requires an invitation to what you do wish to see.  Breathe it in.  Feeeeeeel it.  That feeling is resetting your software and hardware (your thoughts and your biology).  Cool, eh?

Enjoy today, this day of beginnings in this month of beginnings.  We are giving birth to the new world…the more beautiful world within us expressed without.  Living real.

You game?



photo credit thanks to Fred Viljoen via Unsplash


© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. I love, love, LOVE the way you write – so inspiring and encouraging!
    Yes, I remember what was happening 6 weeks ago – I made a major move and I am moving along in Free Forward Motion in my new life experiences now!

    Onwards and Upwards for me!!

    So much Love to YOU. <3

    1. Thank you so much, jolly!! Can it be six weeks already since your move and shift into chapter next?!! I absolutely adore your Free Forward Motion — the concept in total, and your wonderful way of embodying it and sharing it. Marvelous, dear sister soul! Lots and lots of love to you! <3

      1. I know – time sure is flying by at the moment. But when we stay in Free Forward Motion in body and spirit, we prevent stagnation. Glad you like the whole concept – I have it posted all over the place – particularly on vehicles and bicycles!! LOL!

        So much Love to you sweet sistar!!!! <3

        1. Hmmm…just had a flash…do you have stickers to put on cars and bikes and computers and whatnot that say Free Forward Motion ??? Add it to your Etsy offerings. So much awesome energy contained in those 3 fun words!

          1. Yep, I had them made – I have white lettering across my windscreen! Maybe I should think about having some in my shop. I’ve made some T-Shirts with Free Forward Motion along with the Inflowment ones!!

            (BTW, latest new word is “enjoinment” – as is with Earth Mother! )

          2. On your windscreen…that’s just so awesome :-D! Stickers would be nice! T-shirts! Enjoinment! Love love love it! You’ve gone from blossoming to blooming…so so lovely :-)

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