Purpose ~ Do We Need It?

This is a BIG word.  I never experienced envy, as a child or an adult.  Except for this.  For those who knew their purpose, I wanted to know how.  How did they know?  Where was the key?  Worse was the incessant knocking of that unreachable impulse within my core, wanting expression, trapped, while my head couldn’t figure out the map!  Anguish barely begins to cover the range of emotions surrounding the frustration, all the way to the painful sense of uselessness.

Once I reached college, at every first dinner home, my father would hit me with the question: “So…, what are you going to do for the rest of your life?”

Later…much, much later…, I would come to understand he wanted to know so he could relax in my safety.  As soon as I had a direction (one he could support), he could relax.  But at the time, I’d try to cover his dagger to my heart with a joke.  Sometimes I’d just burst out in tears and leave the table, reinforcing his opinion that I was “just too sensitive.”

I read shelf fulls of books, took every test available, and what’s funny is that not once did I see results that began with, Your purpose is _______.  They told me all sorts of things that fit into boxes.  But, I don’t fit into a box.  And, if you’re reading this, then safe to say, you don’t either!

Have you ever considered the word purpose?  Or, is it one of those things where the meaning behind it is the focal point and the word itself is never really considered?

Take a look at these synonyms for purpose.  How do they feel as you read over them…select any with resonance and make note.

At this point I’m going to propose a shift from 3D/4D to 5D.

Not to rock anyone’s boat who’s already arrived at his/her purpose and feels comfortable with that word, but I suggest we reconsider using it.  Do we really need it?  Not only does the word energy come with a lot of baggage, it has a decidedly mechanical tone to it.  And we aren’t robots.  We aren’t cogs in the machine of OUR world…only that of the matrix.

As we move forward, a return to our village-like cultures calls to us.  Do you think anyone in a village lost sleep over his/her purpose?  Imagine.  Instead, villagers were focused on what they could


Now, how does that feel?  Check out synonyms for contribute.  How do they feel as you read over these?  Again, select any with resonance and make note.  Compare with the list you made from purpose, above.  Any difference? (in feeling, in resonance, in that ‘yes‘-factor-ness)

The village needs everyone to contribute his/her natural abilities, talents, gifts.  We have within what is needed in our immediate space.  And you know that.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be so painful to not know what it is!  I get it.  Continue on with me.

Every one of us who has woken to the machinations of the matrix and controllers, the imposition, has already completed the first of our primary purposes for being here at this time!  Congratulations!  I’m not kidding!  Thank you.  From my heart to yours, and on behalf of the entire planet.  Thank you.  Waking up is no small feat.  Consider for a moment what you had to go through to reach breakthrough!  More tears than laughter, I’ll wager.  We need to pause for a moment and give ourselves credit for achieving the first goal!!!  Can you do that?  Would you do that?  Please.  Take a deep breath and really acknowledge your journey as a part of your purpose…your contribution.

The renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead, is often quoted, because it is so blazingly accurate:

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

You’re here.  Right now.  Do not let the machine rob you of the achievement of that and your rightful celebration.  Breathe deeply into this.  It will re-wire your biology.  Truth.

Treat yourself to something today.  Tell me how you celebrated?

Part II on deck :-)



photo credit thanks to Paul E. via Unspash

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  1. Love this!!!

    Bingo – Purpose can be Contribute… that is the choice – so spot on with the baggage of purpose energy… unless its a…. Promise :) – For me is the next question – after I line up with contribution, the next burning/begging question becomes how?… and that lines up to the discovery of the Life Promise….

    I expect you might have anticipated what would surface for me with this post where you dive into the “purpose” thang.. Promise, of course – Life Promise!

    As you know, I’ve been through a vigorous process to explore, discover and refine – clarifying what my “Life Promise” is – I articulate it as a “Promise of a World”.. and since you asked, here’s where I am right now..

    “Who I am is a Promise of a world in balance; where we humans are engaged, and mutually empowered, in the being of the world we want to see, in the continuous joy of exploration, and thrill of discovery; as we walk TOGETHER in the sharing and receiving, fully awake and aware, between the worlds of the physical and the non-physical; thriving in the adventure of organic; infinitely sustainable and scalable; balanced expansiveness.”

    Also, love the quote from Meade – So True!!!, Not only small groups but also , as expressed in this quote from the “Imitation Game”, 2014 film – “Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine”… and that shit is fun!

    Thanks Elz, for generating this important conversation!!!

    1. Thanks, Gerry :-)! Love your comment…you’ve really found clarity and your promise is so wonderfully articulated and evocative of the vista that’s just come into view and is coming into focus! Amazing journey. Love your quote, too…so so true!

  2. My interpretation of “purpose” is not particularly similar to any of the synonyms listed! Nor, really is my definition of “contribute” to those listed.
    For me, what mainstream (one’s college for example) is asking when they ask “what is your purpose” is really asking what are you going to do to make a living/money!! True spiritual purpose comes from the heart. It is unique in every one – EVERY ONE! We each have a reason for our current (and every single) embodiment. It might take many wrong roads for us to find the right one, and that spiritual purpose. Some may not find it, but those who awaken will.
    As to contribute – for me, that is a sharing of energy, in whatever way works out in the situation. I once said “In a relationship, acknowledgement can be contribution.”

    Looking forward to part 2 . . . .

    1. Beautiful, jolly!! You’re speaking from the heart, through experience. Love how you’ve made it your own, as each of us will. Thank you!

  3. Great post Elz :) I love your questioning of what we often take for granted and overlook! Purpose… Why do some of us obsess over it? Is it because we knew deep down we came here for a “mission” and the forgetting program was so strong that we’re just clear on it exactly? I think your feeling of envy is telling you something. That you indeed DO have a purpose/contribution to make. And you’re making it! You actually can’t really help but do it. That’s the thing.

    I just re-listened to my Starseed Confirmation recording that I had done for me. She said I don’t even have to practice or work hard or do anything, and I’ll still be channeling that frequency that inspires and wakes people up. What if we could drop thinking of what our purpose is, knowing we were already doing it perfectly?

    1. Completely agree, Jeff! Love it. And, thank you! The forgetting program…yes, always active…nice call! You’ve made great connections here…love how put things together :-)

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