You are Here ~ Purpose, Part II

Don’t know about you (yet…until you share ;-) ), but I grew up knowing *much* more about what I wasn’t good at, than what I was.  Not good in math?  Hard time with grammar?  Okay, then…let’s do some more!  No one ever said, “You’re really good at x,y,z…skip the stuff you aren’t good at, and do more of what you are!  If you enjoy it, even better!

To be fair, my mother did tell me my even stitches on a hem, and my even tension in my knitting and crocheting were very good.  And it was fun.  But I never had a fire in my belly about it.  I didn’t seem to have a fire in my belly about any one thing in particular.  It felt like casting about from a row boat whilst in the middle of the ocean.  I kept looking out there, trying to see where I might fit.  It felt hopeless, yet I kept trying.  Something would capture my attention and I would think (dare to hope), This is it! …until it wasn’t.  My fancy faded and I would blame myself for not being steady enough, or deep enough, or some other not-enough-ness.  What am I good at?  What am I to *do* here?!?

I have to wonder how we work our agreements with the forgetting program when we come into this, or any, incarnation.  I can imagine that I would agree to the basic forgetting of my origins, and the false sense of separation, but somehow I have a harder time with the notion of agreeing to forgetting all that I’m good at.  It just doesn’t seem much of a life to slog through not being particularly good at anything.  If we’re here to experience high contrast, having no discernable talents or gifts feels rather like flat-lining.  It’s like the mist.  Grey-ish and fuzzy.

And this is where I recognized the tendrils of the imposition.  For, who does it serve to have me out of commission?  My misery had to be feeding the machine.  My energy signature couldn’t have been all that sweet and in tune.  I was in pain.  Constant, gnawing, pain.  Who does it serve?  Obvious, isn’t it?

So, then I had to ask…if they’re so intent on keeping me away from what I’m good at…what might that be?  And, it struck me like a thunderbolt…it isn’t what I would *do* that ‘they’ are concerned with, but who I would be in doing it.

In the world we are exiting, the 3D/4D construct, we have many tools of divination, some quite ancient.  So, clearly, this is *not* a new experience.  We have been given astrology (Vedic & Western), numerology, medicine wheels, tarot, I Ching, Runes, Destiny Cards, Birth day charts, twigs & stones & feathers, tea leaves, Human Design, and how many more?  These are all helpful to a certain extent, IF you focused on one.  But, we don’t.  We dabble in many.  Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t.  Often we get more of a that’s pretty much like me sort of feeling…it’s almost, but not entirely.  Because…it is from the outside in.  We are looking to fit our self in the box of the system.

Moving into 5D means we bring forth our heart core wisdom.  We reach within, reconnect with our remembering, and express that outward.  Wonderful, no?!

And…we’re not all quite there yet.  Some of us are (hello, jolly dee!), and many of us are still in the transition.  Where it comes together is in focusing on peeling the layers of the not-me, shedding what isn’t yours to carry, and aiming for that centered authenticity.  This is what ‘they’ don’t want.  They don’t want you to be.

This, then, is the second of our primary purposes.  We’ve wakened to the matrix.  Check.  We’re reclaiming our sovereignty and authenticity, working toward reconnection with our heart core center…our essence.  And we’re expressing that more and more each day.  Right where we are now.  You are here.

And we’ll get there.  There being the place where we blossom into knowing where our individual puzzle piece fits into the grand puzzle.  Consider…if you were a kid in the car, would you be the one asking, “Are we there, yet?  Are we there, yet?”  Or, would you be the one looking out the window, taking it all in, absorbing it like a sponge, making the journey part of you?

Every step you’re taking, every emotion and experience along the spectrum, is adding to you for just what is needed…just like fertilizer.  It can stink for a while, but then magic happens and transformation occurs.  Can you feel it?

For today, breathe into being-ness.  Drop all the expectations of what you should do, and who you must be.  Breathe deep.  Shake it off and just be.


We’ll be wrapping it up in Part III on deck :-)



photo credit thanks to Rolin Bos via Unsplash


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  1. I am right there with you!! I have come to the same conclusions and. I am being tested now, moving through to the next level and whatever is there for me!

    1. Love it, Sylvia! So many are on the cusp…hanging ten, really…ten toes over the front edge of the surfboard, on the lip of the curl… exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! Lots of love to you on the ride! <3

  2. OK Elz, did not give us time to percolate further on the ;last post…But wait, this one is the same percol.

    One of my favorite scientists and authors in the world, Amit Gostwami, says our fully actualized experience in life is not always to “BE”. Not to be the monk on the mountain – all being and no doing.

    And we don’t want to be the always “DO”, dithering along on a mindless track, bouncing into things in our limited awareness in being..

    So. we are not bebebebebe…

    And we are not dododododo…

    Instead we are dobedobedobe…. And in his delightful Indian accent, was quite musical, sounding strangely a bit like Frank Sinatra. :) I think he’s onto something here.- I am definitely feeling into the DO BE DO BE dance :)

    Another seer, from my perspective, Itzhak Bentov, in his book, “Stalking the Wild Pendulum”, suggests that we are actually experiencing our non-physical existence in every fragment of each nanosecond, and this can be understood with science and mathematics.. We are experiencing right now, a pulse between both worlds of existence that is so fast, it is beyond our ability to understand of perception with our five physical senses – it is this experience of ZERO POINT with every peak and valley of our vibration frequency (think about the sine wave) . He sure made a very interesting insight on all this… Feel a bit like the being side perhaps?

    So, in the light of this, what is purpose?

    Well, I think we should buck up and get over the fact that we are here now in the physical, the home of duality – get used to it. And then explore into that mystical of what is unseen and become an explorer into the real nature of the GAME.

    So let’s get on with the doing and the purposing and the promising to ourselves and each other. and have a blast “doing it”- inspired form the hearth of Being :)

    Its time to Be and then Do.what is inspired in the being…

    This situation in the world is not going to change on its own – its trajectory is not a pretty picture. The change that is unfolding, is more and more folks are waking up the the Being side of all of us, and gettin to the steppin in partnering seeding this shift back to balance – Co-creating the world we want to see…

    Its time to get clear about things – get intentional – that energy naturally flows into doing. So important, the doing! :)

    1. So *that*’s what Frank was singing…doo be doo be doo…awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your hard won, well earned wisdom, Gerry! What a great nutshell this is: “…have a blast ‘doing it’- inspired from *the hearth of Being*.” Such richness here, thank you, thank you!! :-)

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