Monthly Archives: December 2015

Right Livelihood ~ Purpose, Part III

~Written and intended to post on November 13th, it didn’t feel appropriate given the intentional shock received that day.  So, paused.  Went deep.  Deeper still.  Cleared as much personal debris that came to awareness…much on my own, some truly tenacious contractual muck with the expert help of the gifted Sienna Lea and the phenomenal Shadow…

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“Hello!  Popped up for a chat…d’you have a minute?”  That’s what I hear looking at this picture.  How often have we given weeds the time of day?  Pesky things, why would we? I had a session with Carla Fox and her Quantum Sphere Healing protocol yesterday.  Her process goes so deeply to the roots of…

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*Note to Self: Breathe….

How many times in a day do I catch myself not breathing…how many times do you?  What about now…this very moment?  No expert is needed to tell us that we’re holding our breath — individually and collectively. We know it isn’t good — but do we really…really know why? A couple of years ago, I…

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