“Hello!  Popped up for a chat…d’you have a minute?”  That’s what I hear looking at this picture.  How often have we given weeds the time of day?  Pesky things, why would we?

I had a session with Carla Fox and her Quantum Sphere Healing protocol yesterday.  Her process goes so deeply to the roots of impediments it’s no wonder it can be hard to grasp the concept of creating our own reality!

Inherited patterns, traumas, contracts are contained within our DNA.  What is a person supposed to do with that?!  How to tackle a beast you have no conscious awareness of?

It shows up.  In the body.  Some way.  Like a weed that rises, inopportune, spoiling your lovely garden.  It might be so chronic, because you haven’t found any solution for it, that you barely even recognize that it’s there!  I had been subject to seasonal sinus headaches from changing air pressure.  When Carla asked me for physical discomfort, I had to remember that I’d just lost three weeks in significant, unrelenting pain.  Once the headaches subside, I forget!

And that almost overlooked weed was the catalyst for a tremendous clearing of generational constrictions stemming from a vassal ancestor who pledged more than he had.  And so, I’ve lived in unbalanced giving more than receiving.  No more.

Now, because we’re socialized to this construct…to give more than receive (and who does that serve, btw?)…how would I have ever known this was a massive contract embedded in my genetics?

Headaches are constriction, as is any other pain.  It’s saying, Hello!  I’m here again…ready to clear when you’re ready!

Yes, we inherited these weeds, and yes, it isn’t fun.  But here’s where ‘you create your reality’ meets up with what can appear to be randomness.  You may not have created the problem, but by selecting your parents, you arrived to clear the problem.  It’s popping up to be cleared!  And that is the reality you contracted for.  If you’re reading this, you know what I mean.

The buck stops here.  We’re breaking with the old, and breathing in the new paradigms.

Whatever is showing up for you right now, is presenting itself for release.  And not everything needs the heavy tools to get to the roots.  I have processed so much in the past half year alone, just since seeing the movie, Inside Out (if you haven’t, please, you must…yes, it’s Disney/Pixar, and what a surprise how these gems get made).  Benefits are being more aware of my emotions, and simply acknowledging who comes knocking, ready to listen…and surprised as all get out that most of the time, these slivers of myself are simply ready to come home!

I can’t say enough about the community at Rise Multiversity and the people I’ve met online and in person.  Embody U (what an awesome name and concept immensely à propos for the times) provided a safe and supportive space to heal, learn, and grow.  Kelly La Sha’s Liquid Mirror book and workbook is a tool of deep healing and her private Soul Retrieval sessions are profound.  Shadow Genesis has been an amazing, expansive and integrating journey into the deeper impediments with often spontaneous releases and reintegrations.  And the addition of Carla Fox to the mix, adds to the options for literally pulling onself back together.  Her three workshops, available at the Rise Store (choose your price!) are rock solid.  And, of course, a private session with George Kavassilas is nothing short of enlightening for pulling odd puzzle pieces together.

I also love aroma…candles and oils.  I intend to learn more, my curiosity piqued since making the connection made in my last post between the sinuses, the amygdalae, and Mary Magdalen(e).  And, I want to know more about muscle testing/applied kinesiology and accupressure/reflexology to tune into my body’s wisdom more keenly.  I’ve also benefitted greatly from Theta healing, a modality utilizing the theta brain waves.

I learned reiki forever ago, and stopped using it when I couldn’t say from where the “universal” energy coming through the top of my head and flowing out through my hands actually derived…organic or synthetic?  I haven’t reconciled that as yet.  I consider whatever energy flows through my hands, without the use of symbols, to be my own source energy.

There are so many wonderful, heartfelt, tools out there.  Cameron Day’s audio self clearings are wonderful, too.  Level 1 is free on his website.  Note: I exchanged emails with him re: references to chakras and pineal gland.  He said safe to ignore them, the benefits were not derived from those frames of past reference.

Consider yourself a gardner and what tools you’ve collected in your toolshed so that next time a weed pops up, you know just the one to select for the job!  I love having an assortment, mostly handtools, the ones I can use myself, any time, any where.  And, it’s good to have solid power tools to call upon when the proverbial wall smacks us in the face.

And remember…the dandelion, itself, new flower heads and leaves, is crazy nutritious, meaning that the experiences lived are fuel for the sovereign soul on its greater journey.

Ready to hoe hoe hoe?  (terrible, I know) ;-)




photo thanks to Daria Nepriakhina via Unsplash.com

© 2015, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. You sure are an inspiration Elz, thank you for this wonderful piece of sharing of experiences. We sure do have some weeds growing, but every weed has its purpose and for me, often, they are to make me stronger in mind, spirit and body. There is a lot to be said for being able to have guidance from other wonderful people and I am truly grateful also to know the many wise people in the Rise Community.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the suggestion – the beginning of “So Much Flippin Wisdom” has been created and I have 354 more entries to make!


    1. Thank you so so very much, jolly! Having met you through Rise has been such a blessing. You’re a constant inspiration, a master sharer (to coin a new phrase) :-)! Love love love the title and what fantastic progress you’ve made since its inception just days ago! This really is an incredible time of creation amidst the crumbling of the old…as we embrace our fractured selves and move forward ever more whole. My heart is happy <3

      1. A blessing to me too! Thanks for the idea and yes, master sharers us both! ;)

        I will chip away at the book, a little at a time as I am inspired. Will be traveling soon, so will see how it goes during my stops!
        Indeed these times are for us to be creative whilst that which is distorted crumbles!

        Good times Elz, good times!! <3

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