Guess Who Turned One Today…!

Living Discernment :-D!

One year ago today, I walked off a cliff and plunged into an at first terrifying, then exhilirating, then ultimately immensely rewarding experience in launching this blog!

I was still so raw and terrified from the total eclipse, the complete and utter shattering of my self, I could barely grasp the courage needed to venture into sharing.  It is a testament to the Embody U groups through Rise Multiversity that I found compassion, community, and a new found coalescing of my broken fragmented self.

To Sienna Lea, Evie Lorgen, Peta Schwartz, and Kelly La Sha who mentored heartfeltly and authentically, sharing their own stories; to Adrian, tech wizard extraordinaire who held the space in his own steadfast way, making sure we were all connected and troubleshooting on the fly; and, to all the intrepid hearts who arrived in each group to check it out and go from there…I am immeasurably enriched, thank you doesn’t even begin to cover my gratitude, appreciation, and deep love!

And, to the new friends met through Roundtables and Facebook, I’m so happy to get to know you and to have a growing community of magnificent hearts to learn, grow, love, imagine, and build this new paradigm with!

Each one of you inspires me to keep rockin this construct, do the sometimes seeming never-ending-work, remember I’m not alone and to celebrate every chance I get!

Thank you from my depths for each read, each share, each comment, encouragement, question, thought provoking and engaging share of your own!  I feel buoyant every time.

Well met soul family and tally ho into our visions brought forth in 2016 with enormous love :-) <3!



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© 2016, Elz. All rights reserved.


  1. Big congrats Elz!
    You are awesome! Always love reading your posts and such an upbeat and fun attitude of sharing your knowing and experiences with us!
    You know what…so many of us connected thru social media, events or thru other friends… but many of us are isolated from like-minded friends. It appears to me thst most aware beings like myself are currently geographically placed in a location to raise the vibes of some specific areas, mainly London and rest of UK at the moment. It can be a bit isolating at times when you find most beings you connected with lives far awau and that you find you are doing it alone Lol. Brave souls we are! Much love and sovereignty always!
    Be good when one day we all get to meet :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Kerry! <3 <3 <3 You're so right about feeling "placed" -- I feel it, too. In fact, I've been working on a post about it. Part of it is imposition, but most of it I'm sensing is our soul family agreement to scatter so we're anchoring our energies at certain points, yet connected in higher dimensions and social media within this construct. It is hard navigating the terrain, and I've sometimes thought of those who came before, and how much more of a hard time they had! It's like we're all building on the work of those who have come before and paving the way for those to come. Guess I better get that post finished before I write it all here, haha! You, too, are doing great work, Kerry. What a reunion party we're going to have! Definitely :-) Lots of love to you, brave heart!

  2. Elz, I for one am most grateful that you took that plunge. Your way of putting over your thoughts and feelings is unique and so enjoyable. I too am very grateful to the whole team at Rise, what a group of wise beings, we are stepping into our authenticity thanks to the support and encouragement from this amazing group.

    So much Love all ways. :)

    1. Thank you so much, jolly! I love how we all have woven together…and eager to venture into year two! Your inspiration has been invaluable :-). Big love to you <3!

    1. Thank you, Adrian! The year did gallop along, didn’t it? I so clearly remember this time last year, knowing lots of change was ahead and wondering what it would look like and where we’d all be at the end of it. Happy for the chance to know you :-)!

  3. Thank you Elz for showing us courage to share your process in such a way. Although I don’t respond to everything you write I read it. And it mostly always seems you are writing about my experience. I love your way with words as I still feel my tongue is in knots and tangles when trying to express my self and understand my feelings. You are a blessing!!

    Happy birthday and I look forward to more!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Sylvia! So happy you find resonance…I rather suspect we’re all somewhere on the path of the great untangling :-)! You give me courage, too! <3

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