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Dangling?  What does embodiment bring up for you?  Is it a concept to aim towards or done deal?  Perhaps somewhere along that continuum.

We all pretty much know that resolutions hyped at this time of year are just so much noise and distraction.  Yes, there are things we’d like to improve, but resolving to do so just seems to set up resistance.  It’s like saying, Don’t look at the pink elephant in the room.  The underlying current remains focused on the perceived problem.

Still, I quite suspect that attempts at self-improvement couched within resolutions are essentially about embodiment.  If we get out of our own way, we actually tend to gravitate to the essence of our being’s natural expression, because our essence is always calling us home.  Can we count the times we’ve thought or uttered or hollered, I want to go home!!!  Enough already!

Is it irony or tragedy that has us looking to out there for home…when it’s in here where home resides?  The universe within, carried about by a miraculous vehicle we mostly ignore, pollute, and treat like a traitor…mostly.  I love the concept of our skin being “the event horizon” (Nassim Haramein, Black Whole…treat yourself to a watch).  Moving about in time and space, we are wearing space suits for this Earthly construct.

Time is ripe.  Collectively we just completed a 7 year economic cycle in 2015, thus we begin 2016 as a 1 year.  And then year 2016 adds to 9, a completion year.  So we have the Alpha and the Omega…the ‘(‘ and the ‘)’ the ‘()’ Vesica Piscis.  The portal of creation.

These are trends we are living within.  The tide is with us, as a group of awakeneds growing in awareness, to consider what we clearly intend to create/bring forth from creation.  We need the partnership of our companion vessels, our bodies.  They connect us to expression.

Can we pause even for a moment to bring awareness to this marvel?

Acknowledge the near incomprehensible tasks performed constantly and invisibly.  Give thanks…not to a creator, but to the body itself as a living organism.  A conversation might be entered…ask, What do you want me to know?  What can I do for you?  What do you need?  The body’s wisdom is immense.  Listen.  Be gentle.  Should release arrive, no judgements against yourself…you’re moving forward, not back.  Invite the fragment(s) that show up to come home, and welcome with open arms.

My first healing session with Carla Fox in September revealed I wasn’t fully in my body; an implant…a horizontal bar from hip to hip impeded my grounding cord.  Not surprised.  At all.  By my second session in December, I had increased the flow of my cord to my ankles.  Still hovering above terra firma, but closer.  It feels like I’m inching my way to the edge of the water, but still uneasy.  Fear still present.  It’s always felt counterintuitive to be grounded.  It feels stuck, rooted, bound.  How can I fly if I’m grounded?  Little doubt this is why I prefer the term ‘earthing’.  It conjures the rich smell after a rain where the breath comes involuntarily deep to inhale the bounty.  That I love, don’t you?

Just before the solstice, while in contemplation, I had a spontaneous feeling memory of a life here in a vastly earlier time before the imposition arrived, and all was in sync with Ma.  For the first time in this life, I felt joyfully grounded/earthed/connected/in tune and in sync.  Glorious.

And I realized I cannot bring that forth on a daily basis without first inhabiting my own body.  Birth trauma can easily prevent us fully incarnating, and that’s on purpose…the imposition knocking us off our game before the starting line.  We came for this time, yet we tend to hoover somewhere short of full incarnation, dangling instead of fully grounded, and still look for the pressure release valve in the starry sky.  We have a window of opportunity to arrive within, grasp a hold of our dearest values and experience fully inhabiting our body.

I want to bring back that ancient feeling memory of deep connection and harmony.  Looking around my home, an extension as well as a reflection of me, there are boxes in the garage yet unpacked from my August move,  A dresser waits to be painted.  More purging/releasing of stuff no longer needed or wanted.  I see the work to be done.  But rather than go about it perfunctorily, check marks on my To Do list, I’m suddenly seeing it as a homecoming.  Can you feel the shift?

In this year containing the Vesica Piscis, I can feel the ease of release of all that no longer resonates with my increasingly coalescing essence, inviting in with welcoming arms fragments ready to return and genuine love, apppreciation, and care of my physical vessel as an expression of authenticity and connection.  Not just walking my talk…being it.

What aspects are you embodying and how?  Easy, hard or inbetween?


home (has a new ring to it ;-)!)

photo credit thanks to Alex Wong via Unsplash.com


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  1. Lovely writing and perspective as all ways Elz, thank you.
    Wow, it sure is looking like a year for growth whilst spending more and more time connecting with Ma. I also love the term “earthing” and I am more often either barefoot or in my little earthing shoes which are all leather and very flexible and lightweight – just like an extra skin for as much connection as possible.
    I also live with the excitement of uncertainty. I live in my heart, with no certainty of where I may go next, where the next roof over my head is, but knowing that it will work out perfectly.
    In addition, now I feel that less is more. I have released and detatched from many things and only have one small car load of belongings including my mountain bike which is great to have to get around the local areas where I stay – currently Wellington, Florida.

    As Depak Chopra wrote in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” in the section describing the way to apply Law of Detachment: “The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel, because uncertainty is my path to freedom. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.”
    I am feeling this to be a really important way to see our way to where we will enjoy being and therefore feel fully embodied!!

    Thanks so much for this Elz. <3

    1. You are a pioneer, jolly dee!!! Your covered wagon is more modern, but all the same… :-)! I’m feeling like days of old when carpets were taken out and given a good shake to release the dust and debris to keep life in them and start the season fresh. Ready for more releasing and embracing. Embracing uncertainty…what a liberty! Bet you’re having more fun, too! Lots of love <333

  2. Thanks ELz. I do feel I must ground into my body. Winged beings, birds, and insects I just love but grounding is important for my energy to stabilize. Lately with some discomfort in muscles etc when I thank my body for its support and send it love the energy shifts. Amazing process. Thanks again for your wisdom. Pat

    1. Wonderful, Pat! And, thank you :-)! I have to wonder if some of the discomfort is at least partly the body’s way of gaining attention. Love that you’re feeling such responsiveness!

  3. Flow of my grounding cord is to my ankles too,
    Lately had very similar relationship moments with my body and it is new experience for me..For several years I am suffering from health issues and only lately I started to respond and begin compassion my body..huh..
    I am happy knowing that it’s not one of my actuality.
    Thanks Elz..
    blessings and hugs,

    1. I’m so happy to see your comment, Eglė, thank you! Interesting you’re grounded to your ankles, too…I suspect there are many of us out there. I have had health issues, too, and recovered, but I still remember. Happy you’re seeing a shift! <3

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