Feeling it?

Where does it come from?  I rather knew that in stating my intention, my readiness, to embody what I’ve learned and qualities I value, and fully live this life, I would encounter Resistance.  It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.  Set a new course only to have everything and the kitchen sink thrown at me to halt any forward progress and, often enough, discouragingly set me back a few paces.  You?

As we continue to clear impediments, integrate fragmented aspects of our selves reclaimed from past trauma, and become increasingly awake and aware to the scheme of things unfolding at present, it’s no rocket science surprise to be met by Resistance.

Like Gravity, Resistance has a function in the physics of our lives.  Whereas Gravity is mostly an up/down thing, Resistance feels a forward/back thing.  Both have organic aspects related to contrast necessary for this 3-4D construct.  Overlaid, however, is the synthetic aspect that intends to hold us back and keep us down.

Sometimes it’s loved ones who are afraid of us changing; perhaps losing us; or, worse…being confronted with changing themselves.  A lot of time, it’s our wounded self/selves.  Sometimes it’s ones we’ve truly contracted with, and we’re leading the way while they draft behind, creating the sensation of drag.  Perhaps at some point, like geese flying south for the winter, we’ll trade off taking point for a chance to rest and recoup.

And, sometimes it’s our will being harnessed and used against us, to tie us up and hold us back.

Resistance greets me each morning as I waken from the sleep realm.  I pretty much don’t want to do anything that is in front of me, yet once I do it, I’m so very glad I did.  Why go through that?  And why does it take so long to reach saturation before seeing that something needs to be done about it?!  My tolerance for pain seems stoopidly high.  Who decided that?

Discernment asks me to suss out the difference between organic Resistance and what’s been synthetically overlaid.

Waylaid for two days from a huge puzzle piece of my past at long last settling into place for reintegration, I was terribly out of sorts.  It was upsetting, bringing up lots of memories and grief I wasn’t consciously aware still existed.  Recognizing it was a good thing, hanging with it inspite of the pain, in the end it became blazingly apparent that before continuing any motion forward, I must fully accept where I am now.  Not all that welcome a thought, actually.  Hasn’t all this work I’ve been doing to get me out of where I am?


This can be a tough one.  There’s an element that’s akin to surrender, that feeling of giving up or caving.  I shifted surrender to allowing, and that helps.  I can acknowledge where I am now, pause and clearly look at not just the limitations, but objectively consider what gifts I might be overlooking…a surprising something that will add to my journey forward.  Allowing this transition and recognizing it as essential feels organic.

And, then there’s the Resistance that rather perversely baffles me about food.  I’ve been aiming increasingly towards fresh, yet my eyes cross when I open any one of the half dozen (un)cookbooks that I bought to learn.  It’s not like I intended to turn my diet upside down in an instant.  I simply have wanted increasingly to eat what my body is asking for.  But my eyes blur, I can’t compute, and the sleepy program takes hold making me drowsy.  At the market I forget something, even if it’s on my list.  It makes no sense.

And that’s the clue.  Nonsense equals no sense equals imposition.

This is where I reclaim my power, as a sovereign being.  No, thank you. No, you may not.  Any and all implied contracts/agreements are null and void, and I reclaim all energy that belongs to me from that false connection, returning all energy that does not belong to me.

In a meditative/contemplative quiet space, I asked to speak with Resistance.  I somehow expected a being I’d contracted with, as I discovered with Gravity.  But, no.  This was different.  The being was very dark, very forbidding, not well defined at the edges, menacing, almost, it came at me, and that surprised me.  I blurted, Brother, what have they done to you? as tears welled.  I saw this being’s wrists chained, captive.  If there was a spark of organic within, it was very faint and my emotion was lost on it.  Gathering myself, I acknowledged the commendable job it had done, and as a sovereign being I sent it to the heart core center of the Galaxy for disposition.  Surely she knows better than I what to do with such an energy.  Please see more about this from Cameron Day.  It’s a longer read, but action steps are toward the bottom.  I love having tools to work with!

After, I felt lighter.  The sythetic overrides our flow.  Opposition is the name of their game.  Our game is contrast.

I love this picture, don’t you?  It says so much.

Deep breath and big love as you discern your source of Resistance!




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  1. Yes, the picture is a great depiction of resistance.

    Another great article from you Elz. It’s another thing that goes down to awareness of its existence, and that we are the creators of all of our experiences, and asking ourselves “what did I do to create this experience?” really can help to find the solution. “What did I do to create this resistance?” could be a good one here. Well, I allowed it.

    There sure is a fine line when it comes to manifesting experiences we desire, and not manifesting them. Having that vision, and then surrendering or allowing can work so very well. Just enough intention to create, combined with enough letting it go to the Universe is a great balancing act, from my experience. When it works, wow, the results can be staggering. Just like how I ended up in Florida for the winter! I threw out a couple of ideas, and bingo, opportunities came flying back!

    What a ride, and oh, how I am enjoying it – and thanks to great contributions to my awareness such as this wisdom from you my sister. <3

    1. What a ride, indeed! And, what a wonderful experience you’re having, Jolly…truly, you’ve stepped into that next phase of beingness that is the aim of everyone here. It’s like you’re saying, “Land ho!” for all who feel in transition :-). Thank you so much for sharing this aspect of your journey and in your own incredibly encouraging way! <33

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