Disclosure of the 3rd Kind

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where my attention/energy goes.  Where have I lost myself down the rabbit hole in search of the truth, and where do I draw the distinction between me and what’s going on?

Once I woke to the game of the nwo, and that house of cards came tumbling down, I was engulfed with a need to know, and know more, and know more than that…about everything.  It’s a phenomenal task to gain one’s bearings after having the rug pulled out, isn’t it?

I grew up with a news watching family.  We read newspapers and weekly periodicals, watched the nightly news and the weekly in-depth reporting.  I would spend chunks of Sundays reading the paper front to back.  Along around my late 20s I suddenly recognized that broadcast news was nothing more than daily soap operas.  I especially loved these trailers at dinner time:  “Rapist on the loose!  News at 11!”  Wait.  What?  You’re asking me to wait 4+ hours in danger before you tell me how to stay safe???  Game show stuff.

And, I’m starting to feel this way again.  How far down the rabbit hole is far enough?  Where is the bottom?  Is there a bottom?  Is there enough sanity at the bottom to make it worth the trip???

So much time I’ve given to discovery, to determining where I am in relation to this mess, what can I, as one person, do…and how to address my own weaknesses to fortify my strengths and live a fuller life.

Went for a sushi dinner this evening with my mother.  “Our” place closed and a new one replaced it, big screen tv and all, so we go until we find a new favorite, tv-less place.  The X Games were being broadcast and it crossed my mind:  I wonder how many of those folks are awake?  I wonder which of us has a fuller life?  I have to say these x-gamers are amazing athletes.  Who knows what got them there.  But I, for one, have relinquished too much fresh open air to sit for hours glued to my computer digging, listening, watching, and digging some more.  Am I addicted??

Not intending to listen, my ears heard a shift from the reporting of the event to an interview where the intro voice over said something about one of the athlete’s having just come out of the closet, and what relief that might mean to his competitive performance.

And it suddenly occurred to me:  Disclosure.

It’s happening all around us.  It isn’t just about what’s happening in the matrix/nwo/alien agenda arena…it’s personal.  Who have we been hiding from ourselves?  What part(s) of us have gone unacknowledged?

New shows about all sorts of alternative family combos and lifestyles have been popular for awhile and have even branched out into the 60s and above generation with a Netflix show about 2 men leaving their 40+year marriages for each other.

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure.  Walls are breaking down all around.

Watched the first two episodes of the new X-Files to see what the buzz was about.

The first episode threw in everything including the kitchen sink…rapid fire, sort of like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.  Has ever so much been revealed within 40 minutes of primetime?  With so many what? what?? what???s, surely there was something for everyone…a confirmation for the trailblazers, here, a breadcrumb trail for newbs to follow, there.  And, clearly, few who aren’t already into this sort of thing would be watching.

So, how much is informed without being saturated?  Where do I, we, draw the line at enough?  Enough to know, to exercise sovereignty, yet enough energy to attend to a full and enriching life?  My hikes are awaiting my return.  My garden needs planning so I’m ready to plant…and then it needs tending.  It’s a marvelous investment.  Not just in living a fuller life for me, but in engaging in something affirming for the planet, too.

The news used to come on 30 minutes of local followed by 30 minutes of national/international, and done.  Bed came, as it should for optimal health, before the 11:00 news, so an hour and good.  I think I’m going to dial back to that.  And, I’m going to take a hard look at what I need to own and disclose.  And add some fun to the games.  Time to rebalance.

What do you think?


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  1. Information without application isn’t value sure, and X files has stirred up a buzz of its own hasn’t it? together with the conveyor belt of teenage sci-fi dystopian novels turned movies and the new wave of video games. Who’s paying attention for sure.

  2. I love your posts ELZ! This is the conversation that serves us so well – You hit so many buttons…As I read your post, I got this picture of a “hole” as in the one of the Rabbit, which I found, BTW to have no bottom, and the “whole” which is a 180 degree flip side of the rabbit hole – energetically, vibrationally – an opposite frequency….

    YES! what we put our attention to! Is it not an energetic investment we make – a choice of where we focus, and much more more tragically, when we yield our attention – to look at a luminous blue screen and invite inscriptions into our unconscious.

    The Game is the rabbit hole perhaps – keep us focused and entranced there, while we miss the whole infinite opportunities to flip it with ease and grace – to immerse ourselves in creation – co-creation! ….our real power.

    I am beginning to entertain a belief that we have been duped into thinking our freedom must be hard fought for. The magical secret, I think… maybe gnow, is that the shift is available with the most peaceful experience in ease and grace, in every nanosecond. We are simply unable to – or refuse to see it.

    I’m about half way through an intro 6 weeks, of 2 sessions per week of Aikido Marshal Arts – all about ease and grace – also all about “no harm”, or as little harm as possible to your opponent. This is only possible with an authentic compassion for the opponent – all those ass-holes in the rabbit hole – yeah, those guys.

    If we believe in our power – if we fully embrace our power, (not sit back and wish for it, or hope that some external thing is going to hand it to us) we perhaps, will be able to marshal a phase shift to co-create the world that we actually want to see, while at the same time, rendering exploitative, manipulative, and deceitful entities inert.

    Perhaps it’s not about opposing anything, its only about mastering the power of compassion in our Wholeness to ensure that nobody gets hurt, while the imposing entity is energetically neutralized, and unable to hurt anyone, anymore.

    I am percolating the gnowing that this is the Spirit of Christos, the Masculine Energy that, above all else, honors the wisdom of Feminine Sophia Energy, and rises up in its service and protection. This comes from a gnowing that Feminine Energy holds that Zero-Point space of Balance. Beauty. Peace, Joy, Love… And we men, in the Gnowing of this, see to it that these gifts from the Sacred Feminine are safe to inform and shift into balance, the vibration of our Morphic Field.

    I have several pages of notes from my read of this post ELZ! I will show mercy and stop here, though. :)

    If I had magic wand, is have everyone read your blog and engage in this amazing and so critically important conversation! Thanks Elz!!!

    1. Wow, Gerry! So many nuggets of goodness here!!! Find myself starting then stopping again and again. Going to let it all percolate and return with more cohesive thoughts. So appreciate your contribution!

    2. Gerry, I so hope you take this and make it a blog post of your own, because you’ve a real gem here. Just as it is. I’m going to have to write another post, myself, because there just isn’t space enough here for all my thoughts! Wow, you’ve really pulled this into focus! Love it, thank you so so much! <3

      1. Thanks Elz! I’m in the same boat – your last post stimulated so much for me.- I only scratched the surface with my long comment…I’m feeling that this is what we are drawn to do at this moment – to engage in conversations about what matters – stimulating each other with the ideas, concepts. that are about our remembering. They stand out because they resonate with what we gnow in our hearts – what we have known for many thousands of years. I’m feeling the stark contrast between the conversations like the ones that you are generating on your blog, and the rat race din of bullshit reactivity flushed up to distract us, in the matrix. In other words, our daily lives….

        There is a stark difference in the energy! If we do not see it – feel it, then we are most likely sleeping in the din of it – Robots executing our programming.

        Elz, your gifts as a writer, philosopher, explorer, wayshower +++, inspire mine – your boldness in the conversation generation, inspires mine!

        OK: another note on your post – you said, “So, how much is informed without being saturated? Where do I, we, draw the line at enough? Enough to know, to exercise sovereignty, yet enough energy to attend to a full and enriching life?” . I’m discovering that possibly, all I have to do to effect a surge in contributive energy in the world, is to feel it deeply in the scale that I envision it – a global scale – a new world – perhaps a universal scale. Just my being there in the full appreciation of that new world here now, fuels the unfolding, which I believe is accelerating and unstoppable! :)

        This is the energy I feel in “Living Discernment”!… THANKS ELZ!

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