wake up to Wake Up

All our conversations are so elevated, we’re immersed in the big picture and the deep details.  Waking up used to mean simply what happened after a night’s slumber at the point a new day dawned.  A true action verb rather than a great analogy for the scales falling from our eyes as to the actual nature of what’s happening on the planet.

One of my good friends from Rise’s Embody U, Jeff Finley over at MakerMistaker.com and I’ve had great conversations about waking up and Waking Up.  He wrote an inspiring book, Wake Up, about the transformative practice of rising early, something I’ve done for a few years now.  It’s hard to comprehend the extent of the benefits from gifting yourself with time for your work first.  It’s like treating yourself to a secret before stepping into the day.

And so it happened that I was saying how I wished I had more inspiring alarm tones to awaken to, and what with Jeff’s musical talent, guess what?  He made “Peaceful Alarm Ringtones”!  Two are fun and upbeat, with the third nice and soothing…and named after me!  I ridiculously can’t wait to wake to one tomorrow morning :-D!

I’ve shared how certain it is that our sleep is messed with, and how we transition from the sleep realm to the waking 3D/4D construct can set the tone for our day.  Let’s keep reclaiming it and actually have some fun along the way!

Am happy to share.  Let’s keep inspiring each other, shall we?

Will be fun to see where this leads!



photo credit thanks to Kazuend at Unsplash.com

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