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We’re moving so fast, each day can feel like a lifetime, and each piece of ourselves returned can bring a tectonic shift in not just awareness but in being-ness.  Somewhere between the winter solstice and the new year, after years at sea, I reached shore.  I didn’t know what I was feeling at first.  It was too new for words, so I sat with it.  The most distinct difference was feeling present.  Here.  I’ve never before felt so here.  I’ve felt trapped here.  Abandoned here.  Questioningly here.  But never fully incarnated here.  That’s what I’m feeling…fully incarnated here.  Right here.  Right now.  And for the first time in my life, I’m good with that.  Having spent my entire life not really wanting to be here, this is massive.

And I recognized that even more, I’ve popped my head above ground, out of the rabbit hole!  I’m fairly saturated with news of the imposition and all the disaster scenarios we’re being asked to buy into.  What I’m up for is the next adventure, above ground, focusing on creating health and wholeness in my daily life. 

I’m excited about the un-cookbooks I have with a world of new possibilities in front of me.  An upscale vegan restaurant opened in the neighborhood and I had to go.  Two soup options: one cooked (mushroom) and one raw (fennel & red pepper).  Had to try the raw.  Offered tastes around the table, and my brother’s world was undone.  We both sat there with spoons underneath our noses just inhaling the eye-fluttering aromatic explosion…no cooked soup ever smelled as full and rich as that!  It was a revelation, an awakening of a different sort, but no less profound.  And the taste was sensational.  This is living.  I want to learn how to cook, or un-cook, vibrantly!  If I’m going to be here, it’s gotta be good.

And very relatedly, I simply couldn’t not share this gem of a reply to my post Disclosure of the 3rd Kind as Gerry over at contributiveenergy.rocks brought this into hyper focus.  Lightly edited, please enjoy the mind expanding perspective of the 180 degree shift:

“This is the conversation that serves us so well – You hit so many buttons…As I read your post, I got this picture of a “hole” as in the one of the Rabbit, which I found, BTW to have no bottom, and the “whole” which is a 180 degree flip side of the rabbit hole – energetically, vibrationally – an opposite frequency….

YES! what we put our attention to! Is it not an energetic investment we make – a choice of where we focus, and much more more tragically, when we yield our attention – to look at a luminous blue screen and invite inscriptions into our unconscious.

The Game is the rabbit hole perhaps – keeping us focused and entranced there, while we miss the whole infinite opportunities to flip it with ease and grace – to immerse ourselves in creation – co-creation! ….our real power.

I am beginning to entertain a belief that we have been duped into thinking our freedom must be hard fought for. The magical secret, I think… maybe gnow, is that the shift is available with the most peaceful experience in ease and grace, in every nanosecond. We are simply unable to – or refuse to see it.

I’m about half way through an intro 6 weeks, of 2 sessions per week of Aikido Marshal Arts – all about ease and grace – also all about “no harm”, or as little harm as possible to your opponent. This is only possible with an authentic compassion for the opponent – all those ass-holes in the rabbit hole – yeah, those guys.

If we believe in our power – if we fully embrace our power, (not sit back and wish for it, or hope that some external thing is going to hand it to us) we perhaps, will be able to marshal a phase shift to co-create the world that we actually want to see, while at the same time, rendering exploitative, manipulative, and deceitful entities inert.

Perhaps it’s not about opposing anything, its only about mastering the power of compassion in our Wholeness to ensure that nobody gets hurt, while the imposing entity is energetically neutralized, and unable to hurt anyone, anymore.

I am percolating the gnowing that this is the Spirit of Christos, the Masculine Energy that, above all else, honors the wisdom of Feminine Sophia Energy, and rises up in its service and protection. This comes from a gnowing that Feminine Energy holds that Zero-Point space of Balance. Beauty. Peace, Joy, Love… And we men, in the Gnowing of this, see to it that these gifts from the Sacred Feminine are safe to inform and shift into balance, the vibration of our Morphic Field.”

And this is ultimately where the journey down the rabbit hole will lead us, as we reclaim our sovereignty along the way, out the other side and into wholeness.  Sweet!

Love the coining of “gnowing”, too.  Gnosis meets knowing equals certitude.  Brilliant.  As is the insight into the Saced Masculine and Sacred Feminine.  Thank you, again, Gerry!!

Emergence is at hand :-)!  Do you feel it, too?



photo credit thanks to Leigh Kendell via Unsplash.com

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    1. Yay!!! Community :-)! We’re doing this together! Thank you, Liz, for your comment…so so happy it clicked for you!!! Love you lots <3

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