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Moons ago, when studying yoga, the guru emphasized that in times until recent, spiritual development was a life of the recluse — monks and nuns of varying disciplines; mostly men, withdrew from society to devote themselves to inner inquiry in quiet.  The path of the householder was demanding enough for a full life.  There simply wasn’t sufficient time in a day to do both — provide for a family and seek inner truths.  The clamour of daily life was too loud to hear subtlies.  Religion would tell the householder the truths, once a week, and that was that.

There have been secret societies, in addition to religious orders, who have delved (some dubiously) into spiritual development, but not until the 1960s did spirituality bust out into the mainstream.  Yoga is practised in churches now, and few think twice about it.  It’s a little crazy to consider the 60s as being a whole half century ago, time being bent as it has, because we are feeling the effects of what was begun then.  No to war.  No to government.  No to the elite.  Yes to peace.  Yes to community.  Yes to sovereignty.  Yes to love.

What with the weight of the imposition, the weight of daily life, the drive to uncover all that’s happening so we know what to do about it, there simply doesn’t seem to be plentiful hours in a day.  And, once again, it’s a perspective…as I keep having to remind myself.

I don’t have to do this.  Certainly I feel an inner need to do it.  And I fluctuate on wanting to do this all.  I’ve retained enough of a sense of my vastness that I naturally feel I can do everything, mostly at once, and effortlessly.  And. . .I’m sure I’m not alone.  How frustrating it is to constantly come up short.  And tired.  Isn’t it?  This 3d thing is soooo limiting!

And then I remind myself:  I get to do this.  It is a privilege to do it.  I am actually honored to do it.  As a projected fractal of my originating self, however many times compressed through the cascading dimensions of density, I’m here at this time, this precise time, to re-member (pull my fractured self back together) in order to anchor an energy stream all along the dimensions of my fractalized originating self.  I’m the end of the rope in this dimension.  I get to clear the timelines and the genetics and heredity of my bloodline.  I get to say Enough.  The buck stops here.

Included, unlike the recluse, is a fuller life experience.  Family, friends, animal companions, the beach, camping, celebrations, bowling (with or without pizza and beer ;-)), concerts, art, crafts, travel, responsibility (best perceived as the ability to respond), volunteering, learning, sharing, etc..  Yes, pain is present. . .oh ho, is it ever. . .and recluses didn’t have to deal with that so much, either.  Their expansion wasn’t as great, commensurately.  Imagine, many actually prayed to experience a dark night of the soul and here we get full on eclipses seemingly without bidding!  The fact that we get to hold daily life together as we traverse the void speaks first to our commitment, and second to our vast determination to do what it takes to pierce the imposition and anchor our individual energy streams here.

D’you feel the lightness?  The shift from have to to get to?  Even housework is so much different when I approach it as I get to….  I get to care for my home feels so much better than I have to.  I get to do this work shifts me completely from I have to. . . .

What do you get to do today? ;-)

Here’s to ever increasing sovereignty!



photo thanks to Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash.com

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  1. Love this Elz!

    So much here that resonates as you initiate :)

    Business – scarcity of time time to just be the full you. – 3D definitely challenging :)
    “Projected fractal…” dang – yes! nice weave.!
    “pull my fractured self together” Bingo! Bulls eye!!!
    “THE BUCK STOPS HERE!” – that feels light but super strong! enough is enough – no you may not!
    “traversing the Void” ? Shit – that’s a freaking book right there !
    So, yes I feel the lightness of a huge phase shift from “have-to” to “get-to” … truth it be.
    Do today? I get to read this amazing post, feel its aftershocks…

    1. Thanks, Gerry, very much! Since writing about it, I’ve been remembering more, living with it much more, and am loving the way it feels :-)!

  2. HI, Loved your post. My guidance is to choose the moment instead of rushing ahead into future and going back into the past. I am finding more creative realities and fun. It is a ride for sure. My realities are changing, each day is a new awareness of seeing, feeling, and observing. When I stop the judger in me, I can have more fun. Asking for help works well also when the energies are tooo intrusive, not knowing where there origin is from, If in doubt say “No Thanks”. Much Love to you

    1. Thank you so much, Pat! Love that you’re having/experiencing more fun and I agree, No Thanks goes a long way :-)! Lots of love <3

  3. This post was perfect timing. This morning I was going in circles, trying to decide which of the many jobs/chores before me I would do today. So much I “have” to do now that snow isn’t covering the ground!

    I decided to take a break and check email…….and found your great reminder, Elz. “Get to” shifts me into each moment as I live it, re-membering and bringing more of me into presence. A wonderful tool in letting the old not-working-anymore ways of seeing and doing just continue to fade, whilst being present to honor our emerging SELF.

    I get to start pruning the grapes in the vineyard! Thanks again for the reminder.

    1. I love when energy flows like this! Thank you, Cynthia…especially for “‘get to’ shifts me into each moment as I live it” — that’s so it! Thank you for bringing it into tighter focus :-)! I can feel the lightness in getting to prune your grapes today! Love it and love you!

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