Stardust (2007)

D’you know how it is when you see a movie and it resonates in such a way that you just have to share?

Friday night, having worked late, I arrived home nearing bedtime.  Not wanting the fuss of a bath or shower to rinse off my day and climb back into my own space, I opened Netflix and cruised the offerings, not even close to sure what I was looking for.

At first I mistook this movie for a superficial fantasy-romance.  And, that’s likely what most people saw.  But, it’s so much more.  And as we all have gravitated to one another, what strikes a chord with me, may very well with you, too.

If you want to see it before I say more, stop here.  If you want a little more to decide, read on.  I will have a spoiler alert later on.

The movie begins with this quote:

Narrator: A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” Pointless, really… “Do the stars gaze back?” Now *that’s* a question.

I’d honestly never ever thought of that before!  We’ve come to remember that our skies are filled with beings, and yet, I’d never thought of the stars gazing back at us.  Others, in crafts or monitoring devices, yes, but not stars.  What might they see?  A question nicely answered throughout the movie.

Certainly the quest drives the action from rivalling factions and it’s easy to see the symbolism of the heart.  Everyone wants one, but for what reasons?  I had to reconsider how to conceptualize the role of royalty/hierarchy, and quickly recognized that it is a metaphor for our own personal realm…achieving sovereignty.

Bonus, it’s humorous, too!




scroll down so we make sure this portion is below the bottom of the screen :-)





What shifted me from the everyday vibe back into my own, and I do mean an expanded sense of self, was the notion of being a fallen star.  Some of us have distinct memories of being from certain places…Sirius, The Pleiades, Orion, etc.  Some of us have inklings, vague memories of how a place feels.  And, some of us haven’t much of a clue, only wondering what the heck we’re doing here.  Now, we also know about the whole free will thing, but that doesn’t mean an automatic solution to the puzzle.  It’s a piece, and our memories of the whole puzzle are obscured in some more than others.  It can most definitely feel like we’ve been knocked out of the sky, like our heroine, Yvaine.

I love love love the depiction of what a star does, naturally, and especially when happy:  they shine.

In fact, they shine so brightly that combined with love, they not only dispell the darkness, they shatter the dark!  Hello…hello, hello, hello!  WE DO THAT!!!  When we’re happy and especially when we’re in love, not just romantically, but in the arms of love in general, we shine.  The greatest injury is being severed, or otherwise displaced, from our own hearts and connection with love.  The moment we stop and feel love we automatically expand.  Our vibe raises.  And we shine.  How we term it to one another is glow or beam.  Glowing.  Beaming.  That’s our nature.

The witches feed their immortality by pumping up the glow of a fallen star to cut out her heart and consume it.  The darkness has no heart of it’s own.  This is the synthetic dark that feeds on us for life.  And, love is the answer.  We hear it so often.  Love.  Love.  Love.  But when our connection is impaired, it’s hard to see clearly.  Funny that.  Clarity and love go together.  Never before this moment perceived that truth.  We’re fed love is blind.  And we believe it.  We’ve experienced it.

Our hero, Tristan, fall for this.  He cannot see what’s right in front of him because of his immature notion of love.

But that isn’t love.  That’s attraction masquerading as love.  Heart love is clarity that reverbs throughout the universe.  And our sovereignty is inextricably linked.  The more we love from our genuine heart, the more we shine, glow, beam, the more we are sovereign, the more we are compassionate and connected.

If you watch it, tell me what you see, what you feel, please?  And, how did you like the gallery of has-beens? ;-)

Heart love to you all…with immense gratitude having you to travel with, and growing joy <3



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  1. Good catch on this film Elz – I watched it again last night. I missed this great stuff 1st viewing a few years ago. – perhaps I was less clear then :) . I absolutely see what you are saying in my 2nd viewing, and I did stop reading your post to view the film before the spoiler alert…

    I am increasingly surprised how Hollywood can make these revealing films – happily surprised!

    Yes, our nature is to shine- we are light beings – I believe there is a photonic symphony of communication, outside the spectrum of our 5 senses, in our bodies, and in our intercommunication as well. Love is clarity, pure heart generated love (very different from attraction love – that Love can get very goofy and complicated) – we should have a different word for that Love – yes more like an attraction (Tristan with the superficial and goofy Victoria)….. For me this “real Love” it is synonymous with appreciation and the experience of beauty – this heart pure love. And, as you have stated many times, wholeness is the path to clarity and the opening for the full experience of this real Love.

    I also saw the illustration of the two worlds – the 3d village on one side of the wall and the Magical Kingdom of Stormhold on the other. Tristan’s Dad crosses the wall, Tristan is born from both worlds – a bit of “walking between the Worlds” there….

    I also loved De Niro – always love De Niro.

    As for the gallery of has-beens – the brothers (princes who kept dropping like flies – funny peanut gallery….

    And yes, the witches – perfect – must take and eat the heart of starlight in order to survive – HELLO!!!

    Thanks for another compelling post Elz!

    1. Thanks so much, Gerry! Fun that you paused before reading more to go back for another viewing. If it’s been anything longer than two years since you saw it first, well most certainly you have a fuller perspective now! Love the view of the two worlds, one on either side of the wall. De Niro was awesome, wasn’t he? And the gallery…really unexpected levity to the ‘seriousness’ of the quest ;-). Thanks for sharing!!

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