“A Star Can’t Shine With A Broken Heart”

Last night was movie night, again.  I managed to encourage (cajole, plead, etc., wink wink) my son to watch Stardust with me.  I’d wanted him to see it since I first saw and wrote about it a couple of weeks ago…and, I’d wanted to watch it again.  You know how it goes when seeing something again…you see things you missed before, you get more subtle jokes, and you hear things in a fresh new way.

I heard it the first time, of course, but not until the second time did I fully get the implication of the vast truth of “A star can’t shine with a broken heart”.

Our heroine explains how it is she shone so brightly as to shatter the dark.  She was just being herself.  How it amazes me, oftentimes, just how desperately team dark does not want us to know it!  Does this not explain all the drama and trauma aimed at our hearts?  We are these walking powerhouses but with wounded hearts, leaking all over the place.

It is not a selfish thing to not just want, but to need, a thriving heart!  Knowing, more and more each day how our hearts are targeted, it’s quite nearly a DUTY to heal and overcome vs. nursing our wounds

wallowing in grief

writhing in pain

questioning the why….

Now, I know the why —

it was an attack

to rip out my heart

eat it raw

(that is, beaten & broken, seared & sorrowful, pierced, ravaged)

for it isn’t a glowing heart they want (past childhood innocence), it is the trampled heart they suck on like a teat.

I will make this a priority, and leave behind time heals all wounds, because left on it’s own, it doesn’t always.  I’d always been connected to my heart.  I feel deeply, yet I’d had great reliance.  From mid-teen years I believed things happened for a reason, that mistakes, if turned around and learned from became lessons I wouldn’t have to repeat, and that love conquered all (my remedies to the harshness of teen years and schooling).

All these went to ashes as the phoenix of my soul went through annihilation, my heart completely shattered.  How to live without a heart?  I didn’t know it was possible.  And, now I understand how it is for so many, traumatized by degrees of brutality, who survive day to day without it.  It’s that: survival.  Not much to feel except holding on, alert for the next blow.

And…here is that golden question:  Who does that serve?

As my heart flickered to life last autumn, a fledgling I’ve nurtured cautiously for fear of extinguishing it again, it has grown in strength.  I can build on it now.  And I will.  I have a different perspective from a new understanding.  It’s part of the No, thank you.  No, you may not.  I do not consent.  And reclaiming all energy that was taken from me, along with all fragmented aspects of myself.  We are most ourselves, most authentic, when we shine.  You can feel it, can’t you?  Right now.  It’s a secret that’s been kept too long.  Time to let the cat out of the bag and go for it.  Let’s stretch out, unfurl our bound up and wound tight core, and just feel the resonance of that truth.

From the Bee Gee’s How Can You Mend A Broken Heart to Best Day Of My Life…let’s do this, shall we?  Love these lyrics, all!

I love this sing along…not a passive audience, but a participating one…singing is sooo good for the heart!


Next…official video is okay, but this is so much better:

…did you watch to the end?  Dad’s face…did it get you, too?

And, this is a fave (last one today)… :-D

How’s your heart, now?

Do you have a fave video that lifts you up?  Share it!  Let’s get our hearts back!

Shine On SiSTARS and BroSTARS!

Now, excuse me while I go dance <3



photo thanks to Greg Rakozy via Unsplash.com




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  1. Thank you for your words and videos!! I, too, love the movie Starsust and rewatched it last week thanks to your suggestion. Witb new eyes it was truly amazing and the symbology resonated deeply.

    1. Lovely, Sylvia…am always so happy to hear your resonances :-). I hadn’t realized until this viewing that the movie is based on the novel by Neil Gamain. Do you know his work? I was introduced to him via American Gods less than a year ago. What mind-blower *that* was! Insane view into things. Thinking I might just have to grab this novel and have a fuller read!

  2. Elz, all ways a delight to read your thoughts and ponderings!! I agree that time heals, but sometimes you have to take some action to help it along! Singing and dancing sure can help!!

    Fun times singing and dancing – it is a part of who we really are as humane human beings. Videos such as the ones you shared show humane human beings being who we really are – fun loving, creative, beautiful BEings of integrity. Love and kindness to all.

    Love All Ways, as All Ways!! ;)

    1. Thank you, jolly! Yes, I so much more enjoy videos by everyday folks being fun and funny and real…sharing our humane-ity :-)! Lots of love to you <3!

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