Being The Change

Do you feel it?  Spring is in the air.  This is a special time of year for me.  Have always felt the melting of winter into the budding of spring.  Felt the anticipation of returning sunshine and warmth, fresh green buds and blossoms emerging.  A time of change.

In a way, the change from winter to spring feels more like a new year than the one we celebrate.  I’ve long looked forward to the year ahead from this point, wondering what will come, hoping for better.  This morning I recognized the stirring of these feelings but without the hope.  I’m not wondering about changes to come.  I realized that hope kept my feet off the ground, passive.  It’s going to be different, yes.  But, with one distinct difference.  I’m the one who’s changed.

Gandhi’s sage old saying popped immediately to mind —

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

And it dawned. I’ve received it each time as doing something, socially.  Contributing in an activist role, as he did.  Have always felt short on that account.  I recycle.  I buy local and small, as much as possible.  Organic to the extent fresh and available.  I vote with my money.  I’m active in these small but consistent ways, yet I’m not a crusader.

But, I’ve had it wrong.  That’s not the change he was talking about, ultimately.

The change is within.  My active, insistent, persistent, work to heal has re-created meI am different than a year ago.  Changed.  Wholer.  More.  Me.

So, the change isn’t in the doing, though, it is an avenue many take, finding themselves changed as a result of the doing.  Most often we find ourselves engaged with our egos, pushing change.  And, boy howdy, is there room for imposition.

The transformative change is healing the winter of our souls, emerging as a clearer version of ourselves, reflecting more of our incorruptable essence.  What we do, thereafter, as an extension of our BEingness, is what we want to see emerging in the world.

What a year this will be :-)  Do you feel it, too?




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  1. Oboy do I feel it!!!!!!! And the excitement of more consciously participating in The Change……which has come through deep inner diving into my life’s more challenging experiences, and always ending up with more Love, Self Acceptance, and Radical Inner Change. I mean, dropping old, limiting judgements and beliefs from this and other lives is radical. The courage and persistence to do that makes us heroines and heros.

    And, it’s awesome not to rely on hope, which makes an okay breakfast, but a terrible supper!

    Great post Elz, I totally resonate.

    1. I LOVE that…”hope makes an okay breakfast, but a terrible supper”! Oh, had I heard that moons ago…! Thank you so much, Cynthia. So much of the work goes unseen, and unheralded. Thank you for reminding me/us, that it is indeed, heroic work we are doing :-). Happy you’re feeling it, too!

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