The Definitive Word of Creation

I’ve been away for awhile…a good two months.  But, before I write a catch up, wanted to share this potent insight I’ve been mulling for several days.

Have been considering my personal role, and our collective role on the fringe, as we are keeping informed of all that’s appearing to transpire in the midst of the shift.

An odd memory came to mind.  For those States-side, scoot back to the 90s when our commander-in-chief, under oath, defended himself against an incriminating question by saying, “…it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.  Wait, what?!?  Is, is.  He was cleverly going for present tense = false.  The transgression was not at that moment going on.

Point is:

It is this kind of game the imposition is playing with us.  We’re assuming we know the game.  They know it precisely.  If they can get us to use the word IS, they score.


IS is the definitive word of creation.


I am.

You are.

He/She/It is.


It is a statement.  A potent statement that defines existence.

We know this from affirmation/declaration work.  Always state affirmations/declarations in the present tense.  That’s all there is:  the present.

When we say, “They are doing x, y, z…,” we are co-creating that into existence with them.  Everything the imposition is throwing at us via the word IS.  When we say, “It is happening…” or even “It happened” we have just defined it into being.  We have added our energy to the solidity of the thing or event, no less than when we say, this is a chair.

So, what about past tense?  And future tense?  Does it make a difference if there is only the present?  Just a word game, isn’t it?

From here on, I am shifting my verbiage to ‘It appears (or seems) to be happening.’  I am acknowledging that what I perceive is actually a script written to capture me into that story; to gain my implicit agreement.  Remember:  It’s Go Til It’s NoOur agreement is implied until we say, No. 

No longer will I allow my consent to be implied by co-creating synthetic events travelling down the synthetic timeline, simply by stating them into being.  In fact, I’m seeing life, overall, as one big declaration and affirmation.  We declare personally and affirm collectively.  This is the co-creation thing.  I’ve always wondered how I was ‘co-creating’ — feeling the guilt and shame of the life that I’d somehow invited, and an apparent failure at inviting in the life I’ve always felt was mine.  But, that’s not it.  I’ve simply stated things into being.  I’m tired.  I’m hurt.  Not: my body needs rest; or, I feel emotionally exhausted.  Just:  I’m tired.  Violà.  I became the thing I stated.

And, I’m finally getting that this is also how and why gratitude works.  It’s not so much what it is one is expressing gratitude for…it is the engagement of the words: I am grateful for…x, y, z.  In stating, I am grateful, one creates oneself as a being of gratitude/the vibration of gratitude.  You become resonant.  Yes, feeling has absolutely everything to do with the power of it.  Think for a moment how much feeling is powering I am tired.  I am hurt.  We’re talking wattage!  More reactive feeling fuels the bad until we learn to proactively fuel the good, as in when we say I am grateful.

This feels immense to me.  Incredibly empowering.

Is it just me?  Or, do you get it, too?  Thoughts?

p.s. it’s good to be back :-)


photo thanks to bixentro via Flickr

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  1. Thanks so much for this great reminder – of how we are such powerful creators and co-creators.
    And funny you should be writing about the power of gratitude – I have really recognized that acknowledgement and gratitude coupled together can make things really happen – I mean REALLY happen!

    So much Love to you beautiful sistar – glad you are back!

    Enjoy this too!

    1. Am absolutely *loving* the timeliness you and all are experiencing with this! My heart is filled with love and connection :-) Thank you, dear Jolly! I love your “Gratitude” — so right on! (as always, hehe) Am happy to be back, big love to you! <3

    1. Bingo! Oh, so bingo…! This is why intention is everything…conscious/awake creators (woot, woot!) :-)

  2. Bulls-eye Els!!!


    By placing my attention on it, is-es it.

    What I is, become.s.

    It’s is-ness is only is-ed when I “is” it.

    And I am so with you on the Immensity of this – gargantuan, colossal +++!

    Glad your back – missed you!

  3. I love this Elz! Reading about “is” just now has had a huge impact on me, even more than when you spoke of it recently. Very timely. I so appreciate your razor sharp discernment! I am feeling so much love and gratitude for you and this path we’re on.

    1. Wonderful, Cynthia! I’m so happy the timing is there for you. Thank you so much for your love and great support along the way! <3

  4. So happy you’re back! Big celebration from here! Once again you nailed it, mapping out very powerful tools on our road to sovereignty. I can feel fresh air being pumped into my tires (they’ve felt a tad low lately) to make the going smoother, faster, and more buoyant. Big love and gratitude to you Elz. <3

    1. Thank you, Liz :-)! On all accounts! So happy this resonates and adds clarity :-))) Thanks for all your love and encouragement that buoys me, too <3

  5. Hi Elz, I am getting it is OK to say NO to energies throwing me into crazy places. Amazing you brought this up. Yes I say gratitude for so much in my day. Walking in my now is more important than before. I felt crazy unbalanced energy the past few days, than a stable in my field. So much is changing now. Glad to share.

    1. Hi Pat! Absolutely in agreement with you — as sovereign beings we have a right (sometimes a duty, sometimes a privilege) to say NO at what’s coming at us. We do not have to agree. <3

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