adrenals & the imposition ~ who knew?

I rarely say, Please read this…but, please read this.  Sharing a huge, pause-to-let-it-sink-in, moment from earlier today:  I did not know that the adrenal glands produce DHEA, the precursor to all hormones.  Did you?

I knew that they produce adrenaline and cortisol when stressed, and are well known for kicking us into fight/flight/freeze.

I knew that adrenal fatigue/burnout is as prevalent as it is chronic in many of our lives.  But, I did not know that the adrenals also play a fundamental role in hormone balance.  It’s like they play both ends of the court, both offense and defense!

Further, did you know that the very best feelings we experience from the heart — love, joy, laughter, genuine pleasure and ecstasy — builds DHEA??!  Which in turn, balances hormones for both men and women.

Imagine a scale where, on the one side, the pan is full with DHEA and the body is running well, and, the other pan is empty…no need for adrenaline or cortisol.  Now, imagine the reverse where the pan that is full is the adrenaline and cortisol pumping one, whilst the DHEA side is empty.  Did you just feel that in your body?  Feels a lot like life, doesn’t it?

Which does the imposition prefer?  What does fear stimulate?  Hello.  Fight/flight/freeze.  A rush of corrosive hormones and down we spiral.

Puts having fun in a whole new light doesn’t it???  What a great tool for exiting the control matrix, ha!

I came upon this revelation this morning, quite by accident (as if there were such things, right ;-)?), courtesy of Dr. Christiane Northrup, an ob/gyn who has gained much ground in reclaiming the wisdom of the female body and breaking with the mechanistic paradigms that have robbed us all of that magic.  I suspect many of you have heard of her.

If you take the plunge and have a listen to this short video, she tells it so much better, plus more engaging epigenetics info.  I love her use of the word portal.  Consider the level at which she offers her wisdom, and pull it deeper into our realm of awakening awareness and reclaiming our sovereignty.  And, while she is a woman doctor, speaking primarily to women, her message is absolutely just as vital for men, so please have a listen?  It appears I cannot embed the video, so here is the link:

Can we begin to share more humor with each other?

Shall we reclaim our balance and regain our vibrancy?

Imagine laughter as a way to break free.  I like the sounds of that.  You?




photo thanks to Twig Aho via Flickr

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  1. Yes, I remember Norm Shealy going on about the importance of DHEA – he is evidence of it’s ability to maintain health and vitality. He is now 84 and still going strong.

    Restoring/maintaining DHEA is one of his main suggestions that people do.
    Thanks for reminding me about this important fact about the body and DHEA.

    You might find these two links interesting!!

    I have been talking about how important it is for us to get out and enjoy ourselves in this beautiful physical body, and also to have as many good laughs as possible as I feel that this sort of energy is what those who attempt to impose all this false stuff upon us, cannot deal with. Keep shining, keep laughing and keep the physical body strong – and above all, ENJOY IT!!

    :) <3 :p

    1. Awesome, Jolly, thanks! Agreed. These are our strengths, and we tend to underestimate them, along with our own power. But the imposition certainly doesn’t. Thank you for the links…I didn’t know of transdermal magnesium. Cool! Getting us back into flow :-) <3!

      1. Right, we must NEVER underestimate our power. Once we step back into it, we get into Free Forward Motion, and then, there ain’t no stoppin us!! :P

  2. Hi Elz, Yes she is right on. I am 7 yrs, a few aches here and there but yes our beliefs affect all energy, not just us but machines, and plants, there is info on this and Dr. Emoto’s music too. since we are 80% water, our thoughts can distort our cells to recreate disease for sure. His work shows how the water crystal becomes distorted when a negative intention was sent to water cells, amazing. If I have an achy back after working in the chem lab, I say thank you for being so strong today so I can run and play in my way during my day. It sooo amazing. Thanks, Pat

    1. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? Love that you are living the wisdom. Every time we break with the old and re-write the patterning that your children and grandchildren will inherit…and it’s a collective shift, too! So, thank you, hank you, Pat :-))

  3. Nice! Epigentics opens the door for a scientific spiritual intentional approach a flourishing thriving health. “cultural sphincter”? to funny! Great catch! Thanks ELZ

    1. Wasn’t that funny?! Wondered if anyone would point that out. So true, isn’t it?!! We have to cap the fun and keep it within a certain bandwidth. Phewy on that! Thanks, Gerry!

    1. Is this why they push that “carbs make you fat” to throw off confusion? Followed with buy my suppliments (synthetics) to get energy and stack up on coffee and stimulants (fake energy) instead of real food that in turn would leave the body to free up the DHEA?

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